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Scholarships in Ireland: Top Irish Scholarships for International Students

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If you are planning to study in Ireland, then you would be glad to know that cost of living and cost of studying in Ireland is comparatively cheaper than other popular study abroad countries. The average cost of living in Ireland is 7000- 12,000 EUR per year which is quite less when compared to countries such as the US or the UK. However, arranging this amount can be a hassle for many students. This is where scholarships come to your rescue. There are several Government and Ireland university scholarships for international students that can help you finance your studies. In this blog we guide you through the best study in Ireland scholarships along with all the information you need to get started.

Table of Contents:

  1. Ireland Scholarships for International Students : An Overview
  2. Government of Ireland Scholarships for International Students
  3. Ireland University Scholarships for International Students
  4. Other Popular Scholarship Programs in Ireland

Ireland Scholarships For International Students: An Overview

There are numerous Irish scholarships offered to international students every year. These scholarships are for all the bright minds out there and can be fully funded or partially funded depending on the criteria, course and institution. The Ireland scholarships for international students are of three major types -

  • Government of Ireland Scholarships
  • University Scholarships
  • Scholarships offered by other organisations

What is the Scholarship Selection Criteria for International Students in Ireland?

Scholarships in Ireland can be highly competitive and hence it is important to understand the selection criteria carefully before applying for the scholarships. To get a scholarship in Ireland, keep the following in mind:

  • Good academic scores are extremely important.
  • Students must have a volunteering experience
  • Keep your written proposals ready (if applicable)
  • Have relevant letters of recommendation
  • Give english proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL,PTE, etc



The selection criteria may vary depending on the scholarship program so make sure that you contact the awarding agency to check for the same.


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Let us now take a look at some of the most popular study in Ireland scholarships. We begin by looking at the scholarships offered by the Government of Ireland:

Government of Ireland Scholarships

The government of Ireland scholarships are specifically targeted towards international students who have the potential to succeed in their chosen field of study and become future leaders in their field.


Here are some quick facts about the Government scholarships in Ireland :-

  • Higher Education Authority: The government of Ireland scholarships are handled by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).
  • Fully Funded: These are many Ireland fully funded scholarships.
  • 60 Scholarships: The organisation hands out 60 scholarships to students from the European Union and all other nationalities, studying any discipline.
  • Course level: Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate.
  • Financial Coverage: 10,000 EUR stipend for 1 year’s study.
  • Application: The applications can be sent via the online portal. To apply click


Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Program

The government of Ireland offers certain scholarships specifically for international students pursuing their post graduate studies.

The basic facts about duration and financial coverage of these postgraduate Irish  scholarships for International students  :



Research Masters Degree =  1Year

Structured Research Masters Degree = 2 years

Traditional Doctoral Degree= 3 years

Structural Doctoral Degree = 4 years

Financial Coverage

Stipend = 18,500 EUR per annum.

Contribution to fees including non-EU fees = Up to  maximum of EUR 5750 per annum.

Eligible direct research expenses= 2250 EUR per annum.

Eligibility Criteria

EU and non-EU students can apply

Result awaiting students can also apply

First class or upper second-class honors bachelor’s, or the equivalent degree (equal or above 60% in the percentage scale, equal or above B on the international scale)

No age limit


How To Apply for Government Scholarships in Ireland?

The application process for Irish scholarships for international students is very simple and straightforward.

Applications for study in Ireland scholarships can be done online.Let’s take a quick look at it  below:

  • Create an account on the Irish Research Council
  • Fill an application form
  • Complete the registration form by filling all the information correctly
  • You will get an email confirming your registration for a scholarship program after completing the application process.

Other than the government scholarships, the universities in Ireland also offer several scholarship programs for students. Let us take a look at them:


Ireland University Scholarships For International Students

The universities in Ireland also offer various scholarships. The Irish scholarships for international students offered by universities in Ireland help them to fund their cost of studying and cost of living in Ireland.

Some of the most popular college scholarships in Ireland are:

  1. NUI Galway International Student Scholarships

Non-EU students are eligible for NUI Galway International Student Scholarships. Students enrolled for undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral programs can apply for the scholarship.



Students are awarded around 2000 -  4000 EUR per year.

In some schemes, tuition fees are exempted, while research candidates get an allowance of 16,000 EUR per year.

Names  of Scholarships

Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

Country Specific Scholarships

Application deadline

Varies as per the type of scholarship


  1. Maynooth University Scholarships

Maynooth university is one of the top universities in Ireland and it offers many scholarships to international students enrolled for bachelors and masters programs. It offers various types of scholarships like sports scholarship, music scholarship, entrance scholarship, intel women in technology scholarship etc.



Awards amounting to EUR 1000- EUR 4000 per year.

Students may also get various other benefits depending on the type of scholarship. For eg, the sports scholarship may help students with sports related expenses and other expenses.

Names  of Scholarships

MU Sport Scholarships

MU Entrance Scholarship

Naughton Scholarships for Undergraduate STEM Entrants

Application deadline

Varies as per the type of scholarship


  1. Trinity College Dublin Scholarships

Trinity College is yet another very popular college in Ireland that offers scholarships to many international students enrolled for undergraduate or postgraduate courses. The funding, deadlines and eligibility criterias vary depending on the scholarship scheme.



Fee waivers, covering cost of living, health insurance etc.

Students can expect to get awarded with 5000 -10,000 EUR depending on the type of scholarship.

Names  of Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Postgraduate Scholarships

E3 Scholarships

Application deadline

Varies depending on the type of scholarship


  1. University College Cork Scholarship

University College Cork offers excellence scholarships to students enrolled in different programs at undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels. 



Funding covers EU fees only. Non-EU students have to pay the balance fees.

For non-EU students the cost of living is covered.

Names  of Scholarships

SEFS Scholarships

CASSS Scholarships

Application deadline

Varies depending on the type of scholarship


Apart from the ones given above, some other top College Scholarships Ireland are mentioned below:




University College Dublin

  • UCD Global scholarships for international students
  • UCD Global excellence UG scholarships
  • Smurfit Business school scholarships

Dublin Institute of Technology

Centenary Scholarship Programme

Dublin City University

International Merit Scholarships

University of Limerick

University of Limerick scholarships

Waterford Institute of Technology

International student scholarships



Apart from the government and scholarships offered by the Irish universities, there are many organisations who offer scholarships to international students.

Take a look at some of the most popular scholarship programs in Ireland:


  1. The Walsh Fellowship

The Walsh Fellowships are awarded to students working on research projects mainly in the field of food, crops, agriculture, rural development. The program only funds research related postgraduate programs.



24,000 EUR grant per year


M.Sc. = 2 years

PhD programs = 4 years

Where to Apply 


  1. Central Bank of Ireland Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

The Central Bank of Ireland has introduced a scholarship program for international students undertaking a fully-funded part time honors degree.



29,500 EUR Annual salary

24 days annual leave

educational assistance & paid leave 

Where to Apply


  1. Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright scholarship program is very popular among international students. There are 6 categories under The Fulbright Scholarship Program which are given below:


  1. Open study/research award
  2. DCU Taught Masters Program award
  3. Hugh lane Gallery Curatorial Award
  4. RCSI PhD Award
  5. UCD taught Masters Program Award
  6. Peter Real analog Bernal awards


Students who are enrolled for bachelors, masters or PhD programs can apply for these scholarships. The benefits include covering various costs, a stipend of a particular amount etc.

Before we wrap up this blog, let us answer few of the frequently asked questions that you may have about scholarships in Ireland:



Frequently Asked Questions About Scholarships in Ireland

What are the best Ireland scholarships for Indian students?

Can You Get a Full Scholarship in Ireland?

Is it easy to get a scholarship in Ireland?

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