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How to Send Official Transcripts to Universities Electronically?

Kashyap Matani

Only when a transcript bears the official signature, stamp, or seal of the organization that issued it is it deemed official. The admissions department finds it extremely challenging to monitor each applicant's academic history and assess them for admission, particularly when they are international applicants.

The majority of colleges in countries that accept maximum number of international applicants employ a centralized document mailing system, such as the UK's UCAS, the US's Parchment or Common Application, Germany's Uni-assist, etc. Being an Indian student, are you wondering how to send transcripts from India to universities abroad? In this blog, we uncover just that.

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What is an Academic Transcript?

Similar to mark sheets, transcripts are official records that serve as documentation of education, including specifics about the subjects taken and grades obtained. Let's examine the following reasons why an academic transcript is necessary before we get into the details of how to deliver university transcripts:

  • It is the primary document needed to apply for admission to any university in the globe.
  • Due to the vast differences in educational systems and grading schemes between nations, academic transcripts are an essential document for students applying to institutions worldwide.
  • Transcripts can therefore be used to translate and assess the grades or marks of students from nations with disparate educational systems.
  • Additionally helpful for providing personal and educational information about a student is an academic transcript.

Know How to Get a Transcript Certificate?

Now that you know the significance of academic transcripts, let us explore how to deliver them to varied countries' universities.

How to Send Official Transcripts to Universities?

If you intend to submit your transcripts to multiple universities, you will need to deal with a great deal of documentation. The procedure for sending transcripts to universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and the Netherlands - some of the most popular study-abroad destinations for Indian students - has been covered here. So, keep reading!

How to Send Transcripts to US Universities?

Make sure your transcripts have an official English translation and, if necessary, a review before sending them to US universities from India. You must submit a plethora of paperwork to US universities, including an academic resume, admission test results, recommendation letters, statements of purpose, and more. Transcripts are often sent to US universities in three different ways:

  1. Common Application or Coalition Application
  2. Parchment
  3. University of California System

Let us take a look at how to send transcripts to US universities using each of these means:

  • Common Application or Coalition Application

Common Application is one of the most popular online application platforms in the United States, used by students from 200+ countries and 900+ member universities. The coalition application is comparable to the common application. 

Transcripts from Canadian or American universities are accepted by these agencies. As an international student, you will be able to upload your transcripts online as part of the application process for overseas students.

  • Parchment

Transcripts can be easily sent from one institution to another, anywhere in the world. All you need to do is place the order for transcript delivery and specify which institution already has your transcripts and where you would like them to be sent. 

After being alerted, the universities who possess your transcripts will upload them into their systems and forward them to the university you intend to apply to.

  • University of California System

The University of California has its own admissions process because it has campuses across the United States. Transcripts, along with other documents like your academic profile, test results, LOR, SOP, copy of your passport, etc., can be uploaded through this application system.

So, this is the process for sending official transcripts to US universities. Curious about how to send transcripts to universities in other popular countries? Keep reading.

How to Send Transcripts to UK Universities by UCAS?

The majority of UK universities accept student applications and essential documents through UCAS. With UCAS, you can manage your application and supporting materials in one location and apply to several universities at once. International students usually have to mail their transcripts directly to the institution or college.

After receiving your results, UCAS initially compares your application's qualifications with the exam entry records. The colleges and universities that have extended offers to you will thereafter receive your transcripts. If UCAS does not display your qualifications, you will need to mail your transcripts directly to the university.

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How to Send Transcripts to Canada Universities Using WES?

The provinces in Canada are in charge of the educational system. As a result, the province in which a university is located will determine how you apply to universities and transmit transcripts to those universities. Official transcripts from non-Canadian institutions must be sent directly to universities, either electronically or by mail.

Transcripts can be sent to to apply to colleges in Ontario. For it to be regarded as official, it needs to be transmitted from the issuing institution in a sealed envelope. To send transcripts to Canadian universities, you can also use World Evaluation Services (WES). Here's how it works:

Transcripts and mark sheets are accepted by WES if they are submitted in a sealed envelope straight from the issuing institution. Transcripts may be sent digitally if the universities and WES establish a digital collaboration. Additionally, WES offers evaluation services to graduates of accredited universities.

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How to Send Transcripts to Universities in Australia Through TAC?

In Australia, there isn't a single, centralized application for applying to institutions. Through the Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC), applications are accepted in several Australian states. In general, students need not submit much paperwork to Australian universities. 

Transcripts or other documentation attesting to your educational background, proof of your fluency in English, a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, proof of your financial situation, a passport, and other documents will be required. All of these are available for upload on the university's official website.

How to Send Transcripts to Universities in Germany by Uni-Assist?

The most well-known unified application platform, Uni-assist, has more than 180 partner universities in Germany. Applications may be accepted by certain universities via their website. Transcripts can be sent to German institutions via the university's official website or through uni-assist.

Wondering how to utilize Uni-Assist to deliver official transcripts to German universities? Here's how:

You can submit officially certified documents through your My Assist account or send transcripts by mail to German universities using Uni-Assist. You must submit your documents to uni-assist at least eight weeks before the application deadline to send them to German universities on time. Using your account, you can also monitor the documents online

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Studielink is the platform used by Dutch universities to receive applications and supporting documentation for admission. In contrast to the UCAS, Studielink does not issue conditional admission offers. The Dutch university admissions criteria are not very onerous. Transcripts, the results of an English language competency test, and, at maximum, a CV are required.

Universities that demand a personal statement will get in touch with you; there is nowhere to submit one via the Studielink platform. This implies that you might alter your SOP/essay to apply to various programs and universities.

Let's examine how to use Studielink to transmit official transcripts to Dutch universities:

When applying to Dutch colleges through Studielink, you must first complete an enrollment application that requests information about your prior coursework. Your application won't be sent to the relevant universities until you have completed the enrollment application and been selected. You will also have access to your Studielink dashboard at the same time, which you may use to track the status of your application.

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You should have a good understanding of sending transcripts from universities to other nations based on the aforementioned information. Any falsely produced data could result in your application being rejected. And this is a chance you should never take. Understand that your academic information is crucial for a final decision, and it is your responsibility to supply it in compliance with the institution’s requirements.

Organizing the paperwork and choosing how to deliver transcripts to the university is one of the most difficult parts of applying to a university overseas. And do you know who can assist you with the same? Our Yocket experts. Get in touch with them anytime you wabble in your journey of studying abroad.

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