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Ireland Study Cost: Cost of Studying in Ireland

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Ireland’s city Dublin ranks 37th out of 140 countries in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2023. This ranking clearly shows the international student’s inclination toward Ireland to pursue their education. Yes! Yes! We know you must be convinced of the credibility of this country, as you are here to enquire about the costs of pursuing your education in Ireland. So without wasting more time, let’s understand whether universities in Ireland for international students are expensive. And what do Ireland study costs include?

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Cost of Studying in Ireland

The cost of studying in Ireland include many expenses; however, first, let’s explore the ones that take the most money out of a student's pocket.

  • Tuition Fees: The primary cost associated with living as a student in Ireland will be the tuition fee that one incurs during their stay in the country. It varies between €9,000 to 40,000 per year approximately. Let’s take an overview of the degree expenses involved in Ireland study costs:


Average Expenses (€)

UG Courses


PG Courses








  • Student Visa Cost: Entering Ireland to pursue your dream requires a student visa. Depending on your course type, you can choose between visa C and D. However, the cost to procure both is €60 for a single visit.
  • Allowance Cost: Apart from tuition and visa expenses, house rent is the third most significant component that increases the cost of living in Ireland. The average international student has to spend about €500-800 on rent, along with other expenses like groceries, cellular phone bills, and associated living costs per month.

These additional costs are normally covered by students employing themselves in informal work (weekly wages) for 20 hours/week during the full-time course period and 40 hours/week during the vacation period.

Depending on where you live and how you live (shared or individual), you end up spending about €7000 to €12000 annually when living in Ireland as a student.

Part-time Work for Students in Ireland

Next, let’s have a look at the cost of studying in Ireland for Indian students at top universities.

Cost of Studying at Top Universities in Ireland

Specific costs associated with international students before and after getting admission to top Ireland universities include:

  • Visa Application (Single entry) €60/ INR 4100 or (multi-entry) €100/INR 6800
  • Medical Insurance
  • Registration with Garda (GNIB) €300/ INR 23,558
  • Deposit for accommodation
  • University applications €50/ INR 3,926

Did you know that now a few universities in Ireland don't require an application fee to be paid? 

This is a great opportunity for international students to save don't he additional expenses during admission.

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Now, let’s explore the primo point of different Ireland university fees.


Average Annual Tuition Fee (€/INR)

Trinity College Dublin

€16,646 - 50,267/ INR 13.18 - 39.8 Lakhs

University College Dublin

€3,069 - 55,180/ INR 2.41 - 43.69 Lakhs

National University of Ireland Galway

€12,377 - 53,500/ INR 9.8 - 42.36 Lakhs

University College Cork

€15,282 - 22,822/ INR 12.1 - 18.07 Lakhs

Dublin City University

€13,046/ 18,957/ INR 10.33 - 15.1 Lakhs

Cost of Studying in Ireland

Now you know the cost of studying in Ireland for Indian students and the top universities in Ireland for international students. Next, let’s go through the living aspect of study in Ireland cost.

Cost of Living in Ireland

Average living costs in Irish cities (including the accommodation costs):

  • Dublin: 1,100 - 1,800 €/month
  • Cork: 860 - 1,400 €/month
  • Galway and other smaller cities: 800 - 1,100 €/month

Finance your Education in Ireland

With this, you know the Ireland education cost in different cities. But also understand that the overall costs involve certain pre-arrival and post-arrival expenses in Ireland. Let’s go through them to be prepared in advance.

Pre-Arrival Costs in Ireland

The pre-arrival costs are incurred by a student before coming to Ireland. It is approximately around €1700-2000 excluding the tuition fees. Let’s break down this cost and check out the individual expenses.

Pre-arrival Costs


Visa Charges

€60/ INR 4,711 for Single Visit

€100/ INR 7,852 for Multiple Visits

English Language Courses

€150-950/ INR 13,000-80,000

Standard Examination Fees

€3,069 to 55,180/ INR 2.41 to 43.69 Lakhs

University Application Fee

€50/ INR 3,926

Transportation fare from India to Ireland

€804/ INR 63,184 approx.

Ireland Intake 2022-2023

Now you know the pre-arrival tuition fees in Ireland for international students and other expenses. Next, let’s go through the costs to be covered after visiting Ireland.

Post Arrival Cost in Ireland

The post-arrival study cost in Ireland for international students include expenses like accommodation, daily travel, study material, food, utilities, etc. It is approximately €8,766 for the complete year. A rough estimate of daily/ post-arrival expenses is listed as follows:


Monthly (€)

Annual (€)













Books & Class materials









Social life/Misc






Cheap Universities in Ireland

Besides, the students might have to bear other costs as well like social activities, insurance expenses, entertainment costs, etc. Next, let’s explore…

How to Save Money While Studying in Ireland?

A student can follow the given steps to save money while studying in Ireland.

  • Sharing living spaces is a must if you wish to save a large chunk of money. You can use official websites to find the right accommodation that fits your budget. Contact the Indian community proximal to your university via Facebook or Yocket study abroad community to look for ads inviting roommates for shared living.
  • Cook your own food. Carry your own pressure cooker and learn simple recipes that will help you throughout your time in Ireland. Eating out regularly will drain a lot more money than you think.
  • Avoid pubs as they can be highly expensive.
  • Make an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) avail of student discounts across a range of vendors.
  • If your university is in Dublin, get a leap card for travelling on buses. You would require one for sure if you stay in a cheaper locality away from the university campus or for travelling to work.
  • You can save on tuition fees by applying to various international student scholarships in Ireland.

Scholarships in Ireland

Now you know how to save on the Ireland tuition fees for international students and other expenses. However, it is important to know that Ireland has cheaper education than countries like the UK, the US, Australia, Singapore, etc. However, it is more expensive than education in India. Therefore, if you need help applying for loans or a scholarship for your study in Ireland, connect with our expert and well-trained counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium.

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