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Cost of Studying PhD in UK for International Students

Sumeet Jain

Pursuing a PhD in the UK is a dream for many international graduate students. It is an excellent opportunity to conduct original and noteworthy research in a specific field or subject and to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

The cost of a PhD in the UK for international students can vary depending on the university and the subject of study. However, international students can expect to pay higher tuition fees than domestic students. The tuition fees for a PhD in the UK typically range from around GBP 18,250 to GBP 35,500 (INR 18,25,000 to INR 35,50,000) per annum at top universities.

However, some of the universities in the UK precisely accept applications from international students having a 4-year bachelor's (Honors) degree. The cost of a Ph.D. can be separated into three key areas; tuition fees, living expenses, and research expenditures. And the combined cost of these is approximately INR 40,56,000 per year for international students. 

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So, if you're planning to go for a Ph.D. program in the UK, we have listed below all the needed details of the cost of doing a Ph.D. in the UK and other required information about the same.

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Factors Influencing PhD Tuition Fees UK International Students

International students choose to pursue a Ph.D. in the UK due to many reasons including higher ROI and better education quality. Along with the course fees for Ph.D., students have to bear other expenses as well. Some of the important factors that influence the Ph.D. fees in the UK are mentioned below. 

  • UK universities Ph.D. fees

Studying at UK universities is a dream that most students have. Given the excellent quality of education and program structure, the fees for UK universities are pretty high. Students will have to spend up to INR 30,42,000  per year on Ph.D. costs UK.

  • Cost of living in the UK

Students who are pursuing a Ph.D. degree in UK will have to bear all expenses for different living conditions such as food, transportation, study resources, etc. 

  • Pre and Post Arrival costs to study Ph.D. in the UK

The Ph.D. price UK also contains several pre-arrival expenses such as Visa, Application fees, language test fees, etc. Even after arriving in the UK, students will have to bear the program fees for Ph.D. courses as well as the living costs.

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Pre-Arrival Expenses to Study Ph.D. in UK 

Included in the Ph.D. fees in the UK for Indian students are the pre-arrival costs. Yes, even before entering the UK, students have to go through some expenses. Students need to understand the budget in areas such as Language Test Scores, Student Visas, flight tickets, etc. These are the one-time expenses that students have to incur before arriving in the UK. 

  • Flight Ticket 
  • English Language Proficiency Exam Fees
  • UK Student Visa Fees
  • Health Insurance Fees

Let’s know these pre-arrival costs in detail:

  • Flight Ticket 

International students traveling from their respective countries to the UK will have to book a flight to the destination airport in the UK. The cost of flight tickets to the UK is somewhere between GBP 415 to GBP 620 (INR 43,092 - INR 64,380)

  • English Language Proficiency Exam Fees

The cost of a Ph.D. in the UK for international students will also include the IELTS and TOEFL exam fees. These English language proficiency tests are a must for international students belonging to non-English speaking countries. The cost for these exams would be around INR 15,200

  •  UK Student Visa Fees 

International students also have to apply for their UK student visa to continue with their studies in the UK. The UK student visa application fee is around GBP 339 (INR 35,200) for international students. 

Getting a PhD in the UK is a prestigious achievement, but it can also be expensive. 

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  • Health Insurance 

For international students planning to study Ph.D. in the UK, it is important to get their health insurance. The health insurance that you get depends on the length of the Ph.D. program. International students can use the National Health Service (INR 30,400 for 2 years) if their program duration is more than 6 months. 

Post Arrival Costs to Study Ph.D. in the UK 

Once you have arrived at your destination location in the UK, you can begin your course. But for that, you have to bear two types of post-arrival expenses. 

  • Ph.D. Program Fee

To pursue a Ph.D. in the UK, an international student has to pay the annual program fee. To the average cost of a Ph.D. in the UK is around INR 40,56,000 for Indian Students. 

  • Cost of Living

Student accommodation in the UK stands up to around INR 15,21,000 every year. The expenses include the cost of housing, cost of food, transformation, research costs, etc.

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Fee Structure for Top PhD Universities in UK 

The program fee in UK universities with most international students offering Ph.D. courses is one of the main factors that decide the cost of studying in the UK. The Ph.D. course fees UK range from INR 15,21,000 to INR 35,50,000 based on the location and the university of choice. Here we have given a basic overview of the average Ph.D. fee structure in some of the top universities in the UK. 

Ph.D. Universities in the UK

Average Annual Fees (INR)

University of Cambridge

INR 32.6 Lakhs

University of Oxford

INR 27.4 Lakhs

University of Warwick

INR 24.2 Lakhs

University of Manchester

INR 22.9 Lakhs

University of Southampton

INR 28.7 Lakhs

University College London

INR 29 Lakhs

University of Bath

INR 27 Lakhs

University of Edinburgh

INR 22.4 Lakhs

Newcastle University

INR 23.3 Lakhs

King’s College London

INR 34.2 Lakhs

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PhD Programs Fees n the UK

If you are planning to study Ph.D. in the UK, it is important to know the costs associated with each Ph.D. program offered by UK universities. Mentioned below are some details about the different Ph.D. programs and the annual fees that students have to pay.

Ph.D. Programs

Average Annual Fees (in INR)

Ph.D. in Computer Science

INR 20 Lakhs - INR 30 Lakhs

Ph.D. in Medical Science

INR 22 Lakhs - INR 29 Lakhs

Ph.D. in Engineering 

INR 21 Lakhs - INR 30 Lakhs

Ph.D. in Sociology 

INR 19 Lakhs - INR 24 Lakhs

Ph.D. in Law

INR 17 Lakhs - INR 24 Lakhs

Ph.D. in Physics 

INR 18 Lakhs - INR 29 Lakhs 

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Cost of Living in UK for 2024

Apart from the program fees, students who are pursuing a Ph.D. in the UK will also have to bear their living expenses. These expenses include accommodation, personal spending, eating, and other lifestyle costs. So, the cost of living in the UK depends on the lifestyle choices that students make. Here are some factors for living costs in the UK.


Cost per month (in INR)


INR 48,508


INR 27,985


INR 9,328


INR 7,462


INR 11,194

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Additional Costs

Some other expenses can be included in the total costs for a Ph.D. in the UK. Some of the details for additional costs are mentioned below. 


Cost in INR

Student Visa 

INR 32,460

Health Insurance

INR 43,840

Application Costs 

INR 13,990


INR 39,640 - INR 59,510

Entrance Exam Costs

INR 23,320

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From the Desk of Yocket

The cost of a PhD in the UK can be a significant investment, but it is also a valuable one. PhD graduates from UK universities are highly sought-after by employers around the world, and they have the opportunity to make a real impact on their field of study.

The following article provided information about Ph.D. tuition fees in the UK for international students. Applying for a Ph.D. program in the UK is pretty simple if you are familiar with the costs and expenses of living and studying in the UK.

However, there are several other factors to consider when applying for a Ph.D. in the UK, such as the eligibility requirements, the application process, and the different types of funding available. Yocket Premium can help you navigate the entire application process and ensure that you are well-prepared for your PhD journey.

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