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F-1 Visa Interview Documents: Documents Required for an F-1 Visa Interview

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There are two things that always make an applicant nervous:What kind of questions might the student visa interviewer ask?” or “What are the major documents required for visa interview if everything else is in place?”

This blog is going to guide you to the second question, ie, the most important visa interview documents.we will list out all the documents you may require for a study abroad visa interview as an applicant. Though not all visa documents are necessary, it’s always better to be safe and sure. And therefore, without any wait, let us move on to make you acquainted with all possible documents needed for visa! 

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Documents Required for F-1 Visa Interview

Getting required visa interview documents should be at one’s top priority while applying for a student visa to study abroad. Documents needed for F-1 visa can be majorly categorised into 4 sections: 

  1. Section 1: Application and appointment related documents
  2. Section 2: Academic documents
  3. Section 3: Financial documents
  4. Section 4: Work related documents

Let us understand about each section pertaining to the documents needed for visa interview below: 

Section 1: Application and Appointment related Documents

This particular set of documents needed for visa interview covers all the paperwork for the visa interview booking process and includes:

    1. Passport: Make sure to have a valid passport for 6 months at-least. If the applicant has applied and obtained a new passport, please check the biographical information and that everything is in order. This would be your basis in terms of your identity where-ever you are abroad and most documents are made by taking your passport details as reference.
    2. Proof of Fee Receipts, both SEVIS and Visa Fee Receipts: The Visa office at times asks for fee receipts. Therefore, you should have all the fee receipts with you. 
    3. Appointment Confirmation Letter: you ought to have the visa appointment confirmation. For instance,in case of the Chennai consulate, at the time verification is done, the appointment page is stamped. It is that page which must be shown prior to entering the consulate building. So make sure you have the stamped OFC documents with you.
    4. DS-160 Confirmation Page 
    5. I-20 and Admission Letter: Make sure to have signed the I-20 at the required place before your interview.
    6. Letter from a Physician 

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Section 2: Academic Documents

One of the most important sets of documents required for visa interview are the academic documents. Academic documents required for study visa include: 

  1. Test Scores: Have both the GRE and TOEFL/IELTS test-scores with you. If the original test scores have not yet arrived, you can always download a copy of your results off the internet from your ETS account.
  2. Degree Certificate: If you have graduated, you should have your degree certificate with you. If you are yet to graduate make sure to have at least all your 8 semester grade sheets with you. If not, at least your course completion certificate.
  3. Mark Sheets for all semesters,TC and Immigration Certificate (if available)
  4. Academic Transcripts
  5. 10th and 12th Mark Sheets 

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Section 3: Financial Documents

The third set of crucial documents required for study visa are the financial documents. Financial documents required for student visa help you to prove your financial status in terms of funds available, while leaving for a study abroad destination. 

Lets us check out the list of financial documents required for visa interview: 

  1. Bank Account Statements and/or Passbook: To show the available funds you have in either your name or your relative’s name for the amount of money mentioned in the I20.
  2. Fixed Deposits 
  3. LIC Receipts 
  4. Mutual Funds 
  5. Shares or Bonds 
  6. IT Returns: the returns can be of parents if eligible and can even be yours if you’re working. (Preferably 3 years)
  7. Property Documents: A copy of these documents should be enough to show permanent address proof.
  8. Letter of Affidavit: This is required in case someone except for your parents is sponsoring for you.

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Section 4: Work related Documents

Work related documents required for visa interview include documents pertaining to your work and industry experience such as

  1. Joining Letter and Relieving Letter 
  2. Pay Slips 

Getting hold of visa interview documents can be sometimes tiresome. And therefore, it is suggested that you categorise your documents into broad sections, as mentioned above. Moreover, it is of the utmost importance that all the documents that you submit are 100% authentic, and devoid of any discrepancy. 

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