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SAT Exam Fees in 2022: SAT Registration Fee, Late Fee & Other Cost

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The SAT registration cost is now out for 2022. SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a widely accepted entrance exam abroad to help top universities evaluate students' skills in math and language. Multiple students who wish to study abroad undertake this SAT exam to score great marks that will determine their admission to the widely recognized institutes globally. 

If you are one of them, this blog is for you. Before you get started with your SAT preparations, you need to first sign-up for it. Thus there is multiple SAT entrance exam fee that should be considered. To simplify this research, this blog covers all the essential information about the price to take SAT, SAT exam registration fees, and more. 

  Table Of Contents:

  1. Fee Structure For SAT Exam Fee
  2. SAT Exam Fee For Different Types Of SAT Tests
  3. Other Related Costs Included In SAT Exam Fee
  4. What Is The Mode Of Payment For SAT Exam Fee?
  5. Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Exam Fee

Fee Structure For SAT Exam Fee

To register for the SAT exam, there is an SAT registration fee that needs to be paid. These SAT exam fees differ based on the type of SAT exam you’ve chosen. 

Here is an overview of the same:

SAT Exam with essay

$117 (9,062 INR)

SAT Exam without essay

$104 (8,055 INR)

To apply for an SAT exam, the fee for SAT is $55. 

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SAT Exam Fee For Different Types Of SAT Tests

Apart from the standard SAT exam fee, students opt for subject-based tests as well. 

When you sign-up for subject-based tests, the standard fee for SAT will be $26. However, if you take additional subject tests, you need to pay an added $22 fee. 

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Students can also enjoy the benefits of fee waivers for these exams. For instance, students can have one fee waiver provided they take three subject-based tests on the same day. 

Apart from the stated price of SAT, there is other related SAT exam fee in Indian rupees. These costs are popular and relevant during the payment of any fee, for example, SAT late registration fee. 

Here is an overview of the related SAT registration fees in Indian rupees:




Refund for SAT cancellation



Change in Test Center



Cancel SAT exam registration by the deadline



Cancelled registration after the change deadline



Late registration






Apart from these, there is a certain price for SAT with reference to acquiring your SAT results. We have covered the top ones below:




Additional score reports

12 (per report) (fee waiver available)


Rush reports

31 + 12 (additional score reports fees apply)

2,401 + 929

Receive results via phone

15 (per call)


SAT student answer service

16 (fee waiver available)


SAT FAQs student service

16 (fee waiver available)


Archived scores

31 + 12 (additional score reports fees apply)

2,401 + 929

What Is The Mode Of Payment For SAT Exam Fee?

Students apply for SAT exams from various countries. Thus, SAT exam fees can be paid in multiple ways to cater to each interest. The two preferred modes of payment are PayPal and Credit Card ( Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Diners Club and JCB).

Now that you’re aware of the SAT test price, your next steps will be to register for the same. Studying and passing an SAT exam requires a lot of hard work and effort. Thus to help you ace this exam better as a bonus, we curated more tips to improve your SAT score in 2022

Scoring a great grade in SAT exams will quickly help you get accepted to your dream university. Now that you’re aware of all the related SAT test costs, it’s time to move towards the first step, registering for the SAT exam. To seek further assistance about SAT test price, speak to our Yocket counsellors today. 

Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Exam Fee

Ques: Can we give SAT after 12th?

Ans: Yes, students looking to pursue undergraduate studies after the 12th are eligible to apply and write the SAT exam. 

Ques: What is SAT exam eligibility?

Ans: There are no SAT eligibility requirements however the standard requirement is there, such as students should complete their high school education. 

Ques: How long is SAT valid for?

Ans: There is no time duration for SAT. However, do check your universities website as a few of them don’t accept SAT scores that are 5 years or older. 

Ques: How many times can I take SAT?

Ans: There is no limitation on how many times a student can attempt an SAT exam. However, it is suggested that twice a year is better to have the time to prepare well. 

Ques: Is SAT exam online?

Ans: No, SAT exam is offline. However, recent news revealed that by 2023, SAT exams would be digital, and the test timings will move from 3 hours to 2 hours. 

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