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Understanding Uni Assist Portal: Uni Assist Fees, Documents & Uni Assist Universities


Studying in Germany is a thrilling experience for many students because of the quality education that it offers, that too at a minimal cost! Germany attracts several study abroad aspirants throughout the year. However, the common issue that these applicants face is in the application process. In all honesty, applying to German universities can be overwhelming for some people. But, you don’t have to worry, as the Uni Assist portal can help you make this application process simpler! Stay with us till the end to get all the details regarding Uni-assist, uni assist registration, uni assist fees, uni assist documents checklist and more.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Uni Assist and how does it help with the application process?
  2. How To apply through uni assist?
  3. Types of uni-assist application procedures
  4. Uni Assist documents required
  5. Uni Assist Fees & Fee Waivers
  6. Uni assist application deadline and processing time

What is Uni-Assist and How Does it Help With The Admission Process?

Let us begin with the basics of uni assist first and understand what actually is Uni Assist and why an international  student should know about it-

What is Uni Assist?

Uni assist is an organisation that helps students with the application process for German universities. Many universities, including several top universities, are members of Uni assist. Uni-assist portal provides students with all the necessary information about various documents they would require for their application process and helps them in processing their documents.


Uni-assist is extremely helpful for international students because they can easily apply to universities of their choice via Uni-assist.


NOTE : Uni-assist is just a service provider and does not make a decision of whether you will be admitted to a study program.

How Does Uni Assist Help With The Admission Process?

Uni-Assist performs the following functions that help students when they apply to various universities using the Uni assist portal to study in Germany.

  • Uni assist evaluates official certificates to determine whether they fit the criteria for studying in Germany.

  • Converts grades to the German grading system.

  • Check all the admission requirements of the university you wish to apply for.

  • Registers the data and documents required for your desired university’s admission process.

  • Conveys the evaluation results to students.

Students can enroll to the courses and universities of their choice via the Uni assist portal. However, students must check if their desired university is a member of Uni-assist and if they have the option to apply to their desired degree program via the portal.

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How To Apply Through Uni Assist - In 6 Simple Steps

The uni-assist application process can be a bit overwhelming. So, to answer-”How to apply through uni assist?”, we have simplified the uni-assist application into simple steps-  

STEP 1: Research

The first step is to find the universities that fit your interests. Then find out if the university accepts applications via uni-assist because not all German universities accept applications via Uni-assist. There is a list of Uni assist universities through which you can look for the same or you can make use of the Uni assist universities tool to find the universities that accept applications via uni-assist.


STEP 2: Planning

Next step is to plan your application process. You must keep a track of all the deadlines for your desired study program, details of the application procedure and the time required to process your application (Weeks or months).  You can then plan the time you would need to keep all your documents in place, give various competitive exams or language proficiency tests etc.


STEP 3: Get Your Documents In Place

It is important to have all the uni-assist documents handy while applying. You can check the Uni-assist required documents to study in Germany and then apply accordingly.


  • Gather all the documents required for your study program.

  • Check all the documents required depending on your home country.

  • Get all your documents translated by an official certified translator.

  • Get certified copies of each certificate translation.

  • Make digital copies of all the documents.


STEP 4: Apply

After completing the uni assist registration, create an online application. This  typically involves filling the uni assist application form for each study program that you wish to apply for and then uploading all the required documents. The uni assist online application process is very simple and hassle-free.


STEP 5: Pay The Fees

After completing the uni assist online application, you will have to pay the uni assist fees for all the study program applications.


STEP 6: Document Submission

Take all the certified hard copies required by the application and submit them to Uni-Assist in the mail for further verification. You can also track the activity to understand the status of your application.


To get more clarity you can watch the video on step by step Uni-Assist Application process. This will help you get some more clarity regarding the whole process. The process is also explained in detail on Uni Assist’s Official Website.


Types of Uni-assist Application Procedures


Apart from the regular Uni-Assist procedure, there can other forms of Uni-Assist Procedures as well -


VPD Uni Assist


Some universities require students to complete the application process directly at university and not via uni-assist. They however, allow students to use the Uni-assist services to verify the documents required for the application process.


After following this process, students receive a VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) which means ‘Pre-review document’. Students have to submit the VPD along with the application and other documents directly to the university.


Simply put, the VPD Uni assist is like a certification given to the students after the verification of documents submitted by them.


How To Get VPD from Uni assist?


  1. Submit all your documents along with the handling fee to Uni assist via their online portal.

  2. Send all the certified and translated copy of your documents by post and track its arrival to uni-assist.

  3. Uni-assist will then evaluate your documents: The processing usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

  4. If it is a positive evaluation, uni-assist will send you VPD via post and email (in PDF file)

  5. Then, send the VPD with other required documents to your university before the deadline.


It is recommended that you apply for a uni assist VPD as soon as possible. (DoSV) (DoSV) means ‘dialogue-oriented service procedure’. It is only used by popular undergraduate courses with a local Numerus Clausus (NC) and is not used for Master’s courses.


For this procedure, you will need an additional registration at Below is the guideline for you to understand this procedure:


  1. Register on

  2. Apply via uni assist online portal

  3. Send all certified and translated copy of your documents by post and track its arrival to Uni-assist

  4. Uni-assist will evaluate your application for the universities.

  5. If it is a positive evaluation, uni-assist will forward your application to the universities in electronic form.

  6. University will send you admission via You can check the status of your application as well as accept the admission offer on website.

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You can find out directly on your university’s website if your chosen course of study is part of the DoSV. Or else, you can also see this in the Uni assist online portal as soon as you create an application for this course.


Uni Assist Documents Required


You need to make sure that you have all the uni assist documents in place while sending documents to Uni assist. The document requirements may vary depending on the university, the course structure etc.


However, some common uni assist required documents are -


Academic Documents


  • Officially certified educational certificates

  • School leaving certificate

  • Proof of having passed an university entrance examination

  • Explanation of your university’s grading system, officially issued by your university as a PDF file or on its website.


Language Proficiency Certificates


For German :

  • DSH

  • TestDaF

  • Certificates issued by the Goethe-Institut, if accepted by your university

  • The DSD German language diploma (“Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz”), if accepted by your university


For English:



  • A proof that English was language of instruction in your previous study (accepted by some universities only)

  • Cambridge English language certificate: FCE, CAE, and CPE online

  • Other certificates if accepted by your universities


The required proficiency level of languages may differ between universities or courses. You have to check the admission criteria of your university before submitting it to uni-assist.


Other documents

  • Certified copies & translations

  • Completed and signed application form
  • CV
  • LORs and Letters of motivation
  • Proof of job experience/Internship (if applicable)
  • Photo ID and Passport
  • Doctor’s note
  • Portfolio (if applicable)
  • A certificate of enrolment ("Immatrikulations-Bescheinigung") or a certificate of removal from the register of students ("Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung"), if you have studied in a German University before.
  • TestAS


Uni Assist Fees & Fee Waivers


Now the next question is what is the


Uni Assist Fees


For processing all the documents of the students all around the world, uni-assist does charge a fee. The Uni Assist application fees are given below:


1st Application Fee

 75 EUR  for the first application to your desired course of study.

Additional Applications

Each additional desired course of study in the same semester costs EUR 30.00. Students can send multiple applications through uni-assist. Don’t forget to enquire at your desired university about how many additional courses you can study at the same time.


Uni-Assist Fee Waivers


Currently, Uni-Assist does not offer fee waivers or exemptions to the students for application fees. However, students with special conditions or refugees can always contact the university regarding the application process.


Some universities that process the applications of their students via uni-assist, cover the uni-assist applications fees too. Hence, it is recommended that you check with your university for all the details.

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Uni Assist Application Deadline and Processing Time


While completing the Uni assist process, it is very important for students to keep track of the deadlines and uni assist processing time. If you fail to submit your documents before the deadline, your application may stand cancelled.




Uni-assist deadlines are that of the university of your choice. Usually the following deadlines apply for university courses in Germany:


The application deadline for Winter Semester - July 15th

The application deadline for Summer Semester - January 15th


The application deadlines may sometimes vary depending on the course or university so make sure that you check with your university for the same.


You must submit all your documents in the required form to uni-assist before the application deadline. In addition to that, you also need to make the uni assist payment for the document handling fees before the deadline.


TIP: Send all your documents along with the handling fees as early as possible. Submitting the documents at least 8 weeks before the deadline expires is highly recommended.


Uni Assist Processing Time


Currently, the uni-assist processing time is 4-6 weeks after getting your application and payment. Uni-assist evaluates all the applications received in the order of their arrival and then informs students with the evaluation result.


Here is the current uni assist processing time in various parts of the world:


Approximate Time Taken

Central and Eastern Europe

 2 weeks

Asia, North America, Oceania

4 weeks

Western Europe, Turkey, Latin America

4 weeks

Africa, Middle East, Iran

3 weeks


For each set of documents you send to uni-assist by post, you will receive a confirmation of receipt.



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