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Study Commerce in USA: Best Commerce Universities & Courses in USA

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The United States is one of the prominent hubs of trade, commerce, and business, making it a very popular destination for students to pursue the top commerce courses for their career in a particular field. Pursuing a degree in commerce in USA will help you advance in your career by gaining fundamental knowledge about the field of business and commerce. There are different commerce programs offered here at the commerce colleges in USA for students who want to learn specific skills. The programs put emphasis on the main areas of finance, marketing, operations, and much more.

So, if you are planning to study commerce, this country is filled with interesting opportunities. International students will have a plethora of benefits provided to them when they choose to study in the USA. Whether you choose a bachelor or a masters in commerce in USA, you will have all the advantages for a fruitful career. In this blog, we will discuss the necessary information about the commerce courses and what it takes to get into the top commerce universities in USA.

Why to Study Commerce in USA?

Here we are going to enlist some important reasons why opting for a commerce course in the US after completing your 12th examinations is a good idea.

  • Top-Notch Education

The value and importance of degrees and certificates in commerce courses from the US are definitely top-notch. There is a wide range of amazing courses in the USA that provide students with the chance to make it big in their careers.

  • Variety of Courses

For international students, the commerce colleges in USA provide the most versatile and diverse courses in commerce. Applying for and completing these courses will enable the students to set off on a successful career path not only in the United States but all over the world.

  • Ranked Universities

USA is home to some of the best colleges and universities that provide top-notch courses for bachelor's and masters in commerce in USA. These universities are a beacon of excellence and education for international students. Most of these universities and commerce colleges are ranked international in the QS World University Rankings.

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Best Universities in USA for Commerce

Here are some of the top universities in USA for commerce courses. Students who want to opt for BCom, MCom, and PhD in commerce in USA can choose to educate themselves at these colleges.

  1. Harvard University
  2. Texas A&M University
  3. Arizona State University
  4. University of California
  5. University of South Florida

Let's discuss it in detail:

1. Harvard University

It is one of the best universities for commerce students. Harvard College is a diverse, supportive undergraduate community of students who pursue academic attentiveness and re-imagine the future. The Business School at Harvard University offers these departments and concentrations: consulting, e-commerce, economics, accounting, entrepreneurship, ethics, general management, international business, leadership, manufacturing and marketing etc. International students will observe learning opportunities where they’re able to apply classroom theory in the field. These opportunities permit students to be engrossed in diverse cities worldwide and work in insignificant teams with real firms on business projects.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Programs Offered

  • Bachelor’s in Economics
  • Master of Business Administration

Annual Average Fees

  • Bachelors: USD 54000 /INR 42 Lakhs
  • Masters: USD 71946/ 51.4 Lakhs

2. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University is amongst the best places where students can find varied commerce courses for developing a good foundation about the courses. With several undergraduate commerce specialisations such as BBA, MBA, PGDM, etc. this university is on one of the top places in our list for sure. The university prepares students to develop a foundational and advanced knowledge about the different concepts of commerce by teaching them about Entrepreneurial Management, Finance Management, BUsiness Relations, Accounting, Consulting, and much more.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Programs Offered

  • BBA
  • MBA
  • MS in Finance

Annual Average Fees

  • Bachelors: $20019.89/ INR 16 Lakhs
  • Masters: $58,550/INR 46 Lakhs

3. Arizona State University

Studying the commerce programs at Arizona State University will offer the students a proper foundation in the basics of commerce, business, and management. This will also enable the students to build a career in the field of commerce. With such diverse courses for both undergraduate and masters degree in USA, this university is counted amongst the top. Students can develop a detailed understanding of different topics from the courses such as Accounting, Taxation, Finance, Business Management, Business Laws, and much more.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Programs Offered

  • BS in Accountancy
  • BS in Finance
  • MS in Finance
  • Master of Accountancy

Annual Average Fees

  • Bachelors: $28678.50/ INR 22.92 Lakhs
  • Masters: $49549.24/ INR 39.6 Lakhs

4. University of California

This university is known all over the world for providing the best Bachelors and masters commerce courses for students all over the world. Covering all the important principles and disciplines of commerce, this university is ranked amongst the top destinations to study commerce in the world. Pursuing a degree from this university imparts in-depth knowledge about different commerce-related concepts such as business informatics, accountancy, business economics, finance, and so on. Also, students can hone their skills for the professional career that they are going to have by learning about the different concepts of commerce.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Programs Offered

  • B.A in Business Economics
  • B.A in Economics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Informatics
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Professional Accountancy Program

Annual Average Fees

  • Bachelor's: $15000 (INR 11 Lakhs)
  • Master’s: $20000  (INR15 Lakhs)

5. University of South Florida

There are various degree programs for commerce graduates at the University of South Florida, making it one of the prominent commerce colleges in USA. Students will be provided with the best opportunities to develop their foundation and hone their skills. The university offers diverse specialisations such as Bachelors in Marketing, Global Business, Business Administration and much more. Students after completing their courses from the University of South Florida will be able to develop their knowledge of concepts related to management, accounting, business studies, etc.

Type of Institution


QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Programs Offered

  • BS in General Business Administration
  • BS in Marketing
  • BA in Global Business
  • BS in Finance
  • MS in Finance
  • MS in Marketing
  • MS in Business Analytics

Annual Average Fees

  • Bachelors: $15303/ INR 1223100
  • Masters: $17280.92/ INR 1381100

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Course Curriculum for Commerce in USA

The courses for commerce students in USA that are offered by the top commerce colleges and universities have different levels. Starting right from the Diploma level to the post-graduate options, there are various courses and curriculums for commerce programs in USA that are offered across a wide range of disciplines.


  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Organization and Management
  • Company Law
  • Macroeconomics
  • Indirect Tax Laws
  • Auditing and Corporate Governance


  • Business Communication
  • Management Accounting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Laws
  • Liberal Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Business Mathematics


  • Financial Management and Policy
  • Marketing Management
  • Legal Aspects of Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Business Research
  • Global Strategic Management


  • Organisational Behaviour
  • Economics
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources Management
  • Behavioural Science
  • Business Communication

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for Commerce Courses in USA

If you want to pursue a BCom or MCom in USA, there are different eligibility requirements that you have to fulfil. Now, these eligibility requirements can vary from one university or college to another. However, we have mentioned some of the general requirements of the best commerce colleges in USA.

  • Educational Qualifications
  • English Language test scores
  • Other Test Scores
  • USA Study Visa
  • Additional Requirements

Let’s discuss it in detail:

  1. Educational Qualifications 

If you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the USA, you need to pass out from the 12th with a certificate from a recognized institution. For other postgraduate courses, it is important to have a Bachelor’s degree with the required aggregate marks of 60% in all the subjects and an acceptable GPA score.

  1. English Language Test Scores

International students who want to study at the commerce universities in USA must give their English Language Proficiency Test Scores along with their application.IELTS and TOEFL are common tests that are accepted across the top universities in the US. The minimum test score are mentioned below:

  • IELTS: 6.0 - 7.0
  • TOEFL: 80 - 100
  1. Other Test Scores

While language tests and the GPA might be enough for some colleges, in the case of the best commerce colleges in USA, there are some other test scores that must be submitted. Students will have to provide a report for their GMAT and GRE scores. The requirements are:

  • GMAT: 500-550
  • GRE: 310
  1. USA Study Visa

International students who are interested in getting admission at commerce universities in USA, need to apply for a USA student visa after receiving an acceptance letter from the applied university.

Documents Required for Commerce Courses in USA

If you want to study at some of the best universities in USA for commerce, you will be asked to submit some important documents along with your application. These documents are mentioned below:

Now that you are aware of the documents required, let us have a look at the admission process for getting into the best colleges in USA for commerce.

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Admission Process to Study Commerce Courses in USA

Before you go ahead and apply to study the courses for commerce students in USA, it is important that you have a look at the admission procedure of the universities and colleges in the country. Follow these steps to have a detailed understanding of the topic.

  • Check the website of the colleges and universities and see whether you qualify for admission or not. Have a look at all the essential documents required for the submission of the application.
  • Fill out your application form and deposit the fees for the application to be submitted.
  • Upload all the essential documents along with your passport-size photographs and submit your application.
  • Once your application is submitted, it takes a few days for approval.
  • If your application is accepted to the best colleges in USA for commerce, you will be offered an acceptance letter to which you must reply.
  • Choose your specialisation and deposit the tuition fee.
  • After receiving your acceptance letter, apply for the USA student visa as soon as possible.

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Cost of Studying Commerce and Cost of Living in USA

There are a variety of factors at play when it comes to deciding the cost of studying in USA for international students. However, the overall cost can be split into 2 important parts: the living expenses and the tuition fees.

Tuition Fees

The average annual fees for tuition in the best universities in USA for commerce range somewhere between $10000-30000 for public universities and $25000-80000 per year for private universities. The fees and expenses might be different from one program specialisation to another.

Cost of Living in US

While tuition fees take up a major chunk of the expenses in USA, there are other living expenses for students. On average, international students have to spend about $700-1000 a month as living costs while studying in the best colleges in USA for commerce. These expenses include the cost of housing, food expenses, transportation, study materials, and other expenses as well.

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Scholarships for Colleges in USA for Commerce

There are various scholarships options available for international students in USA, but some of the best scholarships are:

Scholarships Names


BrokerFish International student scholarship

Amount Awarded 1000 USD

National Overseas Scholarship


Chicago Booth Business School Scholarships

Variable Amount

QS Leadership Scholarship

10,000 USD

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Career Opportunities in USA after Commerce Courses

Commerce graduates can expect a very good salary in the USA after the completion of their courses. Students who have completed their graduation courses in commerce can expect a salary of $40000/ INR 3196820 per year. However, it might depend on the specialisation as well as the industry that you are working for. After completing a master’s degree for commerce students in USA, graduates can expect a salary of from 68000 USD / INR 5474554 per year.

Job Roles

Payscale (Annual)

Financial Analyst

47k - 87k USD

Marketing Manager

48k - 110k USD

Finance Manager

63k - 129k USD

Marketing Director

56k - 160k USD

Finance Director

91k - 188k USD

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

91k - 250k USD

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One of the best things about commerce courses in USA is that students will be able to build a fruitful career for themselves. The best universities for BCom, MCom, and PhD in commerce in USA provide you with a field full of career opportunities for your future. Connect with our Yocket professionals today to get more information about commerce courses and universities in USA.


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