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On Campus Jobs in USA: Know About On-Campus Jobs for International Students in USA

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Part-time employment is crucial to foreign students once they move overseas to live and pursue their studies. There are various methods to make extra income and make new friends from across the world.

On-campus jobs in USA come to the aid of international students continuously looking for methods to augment their income. Many students will not earn a Graduate Assistantship during their admittance, so they must locate on-campus work once they are in school. Since first-year students aren't allowed to work off campus, on-campus employment is the only way to support themselves financially. However, you are only permitted to work on school grounds and for a maximum of 20 hours a week under the terms of your American study permit.

Part-time work gives you a taste of what it's like to be a student. In this article, we'll compare on-campus jobs for international students in USA to off-campus occupations and go over the benefits of working on a college campus while studying in the US.

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Benefits of On-Campus Jobs for Foreign Students in the United States

Part-time jobs in USA benefit us in numerous ways, including the ability to earn some additional cash on the side and the opportunity to obtain useful work experience. For international students, on-campus jobs in the US can be advantageous in the following ways:

  • Students can make a little additional money: Sometimes, being a student means having little to no money. Working a part-time job refrains you from relying entirely on your parents and allows you to indulge in life's minor indulgences.
  • Gained professional experience helps enhance a resume or CV: The personal references and letter of recommendation obtained may indeed be useful for future work or academic endeavors.
  • Confidence: You will be in charge of managing your own time, finances, and obligations. As a result, you will become less dependent on other people and develop your independence. Your newfound freedom will strengthen your character and serve you well in your studies and your profession.
  • Students have the chance to converse with other students: US Universities are home to a variety of ethnic populations, each with its own culture and way of life. The diverse environment of the institutions promotes peace and harmony. Additionally, it strengthens our bonds as humans and enables us to appreciate cultural diversity more.
  • Encourages growth of interpersonal, communication, and multitasking skills: While a university or college degree won't teach you these abilities, a part-time job can help you acquire them through practical experience. All worthwhile abilities apply to a variety of vocations and all facets of life.
  • Monetary perks: If you find a job, you'll get access to deals and other benefits. In other words, in addition to getting paid to work at a company you enjoy, you also get to enjoy financial savings on purchases.

When you strike the correct balance between employment and study, working while a student can be advantageous for the foreseeable future.

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List of the Top 10 On-Campus Jobs in USA for International Students

Part-time employment is crucial because it not only lowers expenses but also gives you social connections and work experience. Part-time work allows you to explore all aspects of student life and culture. Here is a list of a few on-campus job options for you to explore:

On-Campus Part-Time Job

Average Wage Per Hour

Campus Ambassador


Barista (On-Campus Cafe)


Library Assistant




Research Study Assistant


Department Assistant


Food Runner and Catering Assistant (On-Campus Restaurant, etc.)


Sales Assistant


Tutor or Peer Mentor


We are now aware of the on-campus employment options that are open to you as an international student, but there are some guidelines that you must follow to obtain these positions. Let's look at those in more detail:

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Regulations Regarding On-Campus Employment for Foreign Students in the USA

It's crucial to initially comprehend the prerequisites for acquiring on-campus employment if you're a student wondering how to get on-campus work in the USA:

  • A student's F-1 visa or J-1 visa status must remain current.
  • The fall and winter semesters require full-time enrollment for all students.
  • During the academic year, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session.
  • Students may work full-time, or more than 20 hours per week, on campus during the recognized university holidays and breaks.
  • After the program end date indicated on their application, students should not work on campus.
  • An American citizen may not lose their job as a result of employment.
  • The position might not be relevant to your area of study.

Follow these above-mentioned rules and you are good to go and enjoy your life on campus while you get to earn extra pocket money on the side.

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Tips for On-Campus Part-Time Jobs in USA

International students can make money while they study in the United States by working on campus. The labor is not strenuous, and the pay is decent. If you are lucky, you might find an assistantship on campus that can cover your tuition in full or in part and provide you with a handsome stipend.

  • Specific talents, like computer programming, are needed for many vocations. Do not assume that because you lack certain talents at this time you are not qualified for the position. Most occupations only require you to be informed enough to act as an expert; they don't demand you to be an expert. 
  • Any job is preferable to having none at all because it will allow you to pay your bills while you search for better employment. Any experience you have on campus will help you land your next work, switching employment is simple and doesn't need a lot of paperwork.
  • When looking for employment, visit all the departments; try not to be picky in your approach. Many students find respectable hourly jobs and even graduate assistantships in the most unexpected fields.
  • Find a means to interact with the foreign students who are already enrolled in classes on campus. Seniors are aware of the available job openings, and they can use their connections to assist you in getting an on-campus position before you even arrive. Use social media to connect with people and engage in conversation.
  • Clubs and groups are great places to connect with students from different fields who could know about job openings.
  • Several university departments post job openings just before the start of the semester. Jobs on college campuses in the USA are fiercely competitive. Getting to the institution early will you in your search for a respectable on-campus job.

It can be challenging to get on-campus employment, but don't give up. Try to approach various departments repeatedly. You will be informed if a job vacancy has recently become available. You can also check the range of jobs available off campus, but they differ from jobs you might find on-campus. Let's talk about the main distinctions between on-campus and off-campus employment next:

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Off-Campus Jobs Versus On-Campus Jobs for International Students in the USA

Here are some significant distinctions between on-campus and off-campus employment that may assist new students in making their selection.



Working on the university campus is a requirement for students.

Outside of the university's campus is where the work is located.

No additional authorization is required.

OPT and CPT authorization is required for students, otherwise, if they are facing extreme financial difficulty.

Jobs are associated with the maintenance and running of the university.

Depending on the type of authorization, jobs can relate to any field.

These may be unpaid or compensated positions.

Most of them are paid positions or internships.

On-campus employment is available to students as early as their first academic year.

After finishing the first academic year, students are eligible to begin working.

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Getting a job offers more advantages than you can count, in addition to being necessary to make some money. Having a job makes it easier for you to multitask, which broadens the range of abilities you'll have access to once you leave campus life. To have a satisfying and lively campus life, it is essential to interact with people and widen your network of friends. For any advice or support, subscribe to Yocket premium right now!


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