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Masters (MS) in Data Science Ireland: 5 Top Universities in Ireland for Masters in Data Science

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Ireland’s education system believes in delivering excellence which is why it is considered the one of the best in Europe. Ireland is slowly gaining prominence with more and more international students opt to study in the country. One of the most prominent programs provided by more Irish universities is masters in data science and data analytics. As per the Times Higher Education 2020 rankings, 7 universities that provided masters in data science in Ireland are ranked amongst the top 20. Hence if you’re looking to pursue M.Sc. data science in Ireland, it is definitely a great choice. For those interested in the field, we have listed out the top universities as well as other related information that can help you get started.



Table Of Contents:


  1. Why study MS in Data Science in Ireland?
  2. Eligibility criteria and Admission requirements for Masters in Data Analytics in Ireland
  3. Admission Process for Masters in Data Analytics/ Data Science in Ireland
  4. Cost of studying MS in Data Science in Ireland
  5. Top 5 Universities in Ireland for Masters in Data Science
  6. Career opportunities in Ireland after Masters in Data Science
  7.  Frequently asked questions about MS in Data Analytics in Ireland

Why Study MS in Data Science in Ireland?



Before we can head into the details about studying data science in Ireland, let’s first understand the benefits of studying masters here:


  • Intensive Training: In Ireland, a master’s degree in Data Science isn’t limited to learning about algorithms or statistics. The teachers are either from the industry, are experts in this field, or have long experience in teaching this program. Due to this, you have better exposure to how the corporate world functions in this field.


  • Program Choices: Ireland offers over 16 Master’s programs in data science in its top universities.


  • Job Opportunities: For data science graduates, there are immense job opportunities. As of 2021, for graduates alone, Ireland would provide close to 21,000 jobs.


  • High Salaries: The expected salary is very high for data science graduates. The salary structure can start from 50,000 EUR and can go up to 95,000 EUR per year.


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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Masters in Data Analytics in Ireland



Every university will have a different set of requirements when it comes to the admission and eligibility process. We have covered the most common requirements needed by most universities in Ireland.


  1. A Bachelor Degree


To apply for MS in Data Science in Ireland, you need to submit your Bachelor’s degree certificates. The degree pursued can be any of the following, engineering, science, computer science, mathematics, etc. Students should have a score of 70% or more to make it to the top universities. You should also have mathematical and statistical problem-solving skills.


  1. High GPA Scores


Your GPA scores should be 3.08 or higher. If you wish to get accepted into the best universities, having a higher score will push you ahead of the multiple applicants applying for the same.


  1. Language Requirements


If you are a non-EU student then taking an English proficiency test is mandatory. A certain level is required to be cleared, such as -


  1. Work Experience


Although having work experience is not mandatory for most institutions, students who have 2 to 3 years of work experience have an added advantage.


  1. Documents Required


To ensure that your admission process is conducted smoothly, the below documents are required:


  • Academic Transcripts
  • 2 letters of recommendation either by an academic or a supervisor
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • An essay revealing why you wish to study a data science course in Ireland (MS), interests, any academic achievements, and professional journey
  • Degree certifications
  • Passport copy
  • English proficiency test scores - IELTS/TOEFL


  1. Visa Requirements


When you have decided to pursue data analytics in Ireland, keep in mind that there is a visa process that needs to be checked. Visas should be applied at least three months in advance from the date you wish to travel to Ireland. Visa interviews aren’t mandatory however in a few cases they might be conducted.


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Apart from the information above, do visit the website of the desired university to ensure all the requirements are being met.


Admission Process for Masters in Data Analytics/ Data Science in Ireland


The top universities in Ireland for MS in Data science conduct their admission process by dividing it into two, Autumn for Semester 1 and Spring for Semester 2.


For most universities, the deadline to apply for Autumn is June/July as the classes begin in September. The deadline for Spring is September/October as the classes for the same commences in January.


Here is a quick runthrough on how to apply for MS in Data Science in Ireland:


  1. Choose the course and the University you wish to study from.
  2. Visit the University website to check eligibility and admission requirements
  3. Apply online and pay the application fee
  4. Submit and upload the scanned copies of the required documents before the deadline.


NOTE: Visit the university website to find the right date and time of submission and ensure the above-listed documents are attached as well.


Cost of Studying MS in Data Science in Ireland


An important aspect of pursuing education abroad is considering the cost of studying. Cost of studying MS in data science in Ireland can be divided into two parts - tuition fee and cost of living. Let us take a look at both of these:


Tuition Fees


The course period for a Master’s degree in data analytics in Ireland,  is between 1-2 years. Different universities in Ireland may have a different fee structure for the same program.


The tuition fee for masters in data science in Ireland may range anywhere between 10,000 - 24,000 EUR for non-EU students.


Cost of Living


The cost of living in Ireland can add up to 726 EUR per month. The exact cost will  however depend on your lifestyle.


Transportation would cost 20 EUR per month if you avail of the services of buses or trains

Based on the accommodation you choose, the price differs. For instance, if you opt for an affordable housing option such as student hostels, the pricing would be 250 EUR per month to a maximum

Food would cost a maximum of 206 EUR per month. If planned well the food costs could lower down.


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Top 5 Universities in Ireland for Masters in Data Science


Now that you have all the related information on how you can apply to the best universities in Ireland for MS in data science, we have covered the top 5 that you should consider.


  1. University College Dublin (UCD)


UCD has been ranked among the top 1 percent of higher education institutions worldwide. If you’re on the lookout to join a research-based university, then UCD should be your preference. The data science program at UCD aims at equipping students with a range of skills in high-performance computing, practical programming and data analytics. Graduates from the University are highly sought after by the ICT and finance industry.


QS World Ranking 2022


Average Tuition Fees

19,825 EUR per pear

Program Offered

M.Sc. Data & Computational Science

M.Sc. Financial Data Science

M.Sc. Data Analytics

M.Sc. Social Data Analytics

  1. Trinity College Dublin


Trinity College Dublin is one of the oldest higher education institutes in Ireland. It offers multiple programs in fields such as the field of arts and humanities, engineering, science, and health sciences. The  masters program in Data science allows students to specialise: Data Science, Intelligent Systems, Augmented & Virtual Reality and Future Networked Systems. The course is taught by experts and leading researchers in the field.


QS World Ranking 2022


Average Tuition Fees

24,669 EUR

Program Offered

M.Sc. in Computer Science - Data Science

  1. National University of Ireland


The National University of Ireland is a well recognized research-based university and is one of the universities in Ireland for data science.The masters program in data science at the university focuses on the area of Data Analytics and Data Science. The program is taught by academics considered international experts in their respective fields. Students with a Computer Science or related degree can opt for this program.


QS World Ranking 2022


Average Tuition Fees

23,666 EUR

Program Offered

M.Sc. Computer Science (Data Analytics)

M.Sc. Genomics Data Science

  1. Maynooth University


Maynooth University is considered one of the best universities in Ireland for MS in data science. It is a modern institution that retains its traditional academic values that are growing with time. Students enrolled in the data science program gain knowledge and skills to collect, process, analyse and visualise data. This helps them  extract useful information, explore patterns and evaluate models which is a skill demanded across industries.


QS World Ranking 2022


Average Tuition Fees

15,000 EUR

Program Offered

M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics

  1. University College Cork


University College Cork is another great university in Ireland for data science. The data science program at the university is very well regarded internationally. It is jointly offered by the School of Computer Science and Information Technology and the Department of Statistics. Graduates from the field can find a number of job opportunities in diverse fields such as Banking, Financial Services, Software, Gaming, Research, Retail, etc.


QS World Ranking 2022


Average Tuition Fees

18,130 EUR

Program Offered

M.Sc. in Data Science and Analytics


Career opportunities in Ireland after Masters in Data Science


The job opportunities are immense for students pursuing MSc in Data Science in Ireland. Therefore, it has become one of the most sought-after courses in the country.


Graduates find jobs across various industries including IT, FInance, Banking, Retail, etc. Some of the top employers include Merrill Lynch, Bank of Ireland, PWC, Google, Apple, Cisco,etc.


To give you better clarity on the job roles and salary expectations, here is a quick look at the top job titles along with the average base salary for MS Data Science graduates :


Job Title

Average Base Salary

Data Scientist

51,721 EUR/ year

Data Analyst

38,049 EUR/ year

 Business Intelligence Analyst

48,343 EUR/ year

Database Developer

61,883 EUR/ year


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Frequently asked questions about MS in Data Analytics in Ireland


  1. Is Ireland good for data analytics?

Yes, a  data science course in Ireland is considered to be among the best. Ireland is thus a preferred place to study data analytics.


  1. How do I become a data analyst in Ireland?

You need to first apply to universities in Ireland for data science with a bachelor’s degree, 3.08+ GPA score, take an English proficiency test, and have mathematical and statistical problem-solving skills.


  1. What is the Cost of MSc Data Science in Ireland?

The tuition fees for MSc Data Science in Ireland could be anywhere between 10,000 - 24,000 EUR per year.


  1. What are the top Universities for MS in data analytics in Ireland?

Other than those mentioned above, the top universities in Ireland for data science or data analytics are:


With a well-established and highly recognized education system in place, Ireland is the preferred choice to continue your master’s degree in data science. Analyze all the information listed above and choose the one that suits you best.

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