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Student Life in UK: What can Indian Students Expect While Studying in UK

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UK is a fascinating blend of various cultures and modern thought, bound together by a strong sense of identity and heritage. As an international student, you'll have a plethora of interesting opportunities ahead of you, including the chance to see exotic locations and meet new people.  Living in UK as a student you will feel that many customs are already known to you because of its globalised nature, and you'll settle in faster than you think.

So, do you want to know how exciting your student life in UK? Let’s get started.


How Is International Student Life in UK?

One thing you should know while Living in UK as a student is that the country functions in a different way than your home country. When you’re going for studies in the UK, you'll often build your network, manage your pockets on your own, and efficiently accomplish daily tasks. Moreover, the education system in UK is completely different from India. You can now understand how your student life in the UK will be. It will be full of challenges, fun, adventure, new learnings, and experiences.

Below, we’re mentioning the common factors that impact the UK life of Indian students.

  • The Culture in UK

British culture is highly influenced by the traditions and cultures of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England. Having a rich legacy of multiculturalism, you won’t find racism, discrimination, and partiality in any part of the UK.

UK is known for royalty, luxury, famous personalities, and celebrities. Various festivals and activities take place in the sprawling UK cities throughout the year where abroad students have a lot of fun. Life in UK for Indian students is synonymous with thrilling experiences. You'll indeed fall in love with UK culture. At Kelvingrove Art Gallery, you can see Italian sketchings and Glaswegian life.

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  •  Lifestyle And City Life in UK

The UK lifestyle is full of fun and adventure. The average working week recorded by the full-time workers is 36-38 hours, which is relatively the lowest worldwide. Nevertheless, the productivity recorded by the workers is relatively high. British people work with full dedication, and they party hard at weekends and public holidays.

For Indian students living in UK cities, the nightlife is full of happiness. And Indian cuisine is available at every nook and corner of every city. The Full English Breakfast is always the favorite of everyone. As an Indian student, you’ll find various Indian restaurants and cafes everywhere.

Tea is the national drink of the UK, followed by Beer and Wine. Alcohol consumption in the UK is normal; please follow the federal rules and regulations.

  • The Weather in UK

UK is known for its chilly, damp, and dreary weather. Although this may be true at some times of the year, the UK is actually much better than most people believe, and the summer months may be particularly pleasant. The summers are warm, and you can’t expect even a ray of sunshine in the winters. The average temperature in the summers is around 18-20 degrees Celsius.

Spring is the most favorite season of the British because the days are bright and nights are slightly cold. The weather in the UK definitely impacts the life in UK for Indian students because winters are harsh in the northern and western regions. During the winters, the temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius. Rain is unpredictable; it can happen anytime in the year. Subsequently, abroad students need to carry clothes for all the seasons.

  • Social Life In The UK

The other side of being a student in the UK, aside from your studies, is the rich and varied social life that comes with it. You can listen to classical, opera, jazz, folk, electro, rock, hip hop, pop, and much more in this world music festival. You can go to a rock festival or a gig or simply dance to live music across the UK, which is dotted with many cafés, pubs, clubs, concert halls, and so on. 

Join the local community and join in activities of your choosing, or visit one of the many museums, art spaces, and galleries located around the UK. The country boasts a robust performing arts legacy and theatre, which encourages new and alternative shows. You can also go to a number of movie theatres and a number of film festivals. 

  • Campus Life in UK

The campus life definitely impacts the life of Indian students in UK. As an Indian student, you’ll have a good time interacting with the other students, especially during festivals and carnivals.

Most UK universities organize sports events and student parties where students get to know each other. The professors and faculty members in UK universities are friendly and helpful. If you want to enjoy campus life in the UK to the fullest, take your campus accommodation in the shared apartments.

  •  Language in UK

Although English is widely spoken throughout UK, it is not the only official language. It's also possible to hear:

  • Welsh is spoken in Wales.
  • In Scotland, Gaelic and Scots are spoken.
  • Ulster and Irish Northern Ireland's Scots
  • Cornish is a dialect spoken in Cornwall, England.

Wherever you go in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, however,  life of Indian students in UK is sorted English is the dominant language and everyone speaks it fluently. In addition to these native languages, you will hear a variety of other languages spoken in the United Kingdom. Over 300 languages are thought to be spoken in London alone! 

  • Student Living Expenses in UK

As we’re talking about international student life in UK, mentioning the living expenses is imperative. It is estimated that Indian students at least require £1,000 per month to manage the basic living expenses. The living expenses are different from the education cost.

 The below table will give a quick overview of the student living expenses in the UK.


Average Cost Per Month 


£500 - £700

Food & Groceries 

£100 - £200


£30- £40

Household Bills 

£40 - £50


£40- £50


£200 -£300 

If you’ve read this post until now, you might have understood about international student life in UK. The living and education costs in the UK should be determined beforehand before booking the flight tickets and student visa. The living and study costs also depend on one’s spending habits.

Fortunately, students can often look for part-time job opportunities and student discounts to cover the basic expenses. However, please don’t depend on your part-time work wages for covering your monthly costs. You definitely have to use your personal funds to manage the expenses until you complete your studies and get your dream job!

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