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Canadian Universities Accepting Backlogs: List of Universities in Canada Accepting Backlogs

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Having an academic-centric approach, universities in Canada are known for accepting students with the highest calibre. But if you’re someone with backlogs, we have good news for you! There are numerous universities accepting backlogs in Canada. Be it 5 or 10, you may get accepted at Canadian universities with backlogs, provided you present the universities with a good academic  background and firm experiences.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading as we take you through the list of Canada universities accepting backlogs. 

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What are Backlogs and Backlog Certificates?

Before coming to the Canada universities accepting backlogs, let us first understand what a backlog is. When an exam is not cleared in the first attempt, it leads to a backlog in that particular subject. In case of an absenteeism, the status of the exam is declared as absent. You can, however, appear for the exam again in order to clear the backlog. 

Universities and institutions usually give a backlog certificate stating the number of active and inactive backlogs, upon completion of your studies. If you do not have any backlog, you may not receive a backlog certificate, however many Canadian universities might ask you for a zero backlog certificate. 

What is a Backlog Certificate?

How Many Backlogs are accepted in Canadian Colleges?

Many Canadian universities accept backlogs; usually, 5 backlogs are the maximum number accepted by Canadian colleges. However, some universities accept ten backlogs after approval from the admissions department.

Do Backlogs Affect the Chances of Visa Acceptance?

List of Canada Universities Accepting Backlogs 

As previously mentioned, the list of Canada colleges accepting backlogs is limited, and you can get accepted easily if your overall academic performance and GPA is high.  Let us now make you acquainted with Canadian universities rankings by Uni Rank that accept backlogs: 


Backlogs Accepted 

Royal Roads University 


Concordia University of Edmonton 


Cape Breton University 


Thompson Rivers University


Yorkville University 


Wilfrid Laurier University


Colleges Accepting Backlogs in Canada

How are Backlogs Counted by Canada Universities? 

Talking about how backlogs are counted for Canada, there are primarily two ways: 

  1. Number of attempts: Certain universities in Canada like in Germany and Australia use the number of attempts taken to clear a particular exam. For instance, if you took 4 attempts to clear your mathematics exam, the backlog will be counted as 3.  
  2. Counting subjects as backlogs: Most countries including Canada usually count an individual subject as a backlog. For instance, no matter you made 4 attempts to a backlog, it will still be counted as 1. 

Factors Affecting Acceptance of Backlogs in Canada

There are a number of factors that can affect your application with backlogs like: 

  1. GPA
  2. Subjects with backlogs
  3. Time taken to clear backlogs
  4. Backlog status 

Let us now understand each factor briefly: 

  1. GPA

One of the key factors which can be used to examine your academic performance by any university is your GPA. Therefore, if you have a high GPA, with backlogs, there are chances of you getting accepted into the university. 

  1. Subjects with Backlogs 

The chance of getting rejected at a university is higher if the course you have a backlog in, is related to the chosen course to study abroad. For instance, if you have applied to an engineering course, having a backlog in subjects like psychology will do you no harm. 

  1. Time taken to Clear Backlogs 

If you have repetitive backlogs, or multip;le attempts clearing a backlog, it is quite evident that your application would be rejected. On the other hand, having a single backlog will not lead you to a rejection. 

  1. Backlog Status 

Respectable, reputed universities in Canada which have been ranked high internationally, will not accept students with an active backlog status. Therefore, it is essential for you to submit a backlog certificate showcasing an inactive backlog status.

Can You Study Abroad with Backlogs?

Backlogs Accepted for MS and PG Diploma Courses in Canada 

Now, visiting the most asked question - How many backlogs are allowed for MS in Canada? 

The acceptance rate with a backlog for PG diploma or MS in Canada, is similar to all other courses and programs. Though the list of Canada colleges which accepts backlogs is limited, many universities in Canada may accept upto 10 backlogs for MS and PG Diploma, and if you have excellent GRE or GMAT scores there are great chances for you to get accepted. 

How are backlogs counted for Canada? 

Backlogs are counted for MS in Canada, in the same way they are calculated for other programs. 

How many backlogs are allowed for MS in Canada? 

According to the list of Canada colleges accepting backlogs, the maximum number of backlogs accepted is 10.

How many backlogs are allowed for PG Diploma in Canada? 

Similar to an MS in Canada, the maximum number of backlogs allowed for PG Diploma in Canada is 10. 

Backlog Certificate Format

Though the list of colleges accepting backlogs in Canada is quite limited, you may still get the chance to study in Canada provided your backlogs are less in number and do not directly affect the course/ program you've applied to. Also, the maximum backlogs accepted in Canada is 10. To know more about universities in Canada accepting backlogs, you can connect to our Yocket Professionals and clear all your queries easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Universities Accepting Backlogs in Canada 

Ques. What are some of the Canadian universities accepting backlogs?

Ans. List of Canada universities accepting backlogs are:  

  • Cape Breton University
  • Yorkville University
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Royal Roads College 

Ques. How many backlogs are allowed in Canada?

Ans. To answer how many backlogs are allowed in Canada, a maximum of 10 backlogs are allowed in Canada. 

Ques. How many backlogs are allowed for MS in Canada?

Ans. According to the list of colleges accepting backlogs in Canada, the maximum number of backlogs accepted is 10.

Ques. How many backlogs are allowed for PG Diploma in Canada?

Ans. Similar to an MS in Canada, the maximum number of backlogs allowed for PG Diploma in Canada is 10. 

Ques. How can I increase my chances of getting accepted with backlogs at Canadian universities?

Ans. You can get selected at Canadian universities accepting backlogs if: 

  1. You have a good-high GPA
  2. You show an excellent background in terms of work experience, co-curricular, internships, LORs, etc
  3. You have a backlog in an unrelated subject
  4. You have few backlogs, and an inactive backlog status.

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