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New Digital SAT 2023: Prep Up For an Easier, Shorter Test

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A look at what’s new in the SAT from 2023 and how it will help students planning to join US universities.

  • The Digital SAT 2023 will be easier to take, easier to administer and more relevant, according to the College Board.
  • It is expected that more students will take the SAT next year after the Board ran a pilot in November 2021 which showed that it is less stressful for 80% of students.
  • The move to deliver it online would also give an impetus to the Biden administration’s plans to bring back international students to US universities. 

More students across the globe, including Indians, are likely to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in 2023, which will be conducted online, as announced by the College Board recently. With most students and institutions adjusting to learning and assessment in the digital mode post pandemic, the Digital SAT 2023 will be another step in that direction. 

This is also aimed at minimising the delivery costs involved in a high-level standardised test. It will also see some changes after 2016 which test takers need to prepare for. The digital version is likely to be less stressful for test takers, doing away with any logistical or other challenges involved in the offline test. 

The Board conducted a pilot version of the online SAT globally in November 2021. The results showed that it is less stressful for 80% of students and also received a positive response from 100% of educators, meaning it is easier to administer. According to Priscilla Rodriguez, vice president of College Readiness Assessments at College Board, “There is a full advantage in delivering an assessment online… it is easier to take, easier to administer and more relevant.”

The online SAT will be available for American students in 2024. This indicates that the US universities are focusing on getting more international students early. The move to deliver it online would also give an impetus to the Biden administration’s plans to bring back international students to US universities. 

Asian students are among the largest takers for the SAT. As per data from the Board, around 223,451 Asian students took the SAT in 2020 with 24% of them scoring between 1400 and 1600, 32% between 1200 and 1390, and 285 between 1000 and 1190. The SAT is also popular among Indian students aspiring to study in the US


What are the Changes in Digital SAT 2023?

SAT going online from 2023 has announced three significant changes in the pattern. These new changes will impact students’ preparation and approach for the test. 



As per the guidelines, SAT 2023, the time for the test has been cut from 3 hours to 2 hours. The Digital SAT Suite will help students get information and resources about local two-year colleges, workforce training programmes, and career options with more time per question.


Shorter Passages

Students may expect shorter and easier passages for this particular section, with one question related to each. The passages will cover more topics related to what students are likely to read in college. 


Use of Calculators

No wonder the Math section takes much of your time as it involves formulas and calculations. The good news here is that digital SAT will allow students to use calculators to tackle this section.


Paper-Pen vs Digital SAT

For paper test administrations, partitions between desks are not allowed. However, for digital test administrations, the College Board strongly suggests that these should be used. One advantage is allowing students to sit face-to-face, which is never allowed for offline administrations. 

What Stays The Same

  • The test content
  • How students study for the tests
  • How colleges use SAT scores
  • How students are evaluated 
  • How test takers get scores


Advantages of Digital SAT 2023

Here are some more benefits of the digital SAT. 

  • Secure: The paper-pencil version of tests is subject to cancellation in case of any external or internal issues. The digital SAT will provide more security as every student will have a unique test form and use their own device or a school-issued device.
  • Faster score: Students will get access to their scores within days instead of weeks.

Some of the major changes in the SAT were in 2016 and 2021 when the overall score benchmark was reduced to 1600 from 2400. In 2021, the Board did away with the optional SAT Essay along with the SAT Subject tests. With all changes over the years, the approach has been to make the test simpler and an overall complete experience for test takers. The next test date for SAT will be March 12, 2022.

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