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Student Safety Guide for Canada: Find Out if Canada Is Safe for International Students

Kashyap Matani

Ever come across questions like- “Is Canada safe for international students?” Or more precisely, “Is Canada safe for Indian students?” Canada sees more than 6 lakh international admissions every year of which around 2 lakh are from India. This is attributed to the fact that Canada offers students quality education and exquisite student life in a very safe and friendly environment. Canada is considered to be one of safest study abroad destinations for international students, no matter which culture or nation they belong to. If you too are planning to move to Canada for studies, keep reading right till the end as we explore everything you need to know about student safety in Canada!

Table of Contents:

  1. Safety as an International Student in Canada: An Overview
  2. International Student Safety in Canada
  3. What to do in Case of an Emergency in Canada?
  4. Tips for Student Safety in Canada,/a>

Safety as an International Student in Canada: An Overview

Before answering questions like- Is Canada safe for Indian students or how are Indian students treated in Canada- let us first talk about why extreme safety should be practiced for Indian and international students.

  • Maintaining mental health:Being in an international territory requires utmost care and mental peace. Homesickness is very common among the international student base, and therefore a safe environment facilitates better mental health along with a better academic performance.
  • Consistent academic performance:Safety for international students makes sure that the process of making acquaintances in the country, along with getting rich experiences is smoothly facilitated. All of this eventually leads to a consistent and exponential growth in the students’ academic performance.

Now coming to the question - Is Canada safe for international students? Well, undoubtedly yes! Canada is home to umpteen number of nationalities, and cultures. One of the safest, most diverse countries in the world, Canada ranks 10th on the Global Peace Index, 2021.


Some of the safest cities in Canada include Quebec, Ottawa, Montreal. Ranked as the best student cities in the world at the 8th and 13th positions, Montreal and Toronto have the highest student population in Canada.

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After this brief overview, let us move on  to the next question, how are Indian students treated in Canada:


International Student Safety in Canada

Be it Indian, or any other nationality, international students in Canada are treated with respect and dignity. More importantly, international students are treated equally as the Canadian students without any prejudices.

When studying in a Canadian university, you can also be well assured of your safety. The universities and colleges in Canada have set departments: international as well as security, to oversee international student safety.

Moreover, Canada can be considered as a safe country for Indian students, because of extremely well established security departments and a responsible police department.

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Now that you have answers to all your questions like “Is Canada safe for students or Is Canada a safe country for Indian students, let us familiarize you with a quick student safety guide that covers what to do in case of emergencies:


What to Do in Case of an Emergency as a Student in Canada?

We have already established that Canada is safe for Indian students. However, sometimes emergency situations may arise. In case of an emergency, here is what you need to do as an international student:

  • When at your university, straightaway move to the international students office, and ask for help. You can also contact the easily available campus police, and do not ever hesitate to talk to officials.  
  • When outside, as an international student, if you suspect a wrong incident, or get indulged yourself into a wrong doing, you cancall 911. This is a common number in Canada for fire, ambulance and police.

Let us now discuss some safety tips for students studying in Canada:


Tips for Student Safety in Canada

When answering is Canada safe for students, it is also important to provide some safety tips. Although Canada is safe for Indian students as well as other international students, as a part of precautionary measures, it is extremely important to practice some general safety tips and guidelines.

Some of the top safety tips, when in Canada are:

  • Be alert of your surroundings:It is essential to know your surroundings, and follow a known path. If navigating on to newer paths, always keep a check on your surroundings, keep yourself alert, and observe the environment. Moreover, always try to walk on well-lit streets, and preferably in groups.
  • Use the university services: Having paid for all your university services, always make the services count, when in need! University services include international calling services, police and security services, taxi and cab services, etc.
  • Stay connected:Whenever going for adventures, trips, short visits, make your friends and family acknowledge the trips, so that they are always up to date and familiar with your surroundings, and happenings.
  • Study your routes: You can always make yourself familiar with your regular routes beforehand, take time and study your everyday routes.
  • Get hold of security codes: A majority of universities will provide you with security codes for your belongings, always remember the codes, and visit the international student office, when in need of help.
  • Keep your belongings safe:Never ever forget your belongings in a different setting, as it may be problematic for you to get back your documents. Always make a separate bag/folder for essential documents when travelling.
  • Never do drugs: International students found indulging in wrong practices like possessing or consuming drugs can easily be deported.
  • Keep your apartments safe:If not living in a university accommodation, it is important to take utmost precautions to keep your apartments safe. Know your neighbours, and always keep doors and windows locked.
  • Keep your cash safe:Never count your cash outdoors, if not important keep your cash safe with you, and try to use ATMs.
  • Respect the culture:As an international student, you need to understand that the place you’ve come to study has its own religious practices and a set culture. Do not make fun/mock the culture, and always try to be respectful and diligent.
  • Have Responsible fun:Lastly, never forget to have fun! Being an international student in a country you are new to, maybe scary, but never difficult. You can always have fun while keeping safe, aware and careful!

We hope we have answered all your questions like-” Is Canada safe for international students, how are Indian students treated in Canada, and is Canada safe for Indian students” through our little student safety guide Canada. Having to live in an international environment is definitely exciting, and gives an adrenaline rush. Having said this, it is equally important to maintain top-notch safety in everyday practices, in order to have a satisfying, and academically rich student life in Canada!



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