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Colleges in Christchurch New Zealand: 5 Top Universities in Christchurch for International Students

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If you are looking forward to studying at a breathtaking place, filled with natural beauty and fun experiences, then Christchurch can be a good choice for study in New Zealand. Christchurch is the largest city located on the South Island of New Zealand and the seat of the Canterbury Region. In terms of urban area population in New Zealand, Christchurch is the second-largest city after Auckland. In regard to education, Christchurch has the presence of some of New Zealand's top secondary schools and the world's best universities in Christchurch New Zealand, facilitating an incomparable study environment.

Interesting facts about Christchurch: 

  • Christchurch is New Zealand’s largest city located on the South Island and the third-largest urban area in the country.
  • Did you know? New Zealand features Kate Shephard, one of the local famous women on the ten-dollar note.

Cost of living of a student in New Zealand

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Overview of Studying in Christchurch

Occupying 74th on the QS Best Student Cities Index and boasting two universities in the world top-400, Christchurch city gives you many good reasons to study there.

  • New Zealand higher education techniques are a perfect combination of a practical, hands-on approach, and flexible courses designed considering the international education standard.
  • Christchurch universities use English as the mode of instruction. IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge and Pearson are the approved and recognized English tests that international students can give while studying there.
  • Christchurch is being regarded as 'The Garden City’ as it is located just halfway down the island's East Coast. Some of the popular B-Schools and colleges located there include St Thomas of Canterbury College, St Margaret's College, Christ's College, Marian College, Catholic Cathedral College, St Andrew's College, etc. 

Popular Student Cities in New Zealand for International Students 

Why Study in Christchurch?

Moving on, let us help you with some top reasons to study at colleges in Christchurch New Zealand: 

  • The college campuses in Christchurch are as beautiful as the landscape.
  • The mode of instruction is English thus making it easier for the international students to adapt to the environment.
  • The cost of living in Christchurch is low as compared to other developed countries.
  • The courses and programs offered by the state-funded universities in New Zealand go through stringent quality checks and thus offer excellent quality programs & courses.
  • The education programs and degrees offered there are based upon the British education system, thus attracting more international students.

Best courses to study in New Zealand

Top Universities in Christchurch

Some of the most popular colleges in Christchurch New Zealand are:


QS World University Ranking 2023

Tuition Fee for International Students per annum (in NZD)

University of Canterbury



Lincoln University



Ara Institute of Canterbury



New Zealand College of Business 



Abacus Institute of Studies



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Colleges in Christchurch for international students are world famous for a variety of courses that they offer. Some of the popular Christchurch study options are available for students include Bachelor’s, Master’s degree and PhD in numerous courses like:

  • Antarctic studies
  • Astronomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Business Administration
  • Business management
  • Engineering
  • Creative writing
  • Film, design
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • Water resource management
  • Viticulture
  • Tourism management etc.

List of Universities in New Zealand Accepting Backlogs 

Student Life in Christchurch

New Zealand's South Island is a hub of beauty and adventurous activities and Christchurch is the centre of it all. If you are the outdoorsy type, then you would definitely enjoy exploring some of the most beautiful places, and historic Christchurch colleges and universities. Some of the highlights include Queenstown, Fox Glaciers on the West Coast, etc.

From enjoying so many shopping destinations to vibrant nightlife, there are numerous ways to feel entertained while living in Christchurch. Moreover, many sporting events are arranged in the city throughout the year. Some of the popular tourist attractions in Christchurch include The Christchurch Town Hall, The Canterbury Museum, The International Antarctic Centre, Air Force Museum, Christchurch Botanic Gardens, etc.

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Amenities/Facilities available at Christchurch colleges and universities: 

  • Huge library
  • ATMs - City Campus
  • Bookshop at Campus
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Event management programs
  • Separate accommodation for students

Cheapest Universities in New Zealand 

Climate in Christchurch

Christchurch has an oceanic climate with mild summers, cool winters, and regular moderate rainfall. The daily temperature during the month of January is 22.6 °C (73 °F) while it goes down to 10.9 °C (52 °F) in July. The summers in Christchurch are mostly warm but it is often moderated by a sea breeze from the Northeast.

What is the admission process to study in New Zealand for international students?

Cost of Living in Christchurch for International Students

The colleges in Christchurch for international students are quite accommodating in terms of affordability. The cost of living differs based on the lifestyle you choose. 

To give you an idea, have a look at the tabulation below:


Cost (in NZD)


800 - 950


50 per week


20-40 per week





University food hall lunch or campus cafe


Taxi - 5 km ride


Ways to Grab Fully Funded Scholarships in New Zealand!

Christchurch is one of the most attractive cities in New Zealand where one can study, enjoy amazing work and lifestyle. These factors and more attract lots of international students to pursue higher studies from the city. International students shouldn’t miss the chance to study in Christchurch colleges and universities. The detailed information above, advantages of study in the city, and other important details can help you make the perfect choice of city to study abroad.

If you wish to study in New Zealand, get in touch with a Yocket professional to pan out your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions about Study in Christchurch 

Ques. Is Christchurch a good place to study?

Ans. Christchurch is indeed a safe and good place for quality education. The city offers an amazing lifestyle, a good public transport system, a lower cost of living, and more advantages to international students.

Ques. Is it expensive to live in Christchurch, New Zealand?

Ans. A single person living in Christchurch New Zealand has to spend anywhere between $800- 1000 each month towards the cost of living.

Ques. What are some of the popular fields of study in Christchurch?

Ans. Some of the popular study options available in Christchurch include Antarctic studies, Biochemistry, Business Administration, Business management, and more.

Ques. Which are the top two universities in Christchurch?

Ans. The University of Canterbury and Lincoln's University are the top two colleges in Christchurch New Zealand.

Ques. How is the private transport facility for travel in the city for students?

Ans. The hassle-free taxi solutions in Christchurch namely the Green Cabs, Blue Star Taxis, Gold Band Taxis, First Direct, and other public transport facilities make travel for students comfortable.

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