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How to Get Internship in USA as an International Student?

Rohan Deshmukh

Getting some extra money while studying in a foreign country sounds great, right?

But how do you get it? Well, there are many ways - and one of them is to get an internship, where you not only get hands-on experience in your domain but also some extra cash. And trust us, you will be ever grateful for the former.

The USA being one of the major study abroad destinations, has numerous opportunities for internships in different fields. The US workplace promotes both professional and personal development while students are enrolled in specific programs. But then, how to get an internship in the USA for international students?

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For now, we will dwell at length on how to get an internship in the USA and related aspects, to clear all doubts about the same.

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Perks of Doing Internships in the USA

Your professional and personal lives can be enhanced in several ways by opting for an internship while studying in the United States. Here is a list of reasons why you should pursue an internship in the USA:

  • You will have the chance to strengthen your English language abilities, including pronunciation and vocabulary, while you intern in the United States. Companies respect employees who can communicate clearly and efficiently in English since it is a language that is widely acknowledged.
  • You can gain the work experience you need to meet future job requirements by participating in an internship in the United States. You will come across as a flexible individual who is not afraid of confronting new difficulties if you live abroad in the United States. These traits will undoubtedly increase your employability in your future work.
  • American internship programs might expose you to a range of duties and obligations. Some businesses might put you in a certain function, while others might let you work in many areas. The knowledge and expertise you learn will also greatly improve your resume.
  • One major advantage of interning in the United States is the chance to learn from more seasoned professionals.
  • You will have the chance to develop your self-confidence by interning and living in the United States.

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How to get an Internship in the USA?

One of the best ways to hunt for internships in the USA is through the US universities that you are studying at. Additionally, some other websites and organizations provide students with paid and unpaid possibilities. To help you navigate through the process of how to get an internship in USA for international students, let us go through the requirements for the same:

1. Visa Requirement

First, you need to make sure you have the appropriate US student visa to work. 4 types of visas will help you secure an internship spot in the USA:

J-1 Visa

Students who are not enrolled full-time in a program may apply for a J-1 visa to work as trainees in the United States. Students can work for 18 months of academic training with a J-1 visa.

F-1 Visa

Typically, all full-time students who wish to study in the US must apply for an F-1 visa. Full-time students on an F-1 visa do not need to complete any supplementary papers to apply for paid or unpaid internships. Students on F-1 visas are only permitted to work twenty hours weekly for part-time internships in their respective courses.


Under CPT, you must have finished your first year of college, and your internship must be connected to your degree program.


With the permission of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, you are permitted to work full-time in the US for up to 12 months during Optional Practical Training. If you have a degree in a STEM field, you can apply for up to two further years of OPT.

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2. Shortlist Trustworthy Organizations

It is crucial that international students exclusively look for reliable websites and organizations while starting their internship in the USA. You may also take guidance from your professors and seniors for such recommendations and suggestions. 

3. Create a Strong Resume

In the US, certain universities and colleges provide specialized tools to assist you in developing and maintaining your resume. These include classes that teach you how resumes are made in the US and how they differ from CVs in other nations.

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4. Websites for Internships

Now the next step is to search for internships online. Make a list of positions you want to apply for. Numerous specialized job sites in the US include both unpaid and internship programs for foreign students:


Is currently the ruler of professional social networking networks and an excellent location to locate internships with major corporations.

Millions of internships for university kids are listed on the website, which is owned by Chegg.

An online employment board lists hundreds of vacant openings and provides tips and sample cover letters, resumes, and other materials.

5. Networking

Another way of securing an internship in the US is ‘Networking’. While studying in the US, it is advised to keep in touch with your classmates, instructors, and other acquaintances.

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So that was all about how to get an internship in the US. Now let us have a look at some important tips in USA for Indian students:

Top 10 Internships in the USA for International Students

The following list of the top 10 fully sponsored and compensated internship opportunities in the United States is for overseas students:

Internship Program


RIPS Summer Internships

9 weeks

World Bank Summer Internship Program

4 weeks

UNICEF Internship Program

26 weeks

Infosys Instep Internship

8-12 weeks

Abbott Internship Program

12 weeks

DreamWorks Internship Program

12 weeks (part-time)

Evercore Advisory Summer Analyst and Summer Associate Program

10 weeks

Nickelodeon Internship Program

6 months

MetLife Internship

10 weeks

CapTech Summer Internship Program

11 weeks 

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