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Describe A Popular/Well Known Person In Your Country - IELTS Cue Card

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Learning a new language may be the beginning of many possibilities. For those who want to demonstrate their proficiency in English, the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test is a necessary preliminary step. One of its components, the IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card, is one of their most challenging questions where you must demonstrate strong language skills and present your ideas clearly in very little time. In this article, we focus on the importance of the IELTS speaking part 2 cue card and the unique opportunity it provides for candidates to demonstrate their communication skills and cultural sensitivity beyond assessing language proficiency. We assist individuals in approaching the IELTS Speaking exam with grace and confidence as we go through the nuances of this critical section and uncover the tactics to succeed in the Cue Card job. Let's explore the subtleties of this essential IELTS test component and see how it influences language ability and communication abilities.

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What is an IELTS Cue Card?

A cue card is provided to the candidate by the examiner that references a specific cue, on which you have to speak. It evaluates your ability to talk and organize your ideas by employing various vocabulary and grammatical structures. The card also includes 2-4 pointers that you can expound on. This section lasts three to four minutes - two minutes for speaking and one to two minutes for answering follow-up questions.

Your Speaking scores are given as band scores, ranging from band 0 to 9. Every whole and half band score represents a proficiency level in English. Remember that part 2 has more weightage than part 1. Below is a breakdown of the duration of the cue card section.

IELTS Speaking Part Two - Cue Card

This IELTS cue card's speaking part must be completed in three to four minutes. You will have a minute to get ready and between one and two minutes to discuss the topic.

Describe a Popular Person Cue Card

You need to ask:

  • Who is this person?
  • What are they like?
  • Why do you believe this individual is so well-liked?
  • How does this individual affect the public?

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Describe A Popular/Well Known Person In Your Country: Sample Answer 1


Sachin Tendulkar, is a well known sportsperson in the country. He is a legendary figure in the cricketing arena who has become synonymous with my country. He is among the most beloved and respected individuals because his influence transcends national borders.

Who is this person?

Sachin Tendulkar is an Indian cricketer, also known as Master Blaster or Little Master, born in 1973 in Mumbai; he is considered one of the best batters ever.

What is he like?

Besides being a cricket celebrity, Tendulkar is humble and down to earth. His significant influence on the game can be interpreted from his average height of 5 feet and 5 inches. Tendulkar is known for his flawless technique, and his batting genius with graceful strokes has mesmerised cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

Why do you believe this individual is so well-liked?

This is because of Sachin Tendulkar’s extraordinary achievements in cricket. Having represented his country for over 20 years, he is an all-time run-scorer in Test and One Day Internationals. Tendulkar has won the command of millions through his devotion to cricket, sportsmanship and exemplary discipline.

How does this individual affect the public?

Beyond the cricket ground, Tendulkar significantly impacts the general populace. Besides forming outstanding future cricket players, his principles and work ethic inspire people from all life statuses. The image of Sachin Tendulkar as a role model has been further ensconced by his philanthropy, which includes health and education support. Tendulkar has managed to connect with his fan base by using his presence on social media and through public appearances, which reflects the effects of his statements.


Sachin Tendulkar is a cultural artefact and the incarnation of perseverance, loyalty, and modesty. He is much more than just a cricketing legend. The two reasons why Tendulkar has had such a significant impact on the public are his philanthropy and incredible displays of brilliance while playing cricket. In commemorating Sachin Tendulkar’s life and achievements, it is evident that his fame has nothing to do with the cricket stats or an etched mark on humanity both in India and worldwide.

Describe A Popular/Well Known Person In Your Country: Sample Answer 2

As an answer to the cue card of “describe a popular person in your country’, I would like to mention the most infamous Indian industrialist and philanthropist - Sir Ratan Tata. He was born on December 8, 1937 in Mumbai, India. He was born in the TATA family, a lineage of Indian industrialists who established iron and steelworks, cotton mills, and hydroelectric power plants that were critical to India's industrial development in the 1970s. 

  • Who is this person?

Sir Ratan Tata is a well known person of our country. An Indian businessman who became chairman of the TATA group, a Mumbai-based conglomerate in 1991. Under his leadership, the TATA group has ventured globally at a fast pace. Tata Steel executed India's largest corporate buyout in 2007, paying $11.3 billion for the major Anglo-Dutch steel manufacturer Corus Group. Sir Ratan Tata has received India's second-highest civilian distinction, the Padma Vibhushan, as well as the Order of the British Empire. 

  • What is he like?

Sir Ratan Tata is credited with transforming the Tata Group from a largely domestic enterprise into a global conglomerate. He is famous for his willingness to take risks and invest in innovative startups. Moreover, he is noted for his long-term vision and ability to identify opportunities for the organization. 

  • Why do you believe this individual is so well-liked?

Despite his accomplishments in the Indian industry, Sir Ratan Tata is noted for his humble ways and strong moral compass. He avoids the limelight and excessive displays of wealth. His financial decisions are motivated by a sense of justice and a dedication to social responsibility. This is reflected in the Tata Group's commitment to sustainability and its philanthropic efforts.

  • How does this individual affect the public? 

Sir Ratan Tata affects the public by considering their needs and actively doing something for them. He is an ardent donor to charity causes, donating a sizable amount of his finances to philanthropic initiatives centred on education, healthcare, and poverty reduction. For example, the JN Tata Endowment Scholarship enables Indian students to pursue their education in world-class institutions abroad. 

  • Conclusion

Even at the age of 86, Sir Ratan Tata continues to inspire Indians from every walk of life. His contributions to Indian industry have received widespread recognition and are believed to do so for generations to come.

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Describe A Popular/Well Known Person In Your Country: Sample Answer 3


It is my great honour to speak about my favourite personality cue card about a prominent person who has proved himself in literature, politics and diplomacy. A famous person in India is the politician, novelist and former diplomat Sashi Tharoor, whose influence goes far beyond his country.

Who is this person?

Sashi Tharoor is a reputable Indian politician born in London in 1956 and represented the India National Congress. He served as a diplomat, intellectual luminary and member of parliament for the whole course of his illustrious life. In India and worldwide, Tharoor is recognised for his global vision, rhetoric skills, and intelligence.

What is he like?

Tharoor is well known for his intelligent and well-spoken communication style. He is among the most compelling orators in Indian politics because of his fluency and extensive vocabulary. With a background in international relations, Tharoor is a fascinating and well-respected presence in various arenas due to his calm and collected manner.

What convinces you that this person is so famous?

Sashi Tharoor has a wide range of influences because he works in many sectors or fields generally referred to as politics, literature and diplomacy. His numerous writings, from Indian history to today’s world problems, show his literary mastery. Tharoor has become a popular and influential political figure through his brilliant speeches and justifiable arguments displayed on the Indian parliament floor.

What impact does this person have on the public?

Tharoor also influences ordinary citizens beyond politics. His participation in open discussions and active social network activity helps him maintain relations with different types of people. Tharoor’s intellectual perspectives, support for diplomacy, and social interest captivate those seeking a moderate viewpoint on domestic and foreign issues.


Ultimately, Sashi Tharoor is an intricate figure who has left a mark on diplomacy, literature and politics. His ability to think and articulate his thoughts clearly and his commitment to addressing pressing problems have earned him popularity. Finally, as we reflect on Sashi Tharoor's role in shaping public opinion, it is evident that his influence transcends political party allegiances and touches upon diverse topics.

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Describe A Popular/Well Known Person In Your Country: Sample Answer 4

Sixty per cent of people in the emerging nation of India utilize social media and the internet. Many people now have a forum to share their skills and gain recognition. For this cue card topic, I'll talk about a well-known person in India who started from scratch but became a prominent personality through dedication and hard work by posting comedic videos online.

  • Who is this person?

I'm referring to Bhuvan Bam, a multi-talented Indian YouTuber who's known for his comedy channel BB Ki Vines. Bam is quite popular, especially with young people. His amusing YouTube videos were the main source of his initial recognition. He's talented in both comedy and storytelling which is unmatched in India to date. Beyond BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan has also acted in a web series and even created his own music.

  • What is he like?

Bhuvan Bam is hardworking, witty, and bold. Creating and enacting varied quirky characters like family members and friends takes courage. He features short videos depicting the lives of an urban teenager and his interactions with others, all played by himself. That is commendable and truly shows dedication.

  • Why do you believe that this person is so well-liked?

Bhuvan Bam is infamous for his comedic and relatable characters. What makes him stand out is that he started with nothing, from a small room in his house. He made videos using his mobile phone and posted them consistently. His satirical takes on everyday situations, often portraying characters we encounter in everyday lives make anyone laugh, cause viewers to belittle their problems, and generate a sense of relatability.

  • How does this individual affect the public?

Many aspiring Indian artists and influencers have been inspired by Bam's success story as a YouTuber who became popular through the creation of online videos. He has demonstrated that there are opportunities for individuals to develop a career and find an audience outside of conventional media outlets. In general, Bhuvan Bam has a positive impact on the society. He can spark conversations about significant societal issues while both entertaining and inspiring others. 

  • Conclusion

Overall, Bhuvan Bam is a creative comedian who has garnered a large fanbase with his humour and portrayal of relatable characters. He started in the year 2015 and his work is still watched and appreciated by millions.

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Sample/Follow-Up Questions and Answers

Following your response to the IELTS cue card about describing a popular/well-known person you know, the following follow-up questions may be asked:

Q1. What are the characteristics of popularity?

A1. Numerous characteristics, such as one's accomplishments, charisma, generosity, social skills, and more, can influence one's popularity. Each person has different standards for what constitutes popularity, and these standards might be based on various objectives and beliefs.

Q2. Do you know any well-known celebrities who enjoy giving back to their communities?

A2. Many renowned individuals work for or run charitable organizations. For example, Salman Khan operates a nonprofit called "Being Human" that makes significant contributions to the health and education of the underprivileged. For example, it funds the education of 200 children at the Akshara High School in Mumbai and another 300 through Aseema, a Mumbai-based non-profit.

Q3. How do well-known celebrities influence teenagers?

A3. Teens strive to be like the celebrities they admire, therefore experiencing both positive and negative impacts. Teenagers will buy a product they don't need if a well-known celebrity endorses it. Similarly, teenagers will follow suit if a popular celebrity assists an underprivileged in any way.

Q4. What are the disadvantages of being popular?

A4. Being famous comes with a price, although it shouldn’t. More than often, popular people’s privacy is violated to the point that they cannot grab a coffee without getting papped. They undergo scrutiny for the littlest things like their dressing style, social media posts, or how they walk. Moreover, these factors cause strains in their private/professional relationships, sometimes impacting their psychological well-being.

Q5. Do you wish to get famous? If so, in which industry or field?

A5. As an aspiring clinical psychologist, I would like to become renowned in the field of psychology. I wish to perform and get recognised as a mental health professional, who is accessible not only to the rich but also to the poorer sections of society. 

Tips to Answer the IELTS Cue Card

Here are some tips to crush the IELTS Speaking Cue Card section!


In summary, the IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card is more than just a test instrument; it gives us an insight into one’s ability to formulate ideas concisely. It is undisputed that the narratives we tell reflect and influence our communication after analysing three exceptional people’s lives: Sashi Tharoor, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Sachin Tendulkar. Like these great men and women who have left a mark in their fields, mastering the Cue Card task allows one to communicate oneself with confidence and clarity.

Yocket is, therefore, a light beacon to people who aim to move their academic life abroad and make the complex procedure of studying overseas easier enough. Yocket is a valid pal that makes realising educational objectives easier with its intelligent features and extensive resource bank. As you walk through the world of language proficiency tests and look at yourself from a global perspective, remember that being able to communicate is your passport away, not only foreign language talents. May the wisdom of those who have inspired us on this language path echo through your tales, and I wish you success in your IELTS voyage. Each step in Yocket is made easier through its intelligent features, thereby turning overseas studies into a more straightforward experience. This is your future. Grab it with confidence!

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FAQs for Describe A Popular Person In Your Country IELTS Cue Card

What does the IELTS Speaking Part Two Cue Card mean in an English Language proficiency test?

Regarding the “Popular Person Cue Card” sample answers, why are celebrities such as Sashi Tharoor, Cristiano Ronaldo and Sachin Tendulkar used as examples?

In what ways does the IELTS Speaking Part 2 Cue Card evaluate abilities other than language proficiency?

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