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Masters abroad: preps and steps

US University Admissions - Comparing the Profiles

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There seems to be major confusion as regards to the evaluation and comparison between students for the admission to Universities. Dr. Donald Martin, our Lead Counsellor having worked exclusively as Dean- Admissions for more than 28 years in various top US Universities including Chicago, Columbia, NorthWestern and our strength counselling of thousands of students would like explain the criteria:

Students normally post the short profiles on forums and expect somebody to suggest Universities based upon the information. Sample Case to analyse is below:

My profile- Suggest Universities

  1. GRE-305 (AWA-3.5) ,
  2. TOEFL: 102 ,
  3. 10th-90% ,12th- 88%, 71%(with two competed backlogs),
  4. Industrial project
  5. good extra curricular activities, LOR etc..

univ compare

Let me ask a question to students:

There are 5 students getting same 88% Marks in 12th standard from Maharashtra Board, J&K Board, CBSE, Kerala Board, Madhya Pradesh board. Are all these 5 students equal? Definitely not.

Similarly the University marking systems from Pune University, Delhi University, Punjab University & others are completely different and US Universities find extremely difficult to compare students. Indian Government is also struggling to compare students across 36 boards in India for JEE exam normalisation.

In view of the same, suggesting Universities just based upon the marks without complete information will lead to wrong selection.

The Universities convert these marks into equivalent US GPA and then compare. In order to convert the marks of Indian system into US-GPA, they consider following high level information:

  • University Reputation, NAAC rating
  • Past Performance of Universities and their Marking system
  • Institution Reputation
  • Syllabus of the Graduation course
  • Faculty profiles and strengths

WES is official specialised agency which provides such services and may be required by some Universities. But this service is very costly ($249) and not essential.

The admissions committee looks for complete Academic and Non-academic profile before taking any decision. Lot of Universities gives even upto 20-30% weightage for Non-academic. However, students do ignore this important part and then blame the University for rejecting the application. Students try to ignore this very important part and suggest Universities just on their perceptions without credible data.

Even GRE is one of the important factor but student construe the same as SOLE factor which is wrong.

My sincere request to students not to take University Shortlisting lightly. It is very serious business and need extreme research and communication with University. Finally with pressure of Funding, it is far more important to identify the Universities who provides Scholarships and other funding opportunities in your area of specialisation.

Author:Tushar Vinod Deoras
Founder Counsellor- Astute Overseas Education Academy,Pune.
Contact : 

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