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6 Reasons For Switzerland Student Visa Rejections: What is Switzerland Student Visa Success Rate?

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Switzerland is one of Europe's most diversified countries. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, it has been the most innovative country globally for the past decade, attracting students from all over the world for holistic higher education. Switzerland has a long history of accommodating students, evidenced by its high success rates in obtaining student visas.

Deserving students are granted a student visa to Switzerland without delay. However, a student visa application may be denied in a number of circumstances. Do you want to know how to get past the first barrier of rejection? This blog lists the reasons for Switzerland student visa application rejection that can be readily avoided for a smooth visa application procedure.

Table of Contents:

  1. Is the Success Rate of Switzerland Student Visa High?
  2. Top 6 Reasons for Switzerland Student Visa Rejection 
  3. How to Reapply for A Switzerland Student Visa?

Is The Success Rate of Switzerland Student Visa High? 

Switzerland is an intellectual abode attracting thousands of students every academic year from different countries. In fact, foreign students made up roughly 26% of university students in Switzerland in 2020-2021. In 2017, Switzerland's embassies received 517,010 student visa applications, of which 451,528 were approved, resulting in a visa rejection rate of only 7.25 %. The continuous record of a higher Switzerland student visa success rate has fulfilled the dreams of many Indian students. 

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Top 6 Reasons For Switzerland Student Visa Rejection

Switzerland Student visa success rate has been relatively high; however, visas might be rejected owning to several irregularities. Here are the top six reasons for student visa rejection that can be easily avoided:

1. Insufficient Travel Purpose Explanation 

A student visa requires an explanation for the purpose of the travel. The explanation includes an itinerary of travel, accommodation details, college letter, to name a few. The chances of Switzerland student visa rejection rate increase if any of these documents are missing or you are unable to justify them during the interview.

2. Damaged Passport

Damage to a passport will result in an immediate revocation. An invalid passport due to the expiration date or some spelling mistakes in the passport will lead to refusal as well. The passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the duration of the intended stay. In addition, the passport should include two vacant visa pages.

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3. Criminal Records

If the visa officer believes the applicant poses a threat to public policy, public wealth, or internal security, the application will be dismissed. If the candidate has any current or previous records relating to terrorism, drug abuse, or other criminal offenses’s(he) will not be permitted to study in Switzerland.

4. Insufficient funds

Switzerland student visa requires documents such as bank or scholarship statements as verification of financial condition to ensure that an applicant is well-funded to stay for the entire duration. If financial statements are older than one month from the time of application, it can lead to rejection. 

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5. Inadequate Documents

Another reason for the Switzerland student visa rejection rate is incomplete or false document submission. An authorized letter of admission from college with letterhead, travel insurance, proof of accommodation for the stay in Swiss is essential to avoid rejection.

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6. Misbehaviour During The Visa Interview

A significant aspect of a student visa application to Switzerland is the student visa interview. The student's demeanour and appearances throughout the interview are quite important. Any misbehaviour or fabricated replies during the interview will result in the visa being denied.

How to Reapply For A Switzerland Student Visa?

Although receiving a student visa refusal from Switzerland can be distressing, it does not have to mean the end of your study abroad plans. After being rejected, a written appeal can be sent to the Swiss consulate within 30 days of the rejection. It must contain the candidate’s original signature, name, and reasons for challenging the visa refusal. The applicant is notified of the rejection by phone or email.

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