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Executive MBA Singapore: Know About Best Executive MBA Programs in Singapore

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Executive MBA Singapore is a postgraduate degree that focuses on business and is particularly meant for working professionals with work experience. Executive MBA programs in Singapore are amongst the most exclusive academic programs and are often financed by employers.

EMBAs include specialisation in marketing, operations management, finance, human resource management, strategy, information technology, entrepreneurship, etc. The course is suitable for international students who have a good aptitude and experience in the management field. So, if you’re also interested in doing an Executive MBA, we have curated a guide below about the best executive MBA in Singapore and other important details to do EMBA in Singapore.

Table of Contents:

  1. Types of Executive MBA in Singapore
  2. Executive MBA Courses & Curriculum
  3. Top Executive MBA Universities in Singapore
  4. Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for Executive MBA Singapore
  5. Document Required for EMBA Degree in Singapore
  6. Executive MBA Singapore Cost
  7. Scholarships for Executive MBA Singapore
  8. Career Options after Completing Executive MBA in Singapore


Types of Executive MBA in Singapore

There are 3 types of executive MBA that students can choose according to their preferences:

1. Executive MBA

2. Online executive MBA

3. Weekend EMBA

These are some of the types of executive MBA in Singapore that an international student can select to study. Let’s know it in detail:


1. Executive MBA

The traditional EMBA is a part-time program planned to fit around the busy agenda of management professionals. Students work thoroughly alongside their classmates, looking to fine-tune their management and communication skills and increase their network while sharing knowledge with other knowledgeable leaders.


2. Online Executive MBA

Online EMBA programs include a residential constituent, with portions of the program taught in person. The online programs offer more suppleness to international students. The program covers the same curriculum, and students can attend classes from anywhere through a laptop/computer.


3. Weekend EMBA

Weekend MBAs are becoming an option for international students who do not want to leave their jobs and want to obtain an EMBA degree.  To do this program requires 3 years of work experience, and the duration is 18 months.

Cost of Studying in Singapore

Executive MBA Courses & Curriculum in Singapore

A 2020 survey by the Executive MBA Council states that 53% of students saw their responsibilities rise at work during the program as they brought what they were educated into the workplace. The EMBA curriculum is divided into two sections, i.e., the core section & elective section.


1. Core Section of EMBA Program

The core section of EMBA program includes the fundamental modules, leadership, covering business and management skills including:

  •  Leadership development
  • Data analytics for leaders
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Finance


2. Elective Section

The elective section contains optional modules you can select to study aligned with your interests. Elective modules may include topics like:

  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Asset management

Students will study the core part of the program before specifying later on in the course.


Top Executive MBA Universities in Singapore

Executive MBA studies deliver a high level of merchantable knowledge and skills within the business sector with specialisation. There are various universities providing executive MBA Singapore.

  1. Nanyang Technological University
  2. National University of Singapore
  3. SP Jain School of Global Management
  4. ESSEC Business School

So, these are some universities in Singapore offering executive MBA program to international students. Let’s know it in detail:

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1. Nanyang Technological University

The Nanyang Executive MBA is a transformative program intended for senior business leaders who recognise the worth of investing in themselves to keep in step with the continuously changing business world.  The program curriculum includes exclusive courses that discover how technologies such as AI, automation, and robotics have concerning businesses.

Business School Name

Nanyang Business School

Program Type

Executive MBA


1 year

Program Fee

1,05,716 SGD


2. National University of Singapore

The NUS EMBA program provides an incomparable opportunity to build an international network while offering a rich stage for cross-cultural learning and the exchange of ideas. More than half of EMBA modules presently run on a 25:75 mixed learning format, 25% of time spent on asynchronous learning, and 75% spent in the classroom. Before each section, fundamental course content is shared via online classes or videos, and students get to meet with faculty and their peers effectively.

Business School Name

NUS Business School

Program Type

Executive MBA


15 months

Program Fee

76,000 SGD


3. SP Jain School of Global Management

The SP Jain Executive MBA is planned to help students expand their managerial and leadership skillset, advance the tools to spot and grab challenging opportunities and position themselves as the empowered leader of an organisation. The program curriculum covers core concepts of general management, addressing business functions and other professional courses offering in-depth coverage and visions in different industry tracks.

Business School Name

SP Jain School of Global Management

Program Type

Executive MBA


18 months

Program Fee

37,800 SGD


4. ESSEC Business School

The Executive MBA program in this business school is planned to encourage innovation and to put into practice new skills advanced in the classroom. A team of professional trainers matches and continuously tailors modern coaching methods to the needs of each student. The degree offers an advanced curriculum including the latest insights on value-creating Innovation, Business Negotiations in Asia, Big Data and Mass Targeting and Branding with Digital and Social Networks.

Business School Name

ESSEC Business School

Program Type

Executive MBA


15 months

Program Fee

75,157 SGD



The INSEAD Executive MBA is a complete program with a challenging academic curriculum. The GEMBA curriculum will enlarge students' core skills and picture them in new management areas, thus allowing them to improve their management style. The student will have opportunities to travel to off-campus locations, experience inventions in Silicon Valley and China, and network with the other sections.

Business School Name


Program Type

Global Executive MBA


17 months

Program Fee

1,15,294 SGD

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Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for Executive MBA Singapore

The executive MBA Singapore offer flexibility, shorter study duration and a focus on more applied learning. To get admission to Singapore universities for an EMBA degree, international students need to fulfil some eligibility criteria:

  1.       Bachelor’s Degree
  2.       English Proficiency test
  3.       Work Experience
  4.       Singapore Student Pass
  5.       Additional Requirements

So, these are some eligibility criteria that a student needs to fulfil before being admitted to Singapore Universities. Let’s know it in detail:


1. Bachelor's Degree

A student should have completed a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% cumulative or equal from a recognised university. There is no minimum cut off marks in many institutes for Executive MBA admission.


2. English Proficiency Test

International students whose qualifications are not in English need to take the following recognised English language test. It includes IELTS, TOEFL or PTE with a minimum score of 6.5 in the IELTS exam, a score of 70 in TOEFL (iBT) or a PTE minimum score of 60.


3. Work Experience

A student must have at least 2 years of work experience at a managerial or executive level. Any MBA institute does not accept work experience in a part-time approach.

4. Singapore Student Pass

Once a Singapore university offers the acceptance letter, they can apply for a student pass. As institute in Singapore will register the Singapore student's pass for Indian application on behalf of the students to the Singapore immigration and checkpoint authority.


Document Required for EMBA Degree in Singapore

To take admission for EMBA degree in Singapore, international students need to submit some additional documents for hassle free admission.

  •       Academic transcripts
  •       GMAT test score (Optional)
  •     LOR
  •       Essay
  •       Updated CV
  •       Passport size photographs


Executive MBA Singapore Cost

The cost of studying EMBA degree in Singapore includes executive MBA Singapore cost and other living expenses.


  • Executive MBA Singapore Fees

The executive MBA Singapore fees vary as per the university selected by the international students. The maximum executive MBA in Singapore fees is 1,13,924 SGD for the duration of 1 year as a full-time student.


  • Cost of Living

Before moving to Singapore, international students need to look at the cost of living in Singapore, including accommodation facilities and other miscellaneous expenses.  On average, an international student needs to spend about 1,000 to 2,500 a month on living expenses.

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Scholarships for Executive MBA Singapore

It is understood that for doing EMBA in Singapore, students will require a healthy financial investment. So, to help international students, there are some institutes in Singapore offering scholarships to students. The following scholarships for MBA are:

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Criteria & Awards

NUS MBA Study Awards

It is applicable to students who have secured the chosen NUS research program.

Awards: Full Tuition Fees


Monthly stipend: 1,500 SGD for master’s students


INSEAD Need- Based Scholarship

This scholarship will only be given to those students who will be able to clarify and demonstrate the wonderful challenge of raising appropriate funds for the MBA program at this university.


Award: 12,000 SGD

Global Study Awards

A merit-based scholarship is given to two students pursuing MBA from Singapore for each academic year.


Award: 13,543 SGD


Career Options after Completing Executive MBA in Singapore

The demand for Executive MBA graduates is increasing day by day. Placement numbers of EMBA programs in top B-schools show that more recruiters are now concerned with MBA graduates with work experience. Some of the job options are:

Job Options

Average Annual Salary

Regional Director

1,95,000 SGD

Financial Analyst

93000 SGD

Assistant Manager

13,038 SGD

Sales Representative

51,000 SGD

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Business in the modern era is integrally global, so being part of a varied and illustrative unit has become an important element for those looking to study an executive MBA. So, if you’re also considering to do an executive MBA program in Singapore, connect with our Yocket professional and get further guidance related to executive MBA Singapore.



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