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Cost of Studying MBA in Singapore: Know about Singapore MBA University Fees, Cost of Living & Other Expenses

Sumeet Jain

Singapore is one of the best countries worldwide, which makes it an ideal choice for international students to opt for the MBA program. An opportunity to work in the country once the students have finalised their education. Students looking to pursue an MBA degree in Singapore also look for MBA in Singapore cost and take benefit of being able to choose from a massive pool of programs and schools. The average fee for the MBA program in Singapore is around 30,000 SGD, contingent upon the university. The minimum tuition cost could be about 15000 SGD. In this blog, we deliver you with a thorough look into the MBA in Singapore cost that will help you calculate your expenses and manage accordingly.

 Table of Contents:

  1. Pre- Arrival Cost to Study MBA in Singapore
  2. Post- Arrival Cost to Study MBA in Singapore for International Students
  3. Other Miscellaneous Expenses

Pre- Arrival Cost to Study MBA in Singapore

The cost of study when studying in Singapore broadly includes all your expenses from pre-departure to post-departure for an MBA in Singapore. The pre-departure cost is the one which a student needs to pay before travelling to Singapore. And the post- departure is the cost that comes after reaching the destination.

So, to know the expenses of pre-arrival, let’s check out the table mentioned below:

Type of Expenses

Cost (SGD)

Visa Application Fees


Application Fee



252- 259

GRE Fees

279- 314


218- 341



Flight Tickets (One- way)

232- 286

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Post- Arrival Cost to Study MBA in Singapore for International Students

Singapore has one of the supreme business environments in Asia, a budding source of employment opportunities for international students. Every year approx. 3,000 Indian students go to Singapore for study purposes. The post- arrival cost of studying MBA in Singapore include tuition fees for business school, cost of living and health insurance. To know these expenses let’s discuss in detail:

Tuition Fees for Best MBA Colleges in Singapore 

The duration of the MBA program differs from university to university. Some B-schools have a course duration of 2 years, while others offer a 16-months MBA course. If you are interested in Executive MBA in Singapore, the course duration will be a minimum of 1 year. Some of the following top MBA colleges in Singapore with fee structure are:

MBA Business School

MBA Course Duration

Singapore MBA Fees

S P Jain School of Global Management, Singapore

12 months

41,185 SGD

Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University

15 months

62,619 SGD

NUS Business School, National University of Singapore, Singapore

17 months

65000 SGD

ESSEC Business School, Asia-Pacific, Singapore

15 months

74,141 SGD

Management Development Institute of Singapore

12 months

23,831 SGD

James Cook University, Singapore

16 months

37,878 SGD

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Cost of Living in Singapore to Study MBA in Singapore

Once you’ve received the acceptance letter for the MBA program from Singapore Universities, it’s time to ensure the living expenses to stay in Singapore while studying. On average, an international student in Singapore spends about 750 to 2,000 SGD a month on living costs. However, this amount may differ according to students’ lifestyle and the course they are pursuing.

Below is the table of basic expenses:

Average Monthly Expenses

Cost in SGD

Cost in INR

Rental (University Halls of Residence)



Bus Transport (Concessional)



Public Trains (Concessional Pass)



Meals (at university hostel)

150- 800

8,000- 41,000

Health Insurance for International Students in Singapore

International health insurance provides medical coverage in a specific country or region, or even all over the world, depending on the plan's terms and conditions. There are various health insurance plan for international students studying in Singapore:

International Health Insurance Plan

Max. Coverage Limit

Annual Premium (SGD)

Cigna Silver Plan

$1 million


MSIG Prestige Healthcare Elite



FWD International Health Insurance

$3 million


Liberty MyHealth International Essential

$2 million


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Other Miscellaneous Expenses

Once you’ve planned your accommodation and transportation expenses, the student also needs to pay attention to several other miscellaneous expenses such as stationery, a visit to the doctor, internet connection etc.


Average monthly cost in SGD

Average cost in INR

Books and Stationery












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Singapore is measured as one of the best education systems globally with its renowned universities. While some cities in this country are quite expensive, a random selection of locations is not worthwhile. So, if you’re planning to do an MBA program in Singapore and want to know Singapore MBA fees, connect with our Yocket professionals and get further guidance for MBA in Singapore.


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