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Universities in British Columbia: Best Universities in British Columbia for International Students

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Universities in British Columbia are known for offering students with an education which is affordable, and outstanding. British Columbia is Canada’s westernmost province which is home to Vancouver, Victoria, Surrey and other important hubs for higher education in Canada. Famous for its terrains, and a diverse culture, all universities in British Columbia are internationally ranked and recognised. Universities in BC are also popular for competing on an international level. Let us know get you to explore all the universities in British Columbia Canada, at just the comfort of your couches!

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Why Study in British Columbia?

Home to umpteen numbers of nationalities, ethnicities, British Columbia is one of the most diverse places you will find. Some of the main pointers that will make you fall in love with British Columbia are:

  1. Affordable and Excellent Education

International population willing to pursue higher education is attracted to the huge research and academic outputs offered by universities in BC.

  1. Highly Ranked Universities

Some of the best universities in British Columbia like British Columbia University, Victoria University, have been highly ranked globally through internationally renowned ranking organisations like THE World University Rankings and QS World University Rankings.

  1. Outstanding Job Opportunities

Vancouver located in British Columbia is a hub for software developers all over the globe, and so provides out of the world job opportunities to international students.

  1. Quality of Life

Cities in British Columbia are regularly featured in the list of cities providing the best quality of life. The best student cities include Vancouver, Victoria, Burnaby, etc.

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Having discussed the benefits of choosing to study in British Columbia, let us take a look at the top universities a student should target-

Top Universities in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to some of the most well known and prestigious universities in Canada. Let us now help you find the university of your dreams through the British Columbia University list below:

  1. University of British Columbia
  2. Simon Fraser University
  3. University of Victoria
  4. University of Northern British Columbia
  5. Thompson Rivers University
  6. Vancouver Island University

Let us now take a look at each of these universities below:

1.  University of British Columbia

Recognised for not just its teaching, but also global impact, the University of British Columbia has been ranked at the 3rd position in the best universities in Canada, 2022 by the QS Rankings. Known for its distinct and highly valuable placement opportunities, the University of British Columbia is home to international students from around 140 countries around the globe.

QS World University Rankings 2023






Average Tuition Fee

58,803.42 CAD/ year (3598441.18 INR)

Popular Programs

BA Economics, MBA, MSc Computer Science, BEng Civil Engineering, MDS Dental Science

2.  Simon Fraser University

Housing over 8500 international students, Simon Fraser University is known for having a rich teaching history in subjects like Archeology. The university is famous for being one of the most research-intensive universities in Canada offering courses across fields including Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Business, International Studies, Biological Sciences, etc.. Simon Fraser University is also known for having a beautiful campus.

QS World University Rankings 2023


University Type



Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby

Average Tuition Fee

4,940 to 49.435 CAD/ per year (302300.43 - 3025.15 INR)

Popular Programs

MA Archeology, BSc Biochemistry, MA Fine Arts, Msc Health Sciences, BSc Data Science

3.  University of Victoria

Dating back to 1903, the University of Victoria offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs to over 20,000 students every year. Although the university offers programs in a diverse range of programs,  its top-notch Marine Biology program is considered among the best in the world. The university has a renowned presence internationally, and is famous for being the #1 in Canada for graduate employability.

QS World University Rankings 2023


University Type




Average Tuition Fee

28,950 CAD/ per year (1771578.46 INR)

Popular Programs

MA Business and Accountancy, BEng Chemical Engineering, MEng Mechanical Engineering, PhD Civil Engineering

4.  University of Northern British Columbia

Ranked #1 for being the best small university in Canada, the University of Northern British Columbia is home to a little over 4000 students. It is also considered to be one the best universities in British Columbia for international students for subjects including health sciences, economics, environment, and culture. The university offers students a location which is beautiful along with a close knit community.

QS World University Rankings 2023

1201- 1400

University Type



Prince George

Average Tuition Fee

25,000 CAD/ per year (1529860.50 INR)

Popular Programs

BCom, BSc Computer Science, MA Economics, MSc Computer Science, MSc Nursing

5. Thompson Rivers University

A leader in the field of education for the past 45 years, Thompson Rivers University stands quite tall in the British Columbia best universities in Canada. The university has been recognised for being rich in academics highly focussed on hands-on-experiences. It is also quite famous for its sports  activities and events.

QS World University Rankings 2023


University Type



Kamloops , William Lakes 

Average Tuition Fee

19,604CAD/ per year (1199655.41 INR)

Popular Programs

BEng Software Engineering, BSc Biochemistry

6.  Vancouver Island University

VIU is known for its applied, experiential and research activities especially in the field of coastal and marine research.  Students at the university benefit immensely from small class sizes and international exposure through participation in innovative projects.  The university offers a range of programs including undergraduate and graduate degrees, along with vocational and trades diplomas and certificates, as well as continuing education programs.

QS World University Rankings 2023

1001- 1200

University Type




Average Tuition Fee

21,000 CAD/ per year (1285082.82 INR)

Popular Programs

MBA, BSc Computer Science, Graduate Certificate Business, BSc Biology, BSc Geoscience

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Now that we know about the best universities in British Columbia, let us take a overview of the student life in BC as an international student:

Life in BC as an International Student

Canada on a whole is considered to be one of the best countries for international students willing to pursue higher education. Therefore, all universities in British Columbia are known to offer international students with a quality lifestyle. Not just public, but private universities in British Columbia offer international students with high academic, and co-curricular standards.

Not to forget, the affordable education offered by most of the universities in BC make this an attractive study abroad destination. The average tuition fee for international students lies in the range of 15,000 CAD to 25,000 CAD. Apart from this students in BC also incur a living cost of around 900 CAD to 1400 CAD per month. International students are also able to pursue their dream careers in Canada after graduating from the best universities in British Columbia.

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To conclude, as an international student, you will get a lot of universities in British Columbia Canada to pursue an excellent career post graduation. Do not forget to check out the admission criteria and requirements for Canada well in time to get an edge over others looking to study in BC. And to know more about universities in British Columbia for international students, connect with our Yocket Professionals and resolve all your queries efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions about Universities in British Columbia

Ques. How many universities are there in British Columbia?

Ans.  There are 14 universities in the British Columbia University list.

Ques. Which are the famous private universities in BC?

Ans. Some of the best private universities in BC are:

  • University Canada West
  • Columbia College
  • Selkirk College

Ques. What is the cost of living in British Columbia for international students?

Ans. The cost of attendance for international students to study in BC costs around 10,000 to 17,000 CAD per year (612216.90 - 1040768.73 INR)

Ques. What are the best universities in British Columbia for international students?

Ans. One of the best universities in BC for international students is the University of British Columbia.

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