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Best IELTS Books: List of Best Books for IELTS Preparation

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Having a good command of the English language does not ensure that you will score better on the IELTS test. This is because it also tests your logical reasoning, comprehension, presence of mind and time management skills. But you can excel in all these areas with determination, smart work, and a good amount of preparation.

This is where the best IELTS books come to play. Especially if you are someone who is preparing for the IELTS from home without spending time in coaching institutes. You must have a good set of books for IELTS preparation to score great marks. But how to pick the best one from the thousands of books on the market? To help you in this, here we have discussed a list of the best books for IELTS preparation, their pricing, resources and more.

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Overview of IELTS Exam

IELTS test is used to prove students' language proficiency at universities abroad. Many universities and colleges accept these scores for getting admission to international students. Being an online test, it assesses your proficiency in English along with logical reasoning and critical thinking through several types of questions. IELTS's main purpose is to assess whether students cope with the university instructions in the classroom.

  • The test is 2 hours and 45 minutes long and consists of four sections, i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking.
  • Each section of IELTS is calculated on band scores between 1.0 to 10.0. A score of 7.0 or above in each section will fetch you a great score in IELTS.

But how to achieve these scores? How can I prepare for IELTS at home? Don't worry consistent efforts and good IELTS study material will navigate you smoothly.

Now, suppose you want to pursue MS in USA and need to fulfil all eligibility criteria. It is a well-known fact that all top study destinations have a long list of requirements for their master's programs, starting from qualifying for different exams to having a strong resume and professional experience. There is no shortcut to hard work, but working smart will complement your efforts. But how to prepare smartly? The next section is the answer:

Is it Possible to Prepare for IELTS and GRE Together?

Alongwith IELTS, most universities abroad have the GRE requirement for their graduate programs. The GRE exam is an indicator of whether or not you are eligible for the masters course. IELTS, on the other hand, tests your English language proficiency. All international students from non-English speaking countries must have an English Language Proficiency (ELP) qualification.

Since both these tests play a vital role in your admission process, devoting ample time and effort for preparation is necessary. And the good news here is that IELTS and GRE share certain level of similarity. The Writing Task 2 of IELTS and GRE AWA Issue Essay have the same approach, the only difference is the difficulty level of the latter. Hence it is possible to prepare for both tests simultaneously. This in turn, will save a lot of your valuable time and broaden your horizon of learning.

GRE preparation is incomplete without a good amount of practice. To enhance your knowledge, polish your skills and boost your preparation, Yocket brings you diagnostic tests in the form of Yocket GRE Prep.  Sign up today and get access to section-wise analysis, customised practice tests and more for FREE!

Yocket GRE Prep

But what is the importance of books for IELTS preparation? Let's get its answer in the next section on the importance of IELTS exam preparation books:

Importance of IELTS Preparation Books

Choosing the best IELTS book for self study proves to be tantamount to your success in the test. As the questions in the IELTS test are quite moderate, a good preparation book with a plan will do that. This means it efficiently helps you to prepare and nurtures you to face every challenging question asked in the test.

  • With some best IELTS practice book by your side, you can expect to score great marks in the test, but you just need to remain alert while preparing for the same.
  • Moreover, IELTS exam preparation books may also enhance your concentration in each section and help you achieve your desired test scores.

But which books are best for IELTS preparation? And why consider a particular book?.

Although every IELTS study material has its own pros and cons, picking only one book for IELTS might not be sufficient for you. Thus, we have listed a bunch of best IELTS books which may help you in preparation and be easily available to you:

List of Best IELTS Preparation Books

Whether you are preparing through a coaching institute or engaged in IELTS at home, having a set of the best books for IELTS academic is a must. Choosing the best IELTS book for self-study is a tangible source of knowledge. Although there are a lot of resources on the internet, skimming through each one is quite a hell of a job for everyone. Also, sometimes the information on the website is so contradictory that it is hard to believe it. But this is not true with books, which are published through some editing and analysis.

With numerous IELTS books in the market, we'll have curated some best books for IELTS preparation for you:

1.  Cambridge IELTS 16 Academics Students Books

Going through authentic test papers gives you a good idea about what to expect in the IELTS test exam. Its most updated version is aimed at IELTS Academic students containing 4 tests with section-wise answers. Attempting the papers and their solutions is invaluable for you in preparation.

Why consider?

  • Good tips divided into each section
  • Explanation for each question type to prepare well
  • Contains a lot of detail.

Price: 499 INR at Amazon

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2.  Barron's IELTS Superpack

As the name suggests, Super pack it comes with all the vital IELTS study materials in a single package which is required to qualify for the exam. With an extensive set of best books for IELTS listening to techniques & strategies, you will find practice modules, test papers, strategies and CDs in it. It also contains an extensive list of 600 words to strengthen your vocabulary for the exam.

Why consider?

  • Study material is comprehensive.
  • Its packs of CDs make learning more interesting even when you are not interested in reading. You can listen to the audio to improve your IELTS listening test.

Price: 3,296 INR at Amazon

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3.  Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is among the best IELTS books for general training and academic studies. This book provides you with strategies, insights and guidance from the high achiever students with clear explanations to score good marks. You will also boost your understanding through its eight practice papers and step-by-step guide for each section. Also, it contains videos and audio for each practice test and the listening questions.

Why to Consider?

  • Provides a glimpse of mistakes you can't do during your IELTS preparation
  • Pointers from appearing students who have cleared the test
  • Enables you to prepare well with its speaking and listening sections with CDs.

Price: 620 INR at Amazon

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4.  Official IELTS Practice Materials

This practice material is prepared by official examination partners and explains how every section has been examined, with some valuable tips for preparation. You will receive practice papers covering academic and general training sections, answer sheets, tape scripts, feedback and a lot more to study. It is also best for IELTS teachers who are guiding students to crack the test.

Why Consider?

  • Feedback from official examiners helps you to prepare better.
  • Not only best for students but also a good resource for IELTS teachers as well.

Price: 1,381 INR at Amazon

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5.  IELTS Trainers

The IELTS trainer book contains 6 full practice papers that will assist you in securing success in the examination. Being considered as one of the best books for IELTS preparation, it offers ample guidance to students. Also contain CDs for your listening test and other portions with different answers and guidance on how to tackle them.

Why Consider?

  • Thorough answers and tips for every question.
  • Good samples for speaking, writing and listening tests.
  • Step by step guide for every type of question.

Price: 1,990 INR at Amazon

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6.  Mometrix IELTS Books for General Academic Training

This is the best book for IELTS writing and general training, especially if you are looking for some quality video tutorials with detailed explanations and practice test examinations along with tips and strategies. This book covers all four sections of IELTS with video tutorials to master the topics and is very affordable.

Why Consider?

  • Explained answer keys with practice papers
  • Step-by-step video tutorials which help in mastering complex topics as well
  • Thorough review of each section.

Price: 2,052 INR at Amazon

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7.  IELTS English Vocabulary

IELTS English Vocabulary is considered the best book for IELTS reading, guiding you with a lot of new words and strengthening your vocabulary. Has a wider range of vocabulary sections and is ideal for both general and academics. This book is best suited for those who are in the middle phase and starting their preparation to get a command of English.

Why Consider?

  • Helps you to Ace IELTS paper with improvement in your vocabulary.

Price: 1,183 INR at Amazon

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8.  IELTS Foundation: Coursebook

Provides you with a solid foundation in language skills and capabilities required to score better. It contains numerous interesting study materials and texts, an important question bank, tips and strategies, DIY learning projects and listening CDs to prepare better.

Why Consider?

  • Comes with CD and best study materials.
  • Can be a better alternative to enhance your language requirements outside of IELTS.

Price: 2,171 INR at Amazon

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9.  Simon Braveman's Target Band 7

If you want to score high for your dream university, then this one is the best book for you both in terms of the best book for IELTS reading and the best book for IELTS writing. It is written by top professionals who have secured the best score in their examinations. Also, it contains some straight-to-the-point strategies to conquer every section without any hurdles.

Why Consider?

  • Helps you in managing your time effectively and efficiently.
  • Solutions students get while solving questions in the examination.

Price: 1,589 INR at Amazon

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We hope this blog could give you an idea about all the best books for IELTS preparation you need for self-study. Having said that, we also realise that the costs of some good IELTS books are quite high, but you can also refer to the Kindle version of these books in order to save your money.

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