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Student Visa Application Process for Switzerland


Switzerland in recent years has gotten recognition with regards to the quality education it offers as well as its vast employment opportunities. Many students from around the world dream to make the most of these opportunities in order to carve out a good future. The thing is, while this is certainly not an unattainable aspiration, the process may take quite a while to complete. Hence, before you set about to initiate the visa application process make sure you have enough time to see it through to the end.  


How long will it take to get your visa?

The very first thing that you ought to know is the visa type that is applicable to you – National Visa D. Generally, the waiting period ranges within three months. Hence, you must plan adroitly. After having enrolled for the course that you want to study in the varsity of your choice, you must not procrastinate to set in motion the visa procedure. Remember to apply for the National Visa D three months before the course commences.

What is the procedure to apply for the National Visa D?

To get a student visa, the following steps need to be followed in order:

  1. On receiving a letter of acceptance from the Swiss University you had applied to, you need to send a mail to  for the New Delhi Consulate with a reference of "Student Application" along with a scanned copy of the acceptance letter of the university, the details of the course and 3 preferred dates for an appointment. 

  2. Thereafter you will need to fill a Visa Application Form and submit it in person along with the supporting documents at a scheduled appointment at the Swiss Visa Application Center, located in New Delhi. 

  3. Once the appointment is scheduled and confirmed, you need to pay a visit to the embassy. All relevant documents to be carried along are mentioned below.You may be asked to provide your biometric details for the process to start. Hence, collect your biometric details, which mean your fingerprints and photos. These details are sought due to security purposes.

  4. On arrival at the Swiss Visa Application Centre, you are required to take a token and wait in the seating area.Thereafter you will be called to the submission counter, where your application and documents will be examined, you may also be required to sit for an interview to clear the visa application process. A receipt is issued hereafter for the fees and service charge paid as an acknowledgement.

Normally the visa fee charged is 60 euros and an additional 300 rupees is charged for postal fees. The entire application process takes around 8-12 weeks.


What is the validity of your visa?

You can certainly stay for the entire duration of the course. But in order to do that, you need to renew the visa yearly. In fact, many people choose to perpetuate their stay post-completion of the course, either to continue studying further or to get employed in Switzerland. If you make any decision that is similar to any of these, then you will have to apply for the renewal of the visa every year or apply for a different visa that will be suitable to your requirements.


What are the required documents?

The documents that you must furnish in order to get the student visa to study in any college or university in Switzerland are mentioned below –

1.    Photocopy of the first and last pages of your passport. Your passport needs to have been issued within exactly 10 years, and the date of expiry must also come within a minimum validity period of three months from the time of your scheduled return; finally, the passport book must have at least two blank pages

2.    Your passport photos are required and they must not be any more than six months old  

3.    Proof of confirmation from the University or College of having accepted and enrolled you to study.

4.    Your academic degrees and education certificates.

5.    Proof of your employment certificates in case applicable in the course eligibility criteria

6.    Certificates of proof with respect to your skill in speaking the English language, for instance, the IELTS or the TOEFL

7.    Supporting documents as proof to your financial status. This is required in order to ensure that you are well-funded to stay for the entire duration.

8.    Solvency as well as an identity proof of your sponsor for at least two assessment years needs to be submitted. Aside from this, you also require to furnish bank account details of the last three months of your sponsor. A copy of her/his passport page is also mandatory for submission.

9.    The sponsor also needs to share through you a written approval of the fact that all your expenses will be borne by her/him. 


How much does one need to pay while applying for a student visa?

A student visa application costs INR 4,500.

The Switzerland visa fee for Indian students, who are going for research, is free. However, this is valid for cases that are not receiving any other kind of financial benefit, for instance, a fellowship, etc. This amount, in case applicable, must be paid in cash. Students can enjoy a waiver of the application fee also if they earn a government scholarship to study.

Switzerland certainly promises to open innumerable and significant opportunities for students. As a result of this, today, crores of Indian students are willing to study there instead of continuing education here in India. Hence, it is important to comprehend the entire visa application process well, so that no stone is unturned, and the process meets success in time.

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