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New Zealand is one of the most sought after study destinations for applicants from non-english speaking countries. As a result the competition is fast on the rise with each passing year and the qualifying IELTS score for New Zealand is becoming an obstacle for various overseas students. The solution however, lies in pursuing quality education in New Zealand without IELTS. The current article will help you understand the process to study in New Zealand without IELTS.


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Table of Contents:


  1. How can students study in New Zealand without giving IELTS?

  2. Universities Accepting Application Without IELTS

  3. Documents Required to study in New Zealand without IELTS

  4. How to opt for a New Zealand Study Visa without IELTS?

How can students study in New Zealand without giving IELTS?

If you are somebody who intends to study in New Zealand without IELTS, the first thing to know is about the universities in New Zealand without IELTS. This implies that you must apply to such institutes of higher learning that don’t need IELTS as a base condition.


Let us look at some of the universities which accept applications without IELTS.

Universities Accepting Application Without IELTS

Even though most of the universities want English proficiency tests as a part of their admission process for those international students who are from a non-English speaking country, there are some universities in New Zealand without IELTS requirements. Let us have a look at some of these top universities one by one -



Courses Offered

Application Process

University of Auckland




Create a new profile by registering yourself.


Opt for the desired course application. As some courses require an interview process, the details are provided after the registration process.

University of Otago



Apply via the official website

Interview will be taken before final enrolment.


Once interviewed, log in to the portal, choose the degree/program and pay the tuition fee.


Apply for VISA while attaching the acceptance letter.

Once VISA is received, obtain travelling and medical insurance as it is mandatory for all the international students.

After insurance, apply for international enrollment and attend orientation seminars with VISA and Passport documents.


In case of applying for an online course, technical availability is required rather than VISA and Passport availability.

University of Canterbury





Sign up/login via official website

Verify your email address < sign in< click on ‘Start New Application’.


Choose new student option and select the year of enrolment

Provide identification details, academic details, qualification, and student declaration.


Upload the supporting documents and submit the application.

Unitec Institute of Technology













SOPs and LORs are required for some courses.


For a few courses, CVs are also required.


Additional documents, depending upon the type of courses, are also required.

Lincoln University




CV is required for a few courses.


While SOP and essays are not required, the LORs are needed for a few courses.


Additional documents are required based on the type of course chosen, which are available on the official website as well as at the time of application.


Even though some top notch universities in New Zealand don’t expect students to appear for IELTS, there still exist some fundamental criteria for applicants to cover the language specific requirements of these universities.


Let us have a look at these requirements -

  • Proof that you have studied in an English medium school from at least class 8th till 12th with the medium of instruction being in English.

  • Proof that you have either 5 years of education in English medium at the primary level or 3 years of education at the higher secondary level during your school years

  • Willingness to show up for an interview for universities that expect you to appear for it in the absence of IELTS and test your language proficiency.

  • Submission of scores for exams like PTE & TOEFL, if valid.


In addition to the requirements expected by the universities in New Zealand without IELTS, certain documents also need to be provided.

Documents Required to study in New Zealand without IELTS


Let us look at the documents which are required to apply in the universities in New Zealand without IELTS -


  • Bonafide certificate by school declaring your successful completion from school

  • Academic transcripts and marksheets


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Once a student provides all the requisite documents, she/he can apply for a New Zealand student visa without IELTS.

How to opt for a New Zealand Study Visa without IELTS?


For any student willing to pursue higher education in NZ without IELTS and intending to obtain a New Zealand study visa without IELTS, an interview must be appeared for by the applicant.


This interview is conducted by the New Zealand Immigration Authorities and a student must prepare for it well.


A few effective tips for scoring well in the visa interview are being provided below -

  • Be confident at all times.

  • Stay truthful while answering questions.

  • Keep a good presence of mind.

  • Speak in English fluently.

  • Display good use of communication skills.


These tips will go a long way in helping you crack the visa interview and apply for Bachelor’s, Masters or PhD in New Zealand without IELTS.


Thousands of non-english applicants make it to quality institutes of learning in New Zealand each year. You can do the same by ensuring to follow all application, admission and visa guidelines. Make your dream of studying in New Zealand without IELTS a reality.


All the best.

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