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Best Cities in Canada for Students: Find Top 10 Best Cities in Canada for International Students

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As an international student aspiring to study in Canada, you will want to make sure you live in the best place to study in Canada! By living in any of the top cities in Canada for international students you gather the support of the student community residing in the vicinity.

Considering you are exploring the best place to study in Canada, let’s discuss this further. We will touch upon all the important factors of the best places to study in Canada and you can choose the Canadian city that suits you best.

Table Of Content:

  1. Benefits Of Studying In Best Cities In Canada To Study
  2. Best Cities In Canada For Students: 10 Best Places In Canada To Study
  3. Frequently Asked Questions About Best Student Cities In Canada


Benefits of Studying in Best Cities in Canada

Any best city to study in Canada can be defined by the quality of life that it offers to its international students. Studying in any of the top cities will provide you benefits like:

  • A supportive student community to look out for in times of need.
  • All the best places in Canada to study provide students with a well-planned lifestyle. Be it by providing you with subsidized public transport or by offering you student discounts.
  • Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ontario are among the best place to study and work in Canada.
  • These best cities in Canada to study also come with part-time job opportunities for international students. Thus, making it an added benefit to living in cities that most international students prefer.

So, this brings us to thinking - which of the cities are the best place to study and work in Canada? Let’s address this:


10 Best Cities in Canada to Study  

Speaking of the best place to study in Canada for international students, remember that we’ve listed the top Canadian options for you. However, some of the other off-beat cities might please you too. For instance, the best city in Canada for Indian students is Toronto as most Indians reside there.

The other best cities in Canada for students are:     

  1. Montreal
  2. Toronto
  3. Vancouver
  4. Ottawa
  5. Quebec
  6. Edmonton
  7. Calgary
  8. Ontario
  9. British Columbia
  10. Waterloo

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1. Montreal

Montreal is the best city to study in Canada. The city takes a lead in the field of Science and Technology. Especially in Aeronautics and Information Technology. Ranked among the top student cities in the world, Montreal doesn’t just offer top-class education but is also popular for its innovation and entertainment industry.

Best study city QS ranking


Best Universities in Montreal

Cost Of Living of Montreal

2000 CAD- 2500 CAD

Things to do in Montreal

  • Take a stroll at Old Montreal. This experience distinctively takes you back to historic times.
  • Walk into the fantasy land of Quartier Des Spectacles for an entertaining day.
  • Visit Montreal's Science and Arts Museum. You can also explore Montreal's underground city.

Attend exciting sports events at the Olympic stadium.

Is it worth studying in Montreal?

Awarded among the top study destinations in the World, Montreal is definitely the first destination to look out for in Canada. You will be exposed to a pool of opportunities after studying in Montreal.

2. Toronto

Toronto is one of the best cities in Canada for international students. Unlike many other cities, students of Science, Business Studies, Arts and other disciplines too can find courses fit for them in Toronto. In addition to that, most Indo-Canadians reside in Toronto. Thus, making it the best city to live in Canada for Indian students.

Best study city QS ranking


Best Universities in Toronto

Cost Of Living of Toronto

2200 CAD - 3000 CAD

Things to do in Toronto

  • Can you miss the top view of the majestic Niagara falls?
  • Visit Breweries to taste some of the fine beers made in Toronto.  
  • One of the best food markets, St.Lawrence is worth a visit.
  • Enjoy the view of Toronto's CN tower while you stare at the city skyline.

Is it worth studying in Toronto?

Toronto offers a number of degree and certificate programs in English and French. The popular city is also considered the hub of Finance and Business in Canada. Therefore, studying here is worth the experience.  

3. Vancouver

With a great mix of culture, languages, people and more, Vancouver is a bright and lively city to reside in. Many international students are exhilarated by the beauty of the city. Pursuing courses like Digital Media, Engineering or IT in Vancouver is a great choice.

Best study city QS ranking


Best Universities in Vancouver

Cost Of Living of Vancouver

2500 CAD - 3500 CAD

Things to do in Vancouver

  • Enjoy a drive to the Sea-to-Sky Highway
  • Visit the Vancouver Museum Of Anthropology.
  • Indulge yourself in nature at the Stanley Park or Grouse Grind.
  • Grab a glimpse of China at the China Town and the famous garden of Dr Sun Yat Sen.

Is it worth studying in Vancouver?

Vancouver is one of the most happening Canadian cities. If you plan to study here, you are up for an adventurous experience.

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4. Ottawa

With scenic views and picturesque backdrops, Ottawa is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. However, the city offers more than just that. With the best research facilities in Science and Technology, many STEM students get direct exposure to the industry.   

Best study city QS ranking


Best Universities in Ottawa

Cost Of Living of Ottawa

2000 CAD - 2500 CAD

Things to do in Ottawa

  • Skate
  • Visit the Parliament
  • Stroll by the iconic Chateau
  • Visit the beach

Is it worth studying in Ottawa?

Ottawa University offers some of the best Science and History courses. The city has many museums that will educate you in your field.

5. Quebec City

Quebec is the French land of Canada. If you choose to study here, you will be exposed to both, the Canadian and French cultures. Quebec is also one of the most affordable cities in Canada for international students. Therefore, this is one of the best city to live in Canada for Indian students looking out to live on a budget.

Best study city QS ranking


Best Universities in Quebec

Cost Of Living of Quebec

1500 CAD - 1800 CAD

Things to do in Quebec

  • Walk along the fortification of Quebec.
  • Zipline at Parc De La Chute Montmorency.
  • Explore the Parc National De La Jacques Cartier.
  • Attend the famous Quebec festival.

Is it worth studying in Quebec?

Quebec offers affordable education, post-study work permit also shorter duration courses. These perks make your study in Quebec worth it!

6. Edmonton

Famous for its pizzas, Edmonton offers a culturally rich life to its students. International students studying in Edmonton enjoy a lavish lifestyle at affordable prices. Therefore, making this one of the best place to study in Canada.

Best Universities in Edmonton

Cost Of Living of Edmonton

1200 CAD - 1600 CAD

Things to do in Edmonton

  • Shop at the largest Edmonton Mall Of Canada.
  • Visit the Elk Island National Park.  
  • Spend time at the Beaver Hills.
  • Picnic at the Edmonton Park.

Is it worth studying in Edmonton?

Studying at Edmonton will allow you to have fun, indulge in nature and pursue your aspirations. This is a good deal to study in Canada.

7. Calgary

Calgary, Canada is a well-maintained city focused on innovation in sustainability, energy studies and renewable sources. Therefore, this is one of the best places to pursue a STEM course in Canada. If you are interested in futuristic learning and development, Calgary is the place for you.  

Best Universities in Calgary

Cost Of Living of Calgary

1800 CAD - 2000 CAD

Things to do in Calgary

  • Enjoy the skyline view and the marvellous Calgary Tower.
  • Visit the Calgary zoo.
  • Spend a day at the Calgary Stampede.
  • Go to the Entertainment District.

Is it worth studying in Calgary?

If you prefer a slightly off-beat place in Canada, Calgary is a good place to study.

8. Ontario  

Ontario is yet another top destination to study in Canada. The city houses 6 of Canada’s best universities. Hence, pursuing any course in Ontario will guarantee you are well trained and exposed to the reality of your industry. Ontario also provides a number of job opportunities to international students residing there.  

Best Universities in Ontario

Cost Of Living of Ontario

1500 CAD - 2200 CAD

Things to do in Ontario

  • Visit the famous Grotto.
  • Chill at the Flowerpot Island
  • Explore the underground museum of Diefenbunker.
  • Go to the Cheltenham Badlands.

Is it worth studying in Ontario?

The vast Ontario region houses some of the best universities, top companies and most of all a vivid cultural mix. All of these provide you with an opportunity for personal as well as professional growth.

9. British Columbia

To study in British Columbia, Canada is basically settling for a good career in a natural setting. The universities in British Columbia too provides top-notch education. Thus, making it one of the desirable places to study in Canada.

Best Universities in British Columbia

Cost Of Living of British Columbia

1800 CAD - 2200 CAD

Things to do in British Columbia

  • Go to the Yoho National Park.
  • Enjoy a vacation at the Okanagan Valley and Kelowna.
  • Take a stroll at the Victoria Inner Harbour.

Is it worth studying in British Columbia?

British Columbia university opens you up to a variety of options, courses and degrees that you can choose from. The flexibility of learning is one of the positives of studying at BC.

10.  Waterloo

Considered as the tech hub of Canada, Waterloo is one of the top manufacturers of tech and innovation in the field of Science. Studying here also allows you to take up jobs immediately after graduation.

Best Universities in Waterloo

Cost Of Living of Waterloo

2400 CAD - 3200 CAD

Things to do in Waterloo

  • Learn from the Waterloo museums.
  • Go to the iconic kissing bridge.
  • Spread out a picnic at Laurel Creek.

Is it worth studying at Waterloo?

Waterloo is a famous Canadian destination for Indian students. IT and technical education are famous in Waterloo. So, if you are planning to be an Engineer, you can consider studying in Waterloo.

As a whole, studying in Canada is a wonderful student experience. The above list comprises of best cities in Canada to study. However, if you explore a little more, you will find the best fit for you.

Every Canadian town is popular for its scenic beauty and innovation.  What makes Canada a people’s choice too is that Canada welcomes immigrants and provides them with benefits without much ado.  So, if you are keen on studying in Canada, you can choose one of the best student cities in Canada and apply. After your graduation, you can live by getting a post-study work visa in Canada.

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