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What is Good GMAT Scores: Best GMAT Score for MBA Abroad

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Every year many students apply to top business schools to pursue MBA programs. These students need to understand that their GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test score plays an important role in determining whether they got admission into schools of their preference or not. The ideal GMAT score is derived from the competitiveness prevailing at the top business schools for MBA programs. GMAT scores range from a minimum score of 200 to a maximum score of 800.

If a student manages to get a score of 700 or above in GMAT, they would likely clear the path ahead of them. If a student manages to achieve the milestone of scoring an 800 on the GMAT, it will help them get into the top MBA programs in the world.

What is a Good GMAT Score?

The GMAT exam is a culmination of four important sections. Students have to consider all these sections as they determine their final GMAT score.

  • The first section is Quantitative Aptitude, in which a score between 0 and 60 is a requirement.
  • The second section is the Verbal section in which a good score is between 0 to 60.
  • The third section is Integrated Reasoning. In this, a good score counts between 0 and 6.
  • The fourth section is Analytical Writing Assessment in which a candidate is required to score between 1 and 8.

The total GMAT score counts the scores of only the Verbal and Quantitative sections. It ranges between a minimum of 200 and 800 maximum. Students should be aware of what’s a good GMAT score so they plan and study accordingly.

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What is the Average GMAT Score?

The average GMAT score in the Quantitative and Verbal sections is estimated to be  40.7 and 27.26, respectively. While in the Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment sections, the scores are predicted to be 4.6 and 4.43. There can be a huge gap between scoring a 46 in quantitative and scoring a 46 in the verbal section.

The gap determines at what percentile a candidate will stand as they score an average GMAT score of 46 in both sections. Many students raise the question of what is the average GMAT score. The average GMAT score is said to be 560. A student requires a score of over 550 to score a good percentile ranking.

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List of Colleges Accepting Average GMAT Scores

Several colleges and universities allow admission to students based on average GMAT scores.


GMAT Score


The University of Melbourne



Concordia University



Imperial College London



University of Leeds



University College Dublin



London Business School



University of Mannheim



Durham University



HEC Montreal



City, University of London



Good GMAT scores are necessary for students to get accepted into the MBA programs abroad of their dreams. But apart from this, it is also necessary for students to have all the latest information and knowledge about GMAT and the universities that provide admissions based on GMAT. To get more knowledge about GMAT, students can subscribe to Yocket premium to get the latest information and updates that will be very beneficial to them.


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