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Scholarship for MBBS in USA: Top MBBS Scholarship in USA for Indian Students

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The USA ranked first among nations with the most robust educational settings, has tremendous possibilities for innovation and research in nearly every field. Choosing to study in the USA has several advantages. For Indian students considering medical school, MBBS in US is a promising option. The extensive range of medical practising opportunities and the leading medical facilities enhance the educational atmosphere to a great extent.

However, obtaining an MBBS would be pretty expensive given the USA's academic standing and degree level. This is where the importance of a scholarship for MBBS in USA comes into the picture. The scholarships are either university-specific, merit-based, or even need-based. If you study MBBS in USA with scholarship it will aid you in your financial hardships.

In this blog, we will learn more MBBS scholarship in USA for Indian students, including various scholarship exams for MBBS in USA that you might need to attempt.

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Cost to Study MBBS in USA

There are many MBBS in USA colleges like such as Harvard University, University of California, and others that offer the course at expensive tuition costs, including other universities like the University of North Carolina, University of Central Florida, etc. that offer it at reduced tuition. The average cost of an MBBS in USA can range from 24,000 USD to 66,000 USD, depending on the school you attend.

But that is not all, while studying in the USA, students will also be responsible for paying for their lodgings, meals, bills, living expenses, travel costs, and a plethora of other expenses. The monthly expense of living in the USA is 3,000 USD on average. Your lifestyle factors and the neighbourhood you pick will impact your cost of living in US.

With so much of expenses opting for scholarships for Indian students to study MBBS in USA is a great choice.

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Let us further take a look at the list of scholarship for Indian medical students in USA:

Scholarship for MBBS in USA

Numerous medical schools in USA provide a range of scholarships so that students can finish their education without facing any financial woes. Each international student scholarship in US has distinct advantages and conditions. Let's examine the greatest possibilities and decide which scholarship is the best for Indian students who want to study medicine in US.

The following are a few of the best USA MBBS scholarship for international students:

1.  Harvard Medical School Scholarship  

Students pursuing MDs receive funding from Harvard Medical School. Students who are unable to pay for their education entirely on their own or who lack sufficient security to do so will be given financial aid.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Tuition and required fees are subtracted from the institutional projected family contribution to ascertain scholarship eligibility.
  • Furthermore, students should always keep a high GPA, failure to accomplish this may result in the revocation of the Scholarship.

Application Process

Along with the application process when applying for MD.

Application Deadline


Amount Covered

Tuition fee waiver


8 semesters

2.  Vagelos Scholarship

As part of its need-based financial assistance package, the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons announced the beginning of a comprehensive scholarship program, making them the first medical school in the US to offer scholarships to all students who meet the requirements.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to current WUSTL freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who aren't graduating.
  • The applicants must also be high achievers.
  • Must be able to work this summer in the United States.
  • Minoritized student applicants are particularly encouraged to submit applications.

Application Process

Submit an online application, based on competition.

Application Deadline

To be notified.

Amount Covered

Tuition Fees and living expenses.


4-5 years

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3.  Stanford Institutional Aid

This scholarship covers the total cost of attendance, which includes tuition, fees, accommodation costs, personal expenses, and travel.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • For students to remain to be entitled to financial aid, they must also make satisfactory school performance.
  • The student is to be financially completely independent.
  • At least 25 years of age.
  • No outside scholarship. If a student does get an outside scholarship they will not receive the full benefit of the financial aid provided by the university.
  • If one is working alongside, full-time or part-time, then the amount they receive will be after calculating and deducting according to their earnings.

Application Process

Fill out the online application form

Application Deadline

About six weeks before the start of the semester for which you're requesting loans.

Amount Covered




4.  Financial Aid for Non-US Medical Students         

The money awarded through the JHM International Scholarship is given to international students. Financial aid is given as per performance and need, and there aren't numerous scholarships available to foreign students. The option of receiving financial aid in the form of institutional borrowing is also open.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • The accessibility of allotted funding for the awarding year and the verified financial need are the two significant determinants in grant awarding.
  • Any outside scholarships or grants that will be utilized during the existing award year must be disclosed by all candidates to the office of financial aid.

Application Process

Always have your most recent résumé, credentials, and a succinct personal statement ready.

Application Deadline

To be notified

Amount Covered




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5.  ASAHP Scholarship of Excellence

The scholarship fund aims to honour exceptional allied health learners who are thriving in their academic research and possess a strong desire to take on leadership positions in the discipline.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must be registered in a university or other institution that is a corporate member of ASAHP.
  • At least one term at that school must have been completed successfully by the applicants. Applicants must be registered in an educational course of study when they apply, but they are still qualified even though the program ends before a grant is given.
  • Applicants may be registered in any healthcare profession except for psychology, public health, and nursing.
  • Applicants must be registered in a degree-granting program that culminates in a career entry-level position; all degree levels are authorized.
  • Monetary hardship is not a prerequisite for admission.
  • Applicants shouldn't have received an Elwood Scholar or Scholarship of Excellence award previously.

Application Process

Based on nomination from the institute candidate is studying at.

Application Deadline

June 10, 2022

Amount Covered

1000 USD


One-time payment

American medical schools' MBBS curricula emphasize both theoretical aspects and practical experience. With the competence, understanding, and capabilities they receive throughout the course, graduates will have a richer experience preparing for the MD degree in the United States. To study MBBS in USA with scholarship makes the whole experience a lot more pocket-friendly. For any further queries regarding scholarship for Indian medical students in USA, subscribe to Yocket Premium and talk with our expert team of counselors.

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Frequently Asked Questions About USA MBBS Scholarship

Ques. What are the requirements for scholarship for MBBS in USA?

Ans. Most of the scholarships are based on merit and the financial need of the student. Maintaining your GPA, and earning your scholarship will be easier.

Ques. Are there specific scholarships offered for different degree levels?

Ans. Yes, some grants include a variety of study areas, but some scholarships are exclusive to certain degrees.

Ques. Are the scholarships from US organizations fully funded?

Ans. Some of the American MBBS scholarship in USA for Indian students are fully supported, while others offer recipients a sizeable monthly sum in addition to several other incentives.

Ques. What are the top universities that provide financial assistance in the US?

Ans. Universities like Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Yale and John Hopkins provide financial assistance to students needing them.

Ques. Is it tough studying in the US without a scholarship?

Ans. Yes, the USA is one of the most expensive countries in the world. But with proper planning and assistance, you can manage your costs well.

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