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Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend - IELTS Cue Card

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The IELTS Speaking test assesses the English language skills of non-native English speakers, who wish to pursue further studies abroad. IELTS cue card also known as IELTS speaking part 2, tests the ability of a candidate to articulate their thoughts comprehensively. The cue card is a difficult part of the IELTS speaking test, as here you will have to present your views within a short time. 

In this blog, we will discuss an important cue card - Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend. It is important to speak with confidence but students may feel anxious due to the short time. This blog has four sample answers which will help you understand how to answer cue cards.

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What is an IELTS Cue Card?

The IELTS speaking test consists of three parts. The second part includes the cue cards, which last for four to five minutes. The cue cards evaluate a candidate's ability to express their opinions logically.

The cue card also contains pointers that you can use to structure your thoughts. Once you finish your response, part 3 of IELTS Speaking begins. This section will last 2 minutes. You will answer follow-up questions asked by the examiner. The table below shows the duration of the IELTS speaking cue card.




1 minute


Up to 2 minutes

Follow-up questions

Up to 2 minutes

IELTS Introduction Sample

Why are IELTS Cue Cards Important?

IELTS Cue Cards are crucial for several reasons:

  • The cue card tests your English language proficiency by assessing how confidently and fluently you speak.
  • It enables examiners to evaluate a candidate’s ability to think and speak spontaneously.
  • The Cue Card task score affects your IELTS speaking score. This score is important for meeting language requirements in top institutions. 

Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend: Sample Answer 1


A year ago, I had the opportunity to teach a skill that I am very passionate about. I have been interested in photography for many years, so I taught my friend the basics of it. 

Explain the duration of your teaching period to your friend

We conducted the sessions on weekends for 4 weeks. I make sure to not go fast while teaching as it will impact into poor quality.  I began with the basics of photography, including composition, lighting, and camera settings. To enhance the learning experience, I demonstrated the basic features of my camera. I gave him hands-on activities such as photographing nature and gave feedback to help him understand the mistakes.

Describe your feelings after teaching your friend

I felt good about sharing my knowledge with someone close to me. It was about imparting knowledge and creating a passion through a valuable skill.  


It allowed me to strengthen my bond with him and experience the joy of fostering a shared interest.

Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend: Sample Answer 2


Last month, I got the opportunity to share my cooking skills with a friend eager to learn. I've always loved cooking, so I was excited to share some of my culinary expertise.

Explain the duration of your teaching period to your friend

Over two weekends, I spent several hours a day teaching my friend the basics of cooking. We began by learning the basics of using knives, then moved to discuss flavours and spices, and finally worked through a few easy dishes. I made sure to give my friend plenty of hands-on experience, allowing her to practise and refine her techniques.

Describe your feelings after teaching your friend

I felt incredibly fulfilled when I taught my friend how to cook. It was so gratifying to see her progress and her enthusiasm grow each time we cooked together. It was extremely rewarding to know that I had taught her valuable life skills.


Sharing my love of cooking with my friend was a very rewarding experience. It not only strengthened our bond but also reminded us of the joy that comes from teaching and sharing knowledge with others.

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Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend: Sample Answer 3


Once, I taught my younger cousin how to play chess. I'd been playing chess for years and was eager to share my skills with someone else. 

Explain the duration of your teaching period to your friend

At a family event, my cousin expressed an interest in learning how to play chess. I was pleased to help and seized the opportunity to introduce her to the game. I taught her the basics of the game, such as how the pieces move, how to set up the board, and the goal of the game. We spent about an hour reviewing the rules and practising a few games. I also showed her some basic strategies and tactics. For example, controlling the centre of the board and safeguarding her pieces.

Describe your feelings after teaching your friend

I felt good about being able to teach my cousin a new skill. It was rewarding to watch her improve her gameplay as we played more games. I enjoyed teaching and explaining the principles and methods in a way that she could easily understand.


Teaching my cousin how to play chess was a great experience for both of us. It was an excellent opportunity for me to share my knowledge and passion for the game with others while also connecting with my cousin on a deeper level.

Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend: Sample Answer 4


Recently, I got an opportunity to teach my friend how to play guitar. My friend always wished to learn guitar and I finally got time to share my knowledge about guitar with her.

Explain the duration of your teaching period to your friend

During my term breaks, I went to my grandparent's home to stay there for several days. I had a very good friend, Radha, who is also my neighbour over there. She was always eager to learn guitar. So, this year, I got an opportunity to teach her how to play guitar. We devoted 3-4 hours daily for almost a week. I familiarised her with the various parts of guitar and taught her how to tune it properly. For practice, we began with a simple song and basic chords to make the learning experience engaging. 

Describe your feelings after teaching your friend

After teaching a skill to my friend, I felt a mix of joy and satisfaction. It was a very happy moment when my friend successfully played her first few chords, and the notes were satisfying.


Teaching my friend to play the guitar was an enriching experience that went beyond the technicalities of music.

Sample Follow Up Questions

Candidates must answer follow-up questions about the discussed topic after completing the cue card task. Potential questions for "Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend" include:

Q1. Do you prefer to learn from teachers or from your friends?

Ans: I prefer to learn from teachers since they are professionals in their fields and can provide reliable information and explanations. They hold credible knowledge and experience and can provide constructive input to help students grow. 

Q2. Why are teachers important in our lives?

Ans: Teachers play an important role in our lives. They enhance the transfer of knowledge and assist students in acquiring the necessary skills to excel in their chosen fields and achieve great success in their careers.

Q3. What can the younger generation teach the older generation?

Ans: The younger generation may give the older age vital lessons in a variety of topics, including technology and digital skills. The younger generation is often more tech-savvy and can teach older people how to use technology, such as mobile phones, social media, and various apps.

Q4. Why do older individuals have difficulty learning and adapting to new things?

Ans: Cognitive, physical, and psychological issues all contribute to older people's difficulty in adjusting and learning new skills. One of the primary causes is the technological gap. For example, if someone starts using a new app and utilises it on a daily basis, they can keep up with the changes. However, if people do not utilise it on a daily basis, the app can become difficult to use.

Q5. Do you believe that constant training is necessary for people to learn something?

Ans: Yes, practice leads to success. I recall watching a video that stated that if a person spends approximately 1200 hours on anything, he can become an expert at it. I recall teaching my mother how to use Microsoft Word, and she now knows more about it than I do since she uses it so much more.

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Tips to Answer IELTS Cue Card 

Answering an IELTS Cue Card may seem difficult, but with practice, you will be able to ace it. Give enough time to the preparation, and follow the following tips to present your ideas :

  • Tip 1: Understand the topic. Make sure you address every question.
  • Tip 2: Improve your pronunciation and intonation. Speak clearly, without interruptions.
  • Tip 3: Be conscious of your pace. Speaking very fast can lead to mistakes. Speaking slowly may make it seem like you're struggling to speak.
  • Tip 4: Expand your vocabulary. Present your ideas clearly and avoid repeating the same words.
  • Tip 5: Demonstrate your English proficiency by using compound and complex sentences.
  • Tip 6: Stay calm. It’s okay to be nervous, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Practise sufficiently to answer the question.
  • Tip 7: Be sincere in your engagement with the issue. Personal experiences and examples may help you provide a more persuasive solution.
  • Tip 8: Prepare for follow-up questions by adding details to your cue card responses. 


It is important to know how to answer the cue card section as its scores will affect the IELTS speaking test score. Most universities emphasize the IELTS speaking test scores for securing admission abroad. You have to approach the cue card with confidence and clarity. The key to ace an IELTS speaking test is consistent practice. 

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FAQ's on Describe Something You Taught to Your Friend - IELTS Cue Card

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