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Colleges Accepting PTE Score 70 and Above: List of Colleges Accepting PTE Score 70

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All the students applying to colleges in USA from non-English speaking countries must have an English Language Proficiency (ELP) qualification. Out of the many tests, Pearson Test of English or PTE is a common one. It consists of three sections that the candidate has to complete in two and a half hours

The first section is speaking and writing combined which is 77-93 minutes long and within this, there are 8 sub-sections. Next up is reading, which is 32-40 minutes long and has 5 sub-sections within. The final section is of listening where you get 45-57 minutes to complete.

The PTE scores are a major deciding factor in getting you to the colleges of your dreams. But what is a good PTE score? In this blog, we will be discussing if the score of 70 or higher is good enough for you to acquire a seat at the universities in USA. Here we have mentioned a list of colleges with offering admission on PTE score 70 and above criteria, for you to make the perfect decision.

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Is a PTE Score of 70 or Higher Good Enough?

Millions of candidates are preparing themselves for PTE test, equipping themselves with the skills, boosting their knowledge by practicing, and are determined to get into their choice school. These colleges look for candidates who have the stability and the strength to be able to complete their course and not just the initial show of high scores, so keep in mind that there are other criteria for selection as well that you’ll have to fulfill.

But getting a 70 or higher on the PTE exam is a pretty decent score. There are many colleges that would accept you with this score. But it is always good to aim for higher scores. Let us have a look at PTE score 70 and above colleges below:

PTE Exam Pattern & Syllabus

List of Colleges that Accept PTE Scores of 70 or Higher

All the colleges have a minimum score requirement without which they might not even consider you. For you to be selected by the college of your choice, the first step is to know the eligibility criteria for admission and then equip yourself with scores according to their requirements. Here is a list of colleges that will select you if you have a score of 70 or higher on the PTE exam:


Score Range

McMaster University

70 and above

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Minimum 65; Recommended 70

University of Glasgow


University of Warwick


University of Exeter


Kingston University


Cardiff University


University of Manchester


University of Surrey


Birmingham City University


The University of Lancaster


Edge Hill University


Aston University


University College London


Birkbeck College


London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


Aberystwyth University


University of Lincoln


Keele University


St George’s University of London


Harvard University

75 or above

Yale University

70 or above

UCL, London

62-75 or above

PTE Exam Dates 2022

Your chances of being accepted into the college of your choice will increase with a high PTE score. Knowing the specific score requirements for each college can help you plan your study strategy more efficiently. Do remember to start your PTE preparation early to avoid last minute confusions. For more guidance and assistance, get in touch with our counselors at Yocket.


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