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SAT Exam Fees 2023: Registration, Late Fee & Other Cost

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After planning to appear in the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) exam, the first question that comes to mind is how much to pay to appear for the exam. The exam fees, however, depend on the country of the applicant. The payment of the SAT form fees is the first step. Many other subject and service fees and SAT exam fees are included. There is also a specified refund process and SAT cancellation fees if the applicant cancels the form. In this article, we will split the fee structure and other additional costs you must pay for the exam!

Before you get started with your SAT preparations, you need to first sign-up for it. Thus there is multiple SAT entrance exam fee that should be considered. To simplify this research, this blog covers all the essential information about the price to take SAT, SAT exam registration fees, and more. 

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What are the SAT Exam Fees in India?

As per the official website,The SAT registration fee in India for 2023 is $60 (INR 4970) and an additional $43 (INR 3562) for international test takers outside US as regional fee which brings the total to $103 (INR 8532). The mentioned table breaks down the types of SAT exams and the exam fees in both Indian rupees and US dollars:

Exam Type

SAT Exam Fees + Regional Fee in India (USD)

SAT Exam Fees + Regional Fee in India (Indian Rupees)

SAT with Essay


INR 9,675

SAT without Essay


INR 8,532

SAT Subject Tests


INR 9,179

To apply for an SAT exam, the fee for SAT is $60. 

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Additional Costs Included in SAT Exam Fees

In addition to the main SAT exam fee, there are a few other additional costs that you should know about. These extra fees can vary depending on your specific circumstances. Here are some potential additional exam fees:

  • SAT Essay- There's an extra fee if you take the optional SAT Essay section. This fee covers the scoring of your essay and sending the scores to colleges.
  • Late Registration- If you register after the regular deadline, there might be a late fee. It's recommended to register early to avoid this additional expense.
  • Change of Test Date or Center- If you need to switch your test date or testing center after registering, an additional cost of $30 is to be paid as rescheduling SAT exam fees
  • Waitlist Fee- Being placed on a waitlist for a specific test center and then getting a seat might come with an extra fee.
  • Additional Score Reports- Initially, when you register for the SAT, you can send scores to four colleges or scholarship programs for free. If you want to send scores to more places later on, there might be a fee for each additional score report.

In the table below, you will find the split of the additional fees with the SAT exam-

Additional Services

SAT Costs


SAT center change

$25(INR 2064.59)

This cost is incurred for changing the SAT center only.

SAT cancellation fee

$25(INR 2064.59)

This cost is incurred for canceling the registration.

SAT Late cancellation fee

$35(INR 2890.42)

This cost is incurred for canceling registration after the deadline provided for cancellation.

SAT Late registration fee

$30(INR 2477.51)

This cost is incurred for registering after the regular deadline but before the late registration deadline.

Waitlist fee

$53(INR 4376.93)

This cost will be charged only if you're admitted to the test center on test day.

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Apart from these, there is a certain price for SAT with reference to acquiring your SAT results. We have covered the top ones below:




Additional score reports

$12 (per report) (fee waiver available)


Rush reports

$31 + $12 (additional score reports fees apply)

₹2,563 + ₹992

Receive results via phone

$15 (per call)


SAT student answer service

$16 (fee waiver available)


SAT FAQs student service

$16 (fee waiver available)


Archived scores

$31 + $12 (additional score reports fees apply)

₹2,563 + ₹992

What are the SAT Subject Tests Fees?

The SAT Subject Tests, previously referred to as the SAT II tests, are specialized exams provided by the College Board. These assessments enable students to demonstrate their expertise and competence in specific academic fields. The fees for SAT Subject Tests are:

  • Registration Fee: The fundamental fee for SAT Subject Test registration encompasses the cost of enrolling in a particular subject test. This fee accounts for administering the test and reporting scores to a maximum of four colleges or scholarship programs.
  • Additional Subject Test Fees: If you decide to undertake multiple subject tests on the same testing day, a supplementary fee is obligatory for each added subject test.
  • Language Test with Listening Fee: Should you opt for a Language Subject Test accompanied by a listening component (e.g., a foreign language test), there might be an additional fee related to the audio element.
  • Language Test without Listening Fee: Language Subject Tests that exclude the listening component typically entail a lower fee than those with listening.
  • Score Reports Fee: During registration, you can dispatch your scores to extra colleges or scholarship programs beyond the initial four covered by the registration fee. Each supplementary score report generally incurs a fee.

SAT Fee Waivers

It is important to acknowledge that SAT fee waivers are accessible for eligible students who demonstrate financial need. Fee waivers encompass the registration fee and the expense of transmitting score reports to up to four colleges or scholarship programs. However, it’s crucial to note that fee waivers do not cover added fees, such as those associated with taking multiple tests or language tests with listening components.

What Is The Mode Of Payment For SAT Exam Fee?

Students apply for SAT exams from various countries. Thus, SAT exam fees can be paid in multiple ways to cater to each interest. The two preferred modes of payment are PayPal and Credit Card ( Visa, American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Diners Club and JCB).

What is the Cancellation Process for the SAT Exam?

The SAT cancellation fees range from 25$-35$, depending on the deadline. Before proceeding with the cancellation and refund request, it’s crucial to familiarise yourself with the prescribed procedures following the SAT cancellation:

  • Refunds for the SAT Exam- Registration fee will not be granted if the cancellation is within five days of the scheduled test day.
  • Cancelled SAT registrations qualify for partial refunds. A reimbursement of $10 is applicable when cancellations are made five days before the scheduled test day.
  • The refund process is initiated six weeks subsequent to the test date.
  • If SAT Score reports were ordered at the time of registration and you were absent on the test day, these reports are eligible for a refund.
  • Additionally, any extra score reports ordered that haven’t been processed or dispatched can be refunded within 24 hours of cancellation.
  • It’s important to highlight that rush score reports are excluded from the refundable list.
  • If you opt not to transfer the registration for SAT Subject Tests, you can contact customer service and request a cancellation.

Now that you’re aware of the SAT test price, your next steps will be to register for the same. Studying and passing an SAT exam requires a lot of hard work and effort. Thus to help you ace this exam better as a bonus, we curated more tips to improve your SAT score in 2023

In summary, comprehending the breakdown of fees linked to the SAT exams, encompassing the fundamental registration fee and supplementary costs for multiple subject tests or unique elements like language listening components, is paramount for individuals preparing to undertake these evaluations. The provision of fee waivers for qualified students underscores the College Board's dedication to ensuring fair accessibility to testing avenues.

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