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UK Universities with High Rate: List of UK Universities with High Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Fees & More

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UK Universities with High Rate: List of UK Universities with High Acceptance Rate, Ranking, Fees & More Image

The UK is regarded as one of the best locations for international education. The country has been constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the current academic and economic standards. Students continue to prefer studying in the UK over other countries, as seen by the rise in admissions and the number of international students in the UK throughout time.

Another reason for students to prefer the UK above all other countries is there are a lot of universities in UK with high acceptance rates. There is a whole list of easiest universities to get into the UK if you are planning to study there.

In this blog, we will look further into university acceptance rates UK and also talk about the easiest UK universities to get into. So if you are aspiring to study in UK, knowing about university acceptance rates UK will guide you in the right direction to choose the best options.

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What is the Acceptance Rate?

Before we get into the part where we discuss the easiest university to get into UK or the highest acceptance rate university UK, let us look at what ‘acceptance rate’ implies.

The quality and reputation of an institution are partly influenced by the applications it chooses. The acceptance rate is typically expressed as a percentage and is determined by comparing the number of admitted students to the total number of applicants for that particular year. Calculating acceptance rates involves dividing the total number of admitted students by the total number of applicants.

When evaluating their chances of admission to a certain school, students should typically start by looking at this. A selective school has a lower average acceptance rate. This indicates that fewer candidates have been admitted. Admission rates don't reveal anything about a school's calibre. Acceptance rates are an indicator of how exclusive a school is, but necessarily how good or valuable it is.

It is statistically more likely that you will be accepted if you choose a college with a high acceptance rate. Universities with the highest acceptance rate UK give you the assurance you need for admissions because they will be the easiest university to get into UK. Besides, applying for UK universities with high acceptance rate also enhances your chances of getting admission.

Next up, let us look at the UK universities with high acceptance rate:

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List of High Acceptance Rate Universities in UK

To be admitted to UK universities with high acceptance rate for international students, you must first understand the requirements for acceptance, gather all the relevant data, and then begin preparing for those criteria. It is easier to get admission to universities with a higher acceptance rate. Let’s take a look at a few best universities in the UK with high acceptance rates:



QS WUR 2023

Acceptance Rate

Average Tuition Fees

St. Mary’s University

Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, South West London



Around £.13,000


The University of Exeter

Exeter, Devon




Newman University





Nottingham Trent University




£.6,611- £.10,965

Per year

Leeds Trinity University





York St. John University




Around £.12,735

University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth Hampshire



Around £.15,000-£.17,000

Bishop Grosseteste University




Around £.14,280

University of Roehampton




Around £.12,500-£.14,500

Aberystwyth University




Around £.14,000-£.17,000

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Now that you are aware of best universities in UK with high acceptance rates, its time to start your application process and preparation. If you need any assistance in applying for universities with the highest acceptance rate UK or have any study abroad queries, do connect with our counselors at Yocket.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Universities with High Acceptance Rate for International Students

Ques. What does having a high acceptance rate imply?

Ans. That the candidates have a better shot at securing a spot in the college.

Ques. Should we only prefer universities with high acceptance rates?

Ans. No, the acceptance rate is not something that should be your first priority. You should aim for the college that you want to study at. Try and fulfill the requirements of the college and don’t give up. The acceptance rate is not everything.

Ques. What does a low acceptance rate imply?

Ans. It just means that the college is more selective in its approach to student selection.

Ques. Does a high acceptance rate signal that an institution has poor academic standards?

Ans. No, not at all. The rate of admission doesn't indicate anything about the quality of a school. Acceptance rates reveal a school's exclusivity but not necessarily quality or worth.

Ques. Why is the UK a preferred destination for students?

Ans. The degree one earns from the UK has an advantage over other degrees around the world because the universities there are respected internationally.

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