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Biomedical Engineering in USA: Guide to Biomedical Engineering in USA for International Students

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Biomedical engineering courses in USA are a 1.5 to 4-year STEM degree in healthcare and medicine (depending on the degree level of the program). This program primarily focuses on engineering, biology, and applied engineering. In 2018, 10,652 international students were admitted to master's programs in biomedical engineering at biomedical engineering colleges in USA, and the number rose by 6% this year.

If you are someone willing to pursue biomedical engineering in USA, you are definitely at the right place! In this blog we will tell you all about biomedical engineering in USA for international students.

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Why Study Biomedical Engineering in USA?

According to statistical projections, employment in biomedical engineering will increase to 20,500 in the United States by 2028. Biomedical engineering universities in USA are observing a huge influx of international students, let us know why:

  • In the United States, 19,800 engineers work in the healthcare industry, industrial applications, agricultural departments, or environmental biotechnology.
  • As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, life, physical science, and social science occupations are expected to grow by 5% by 2029. As a result, 68,200 new jobs in biomedical research, psychology, energy management, and environmental protection will be created.
  • From 2017 to 2018, the average wage rate for biomedical engineers increased by 2.11 percent. The median annual salary for professionals in biomedical is 95,000 USD (70.11 lakhs INR).
  • The average annual tuition fee for MS in Biomedical Engineering programs in the United States ranges from 25,000 to 55,000 USD (18.45 to 40.59 lakhs INR). As a result, graduates have the potential to earn more than they paid.

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Top Biomedical Engineering Colleges in USA

Given below is the list of the top biomedical engineering universities in USA:

  1. John Hopkins University
  2. Stanford University
  3. University of California - Berkeley (UC Berkeley)
  4. University of Pennsylvania
  5. Columbia University

Let us know about each of these best biomedical engineering colleges, along with their ranking, popular courses offered, and fees:

John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University is a non-profit, private research university in Baltimore, Maryland. It is among the top universities in USA for ms in biomedical engineering with extensive global research. The John Hopkins Center for Biotechnology Education offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in various Biotechnology concentrations, with skilled faculty members emphasizing the practical aspects of the education provided.

QS World Ranking 2022


Popular Programs

MS in Biomedical Engineering

Program Duration

1 year

Average Fees Per Year

53,474.24 USD (42.4 lakhs INR)

MS in USA Without GRE

Stanford University

Stanford University's Biomedical Engineering history dates back to 1893 when the University's first Professor of Biomedical Engineering was appointed, focusing on power station engineering.

QS World Ranking 2022


Popular Programs

BSc in Bioengineering

MS Bioengineering

Program Duration

BSc: 3 years

MS: 2 years

Average Fees Per Year

BSc: 53,948.83 USD(43.1 Lakhs)

MS: 97,968.85 USD (77.68 lakhs INR)

Best MS Specializations in USA

University of California - Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

So far, the faculty of Biomedical Engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley has founded approximately 120 start-ups founded by faculty and alumni. The current research areas include physical electronics, micro/nano electro mechanical systems, artificial intelligence, computer architecture and engineering, control, intelligent systems, and robotics.

QS World Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

BSc in Bioengineering

MEng Biomedical Engineering

Program Duration

BSc: 3 years, MEng: 2 years

Average Fees Per Year

BSc:  67,085.06 USD (53.6 Lakhs INR)

MEng: 1,07,730.42USD(85.42 lakhs INR)

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University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Penn, with four undergraduate courses in biotechnology in USA and 12 graduate schools, provides students with an unparalleled education informed by inclusivity, intellectual rigor, and research. Penn Biotechnology courses include Biopharmaceutical Engineering, Life Science Management, Biochemistry, and many more.

QS World Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

BSc in Bioengineering

MS Biomedical Engineering

Program Duration

BSc: 3 years, MS: 1 year

Average Fees Per Year

BSc: 75,589 USD (60.4 Lakhs INR)

MS: 54,861 USD (43.5 lakhs INR)

Columbia University

Columbia University is one of the top biotech universities in USA offering bachelor and Master's programs in Biotechnology . This program teaches students about contemporary aspects of molecular biology, with a focus on approaches used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

QS World Ranking 2023


Popular Programs

BSc in Biomedical Engineering, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering

Program Duration

BSc: 3 years

MS: 1.5 year

Average Fees Per Year

BSc: 59,698 USD (47.7 Lakhs INR)

MS: 737 USD (58,481.15  INR)

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Program Overview for Biomedical Engineering in USA

USA biomedical engineering consists of 30-36 credit hours that students must complete. These are divided into electives and a required well-researched thesis.

Given below are the highlights of programs offered at top universities in USA for biomedical engineering:

Popular Courses Offered

BSc in Bioengineering

MS in Biomedical Engineering

MEng Biomedical Engineering

Course Duration

BSc: 3-4 years

Master: 1-2 years

Top Universities for Biomedical Engineering in USA

John Hopkins University

Stanford University

University of California - Berkeley (UC Berkeley)

University of Pennsylvania

Columbia University

Average Tuition Fee

Bachelor:  59,698 USD (47.7 Lakhs INR)

Master: 40,711 USD (32.28 lakhs INR) per annum

Average Salary

95,000 USD (75,32,597.50 INR) per annum

Scope of Biomedical Engineering in USA

Bioinformatics Scientist

Assistant Pharmacists

Food Processing Engineer

Agriculture Engineer

Marine Engineer

Popular Recruiting Organizations


Zimmer Spine

Boston Scientific Corporation

Johnson & Johnson

Smith & Nephew Inc.

Zimmer Inc.


Low Tuition Fee Universities for MS in US

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Biomedical Engineering in USA

Before applying to the best Universities in USA for Biomedical Engineering , you must be clear about the Biomedical Engineering in USA for international students requirements for the program. We have broadly divided the eligibility into the following categories:

Educational Qualification

Candidates' 12th(2 years)/undergraduate (3-4 years) percentage must be 85-90 % in order to be admitted to their desired college for studies.

English Language Requirements

The English Proficiency test is mandatory for international students to undertake admission in any USA Biomedical Engineering  program. For Biomedical Engineering in USA, the required IELTS is a minimum of 7.0 and a TOEFL score of 100.

GRE Scores

GRE scores are essential when applying for Biomedical Engineering courses in US. Most colleges require GRE scores and each has its own minimum acceptable score range. Candidates for admission to Biomedical Engineering programs must have a good quantitative score (305 or higher) on the SAT. Some Universities offer admission to Biomedical Engineering in USA without GRE.

Eligibility and Requirements to Study MS in USA

Documents Required for Biomedical Engineering Courses in USA

To apply for Biomedical Engineering in USA  for international students, students must have the following list of documents:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • TOEFL/IELTS score card
  • Work experience
  • 2 LORs
  • GRE score card
  • GPA scorecard
  • Official College Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose

MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA

Application Process to Apply for Biomedical Engineering in USA

Given below is the stepwise guide to applying for different Biomedical Engineering colleges in USA as follows:

  • Go to each University's website for Biomedical Engineering in US and read about the Biomedical Engineering in USA requirements for an application form.
  • After reading courses and specializations offered by the University, now select the courses you want to apply to(after carefully reading the eligibility criteria).
  • Now apply for desired courses and keep ready to upload scanned copies of documents such as transcripts, CVs, IELTS/TOEFL, and CAEL scorecards at the time of filling the form.
  • Now, fill out your application form.
  • Prepare well for your interview. After passing the interview, the University will issue a conditional letter, allowing you to reserve a seat at the University of your choice.
  • Pay your Biomedical Engineering course fee after carefully reading the University's terms and conditions.

Admission Process for MS in USA

Cost of Studying Biomedical Engineering in USA

When it comes to pursuing a master's abroad, one of the top preferences among students is the USA. But it is one of the costly places to study. The cost of living depends on numeral factors but important ones to consider are tuition fees and cost of living:

  • The tuition fee is different for each program at the best universities for MS in Biomedical Engineering in USA but on average it costs 40,711.05 USD (32.28 lakhs INR) yearly.
  • The cost of living in USA differs for each student depending upon students’ lifestyles and the part of the country they are living in. But on average, the yearly cost of living is 10,000-12,000 USD (7,92,905-9,51,486 INR) including housing, food, travel, stationery, recreational activities, etc.

Cost of MS in USA

Scholarships Available for Biomedical Engineering in USA

If you want to study Biomedical Engineering in US, several universities offer financial aid to international students. Here are some popular scholarships:


Awarded to

Award (in USD)

Civil Society Leadership Awards

Postgraduate Students in USA

Tuition fee and living expenses

Fulbright Scholarship

International students undertaking postgraduate, graduate, or research study within agriculture, arts, education, environment, humanities, and social sciences, public health, and science and technology

Coverage of tuition and living expenses, visa assistance, airfare, and medical.


National Overseas Scholarship Scholarship

Indian SC/ST applicants with 60 percent or higher in the qualifying examination would be required

 Annual Maintenance Allowance of 15,400 USD (12,20,910.46 INR)

Arsham Amirikian Engineering Scholarship

bachelor students with a minimum 3.0 GPA or 83% in bachelors

2,500 USD (1,98,226.25 INR)

Jobs After Pursuing Biomedical Engineering in USA

After completing the Biomedical Engineering in USA Universities, students have several options. The annual salary of a Biomedical engineer is 93,300 USD (74,01,736 INR). Students can get jobs after Biomedical Engineering in USA and earn up to 137,000 USD (1,08,68,573 INR) per year. We have listed some jobs after Biomedical Engineering in USA with their yearly average salary:

Job Profile

Average Salary Per Annum (in USD)

Assistant Pharmacist

71,500 (56,72,284.48 INR)

Assistant Pharmacy Director

137,000 (1,08,68,573.05 INR)

Bioinformatics Scientist

124,000 (98,37,248.60 INR)

Bioinformatics Technicians

77,500 (61,48,280.38 INR)

Naval Architect

92,560 (73,43,030.08 INR)

Food Processing Engineer

79,341 (62,94,331.78 INR)

Marine Engineer

78,748 (62,47,287.52 INR)

Agricultural Engineer

77,110 (61,17,340.64 INR)

Highest Paying Jobs in USA

Now you have all the important information about the best Biomedical Engineering colleges in USA, ranging from eligibility criteria to job opportunities in this field. If you have any further questions, please write to us in the comment below. For personal assistance in your admission process, get our Yocket premium. Our consultants will help you in getting into your dream university!

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