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GMAT Waiver 2022: MBA Programs Waiving GMAT In 2022

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GMAT Waiver 2022: MBA Programs Waiving GMAT In 2022  Image

In a global economy, it is important to understand Business. Studying MBA abroad at a prestigious University will help cater and manage global businesses. With the rising competition for MBA programs, the application process of top business schools is becoming more complex. GMAT waiver 2022 for an MBA application is impacted by it too.

Top Business schools focus on the cream of applicants with  a high GMAT score. In case you want to skip this, you can check out this GMAT waiver MBA blog that will answer your questions about MBA schools waiving GMAT.

In this blog, we will be discussing GMAT waiver 2022, Business schools waiving GMAT and how to get admission at GMAT waiver MBA universities.

Table of Contents:

  1. Role of GMAT Exam
  2. GMAT/GRE Waiver for MBA
  3. List of Universities: GMAT Waiver 2022-23
  4. Requirements to Get GMAT Waiver for MBA Abroad Aspirants
  5. Steps to Get GMAT Waiver


Role of GMAT Exam

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardised test that measures the applicant’s aptitude and judges their ability to perform in the MBA program. GMAT plays a crucial role for the admission test of MBA programs across the world. However, many MBA programs waiving GMAT provide students with an opportunity to get an MBA without GMAT.

GMAT waiver allows an applicant to forgo GMAT test score submission to demonstrate their readiness for MBA. The academic rigour for an MBA is evaluated through academic achievement, short courses, undergraduate GPAs, or work experience or strong leadership experience.

All business schools consider different evaluation factors while assessing applications. Some key requirements commonly necessary are:

  • GPA
  • Work experience
  • Essays
  • CV
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Interview


GMAT/GRE Waiver for MBA

There is an increasing trend among Business schools to offer GMAT waiver MBA. Remember that when you opt for Business schools waiving GMAT, you need to submit the waiver request as early as possible as the number of seats are limited.


List Of Universities Waiving GMAT 2022-23

It’s common that online, part-time and executive MBA programs don’t require the Gmat scores. However, here’s a list of MBA programs waiving GMAT:

Name of the Institute

Details on GMAT/GRE Waivers



Average Fees/year

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Applicants should submit a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) certificate



  • University of Virginia (UVA)- Darden School of Business
  • Applicants can submit strong undergraduate GPA or work experience of 7 or more years.



  • University of Michigan- Ross School of Business
  • Students who have more than 4 years of full-time professional work experience can apply for the GMAT waiver



  • Tepper School of Business
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • (CMU)
  • Waivers are granted on a case-by-case



  • Georgetown University- McDonough School of Business
  • Waivers are applicable for students who have problems with accessing online exam and to students who haven’t given any GMAT tests in the past 5 years.



  • UNC Kenan-Flager Business School
  • GMAT waiver for those who have 3.2 GPA in a Business, Economics, Analytics or STEM advanced degree.



  • Cornell University
  • Applicants have to submit a short, 100-word essay.



  • Kelley School of Business
  • Indian University Bloomington
  • Good academic qualification with work experience and also write about 500 words essays describing why he/she should be qualified for the waiver.



  • F.W Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College
  • Evaluates past academic performance with CV or Letters of recommendation.



  • Rutgers Business School
  • Rutgers University
  • GMAT waivers provided for Rutgers alumni along with high undergraduate GPA or strong leadership experience.



The above list comprises universities accepting students without GMAT. As the criteria is mentioned you can apply for an MBA abroad without GMAT. However, the requirements you need to be mindful of while applying for an MBA without GMAT are discussed below. 


Requirements to Get GMAT Waiver for MBA Abroad Aspirants

To apply to MBA without GMAT the checklist includes

  1. Sound Academic Record
  2. Work Experience and Skills
  3. Extracurricular and volunteer activities
  4. International exposure

●  Sound Academic Record:

Academic excellence with high undergraduate academic performance (i.e., GPA) to additional coursework and certifications, and even advanced degrees.

●  Work Experience and Skills:

Throughout the application process, highlighting your work experience is helpful to get admission abroad. B-schools acknowledge working professionals have lots of  pressure while writing the standardised tests. In general, most applicants applying for an MBA program waiving GMAT need to be of a specific calibre that is relevant to the applicant’s career goals. In general, most Business schools waive GRE or GMAT for candidates who have been working for at least 5 years.

●  Extracurricular and volunteer activities:

Try to collect as many certificates as you can as it adds points to our performances. Take up some leadership work that would ultimately positively impact your peers. You feel social work is your calling – join an NGO and help build weak communities. In short, analyze the gaps in your resume and work on them. Certificates like Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), etc are rewarding for waivers too.

●  International exposure

Having worldly knowledge and exposure helps in achieving your needs and ends.

How Can You Get a GMAT Waiver for MBA?

Steps that will help you achieve admission in your dream college without GMAT tests are as follow:

  • Write a letter to consider you for admission without GMAT scores. Compose a clear statement of purpose establishing your abilities and talents. Your SOP must justify that you are eligible for admission without a GMAT score.
  • Display strong leadership qualities in your waiver request. Bring out instances of your abilities in your request waiver.
  • Choose the most suitable program according to your personal needs and your professional needs. Make sure to stand out from all the other applicants by including your strong forte according to your background and diverse interest in your request waiver.
  • Describe your current role and your level of professional experience in Business.
  • Show your level of experience with team-based roles and leadership.
  • Demonstrate how you have developed analytical skills through your professional experience.
  • You should include any post-graduate degrees, graduate certificates, or certifications if any in your request waiver.

Taking the GMAT tests could strengthen your application to any top Universities while ensuring financial aid. A strong GMAT score can decide whether accepted students should be required to take prerequisite courses. Research whether taking the GMAT tests will benefit you before you request for a waiver.

There are many institutes that are happy to grant a GMAT waiver to those with professional experience, a good undergraduate GPA. A GMAT waiver can relieve your stress and pressure but it's important to assess if it's really worth the risk. Go through GMAT preparation guides to assess if you can take up the test or talk to a counsellor regarding the same.

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