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Colleges Accepting PTE Score Below 50: List of Colleges Accepting PTE Score Below 50

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Colleges use the Pearson Test of English, sometimes known as the PTE, a computer-based exam to assess your command of the English language. In this exam, there are three portions, each of which have their own subsections. An applicant must be at least 16 years old and has to finish the exam in 2 and a half hours. Speaking and writing together comprise the first session, which lasts 77–93 minutes and has 8 sub-sections. The next section is reading, which takes between 32 and 40 minutes and comprises five sub-sections. You have 45–57 minutes to finish the listening portion, which is the last component.

The PTE scores are a major deciding factor in getting you to the colleges of your dreams. But what is a good PTE score? In this blog, we will be discussing if the score of 50 or below is good enough for you to acquire a seat at the universities in USA. Here we have mentioned a list of colleges with offering admission on PTE score 50 and below criteria, for you to make the perfect decision.

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Is a PTE Score of Below 50 Good Enough?

The PTE scores range from 10 to 90. If you score is under 50 in the PTE test, getting accepted into the institution of your choice can be a little challenging. You must be fully informed of the cut-off score required to be admitted to a certain college to achieve at least that level or greater. Different courses have different PTE scores, and the colleges sometimes also release score requirements for the different sections and overall score requirements. It is very crucial to be well aware of your respective college, course, and sectional requirements beforehand to secure admission.

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List of Colleges that Accept PTE Scores below 50

Most institutions have a cut-off PTE score that a candidate must achieve to be accepted. These specifications vary from one school to another. For you to be selected by the college of your choice, the first step is to know the eligibility criteria for admission and then equip yourself with scores according to their requirements. The following is a list of colleges seeking students with a PTE score below 50:


Score Range

Kingston University


Cardiff University


University of Manchester


University of Surrey


Birmingham City University


Aston University


University of Cumbria


Birkbeck College


Solent University


The University of East Anglia


University of Plymouth


Ravensbourne University London


The University of Essex


Keele University


Bournemouth University


University of Chichester


University of Derby


Goldsmiths College


Heriot-Watt University


Leeds Arts University


University of South Wales


University of Leicester


University College of Birmingham


California State University Los Angeles


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Although there are colleges accepting PTE score of 50 and below, you must always aim for higher scores to broaden your option. A high PTE score will improve your chances of getting into the college and program of your choice. Knowing the exact score requirements for each college and course will help you plan your study strategy more efficiently. For more guidance and assistance, get in touch with our counselors at Yocket.

Frequently Asked Questions About the PTE 50 or Below Score

Ques. Is the PTE test a compulsory requirement for admission?

Ans. No, PTE exam is not a compulsory requirement of all colleges. Apart from PTE, you may also opt for other English language proficiency tests like TOEFL and IELTS.

Ques. Is a score below 50 accepted by universities?

Ans. It depends on the college you are applying to or the course you want to get into. But the bitter truth is there are not many colleges that have a cut-off below 50. You don’t get to have a lot of options, so, try and achieve a higher score. A strong PTE score will open more doors for admission.

Ques. What is the PTE score range?

Ans. The PTE score ranges from 10-90.

Ques. What is the highest score a candidate can attain?

Ans. The maximum score is 90, but getting there is challenging. The highest possible score is 75, which is accepted by the majority of universities.

Ques. What is the prerequisite for the candidate before attempting the PTE exam?

Ans. The candidate should be at least 18 years old; the 16-year-old candidate is allowed to compete but with their parent’s consent. No such academic requirements for PTE exam.

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