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Complete Guide to PTE Exam for Canada Student Visa, Universities & PR

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An abode to more than 200,000 Indian students, Canada has been seen to be one of the most lucrative study abroad destinations across the globe. With cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Manitoba, and others being classified as the safest cities in the world, every year Canada observes a great influx of international student population. Getting a student visa in Canada is not an easy task, but definitely achievable, and one of the major prerequisites is scoring a decent value in English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE and others. But is PTE accepted in Canada? Yes, PTE is highly accepted by major institutions and universities in Canada. And this blog will take you through the process regarding PTE for Canada immigration, so, keep reading!

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Is PTE Accepted in Canada for Student Visa & Admission to Canadian Universities?

Pearson Test of English, commonly known as the PTE test, is a computer-based test used by numerous international candidates and students to prove their English proficiency across English speaking countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and others.

The PTE exam tests an applicant’s proficiency in the English language in four major segments: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. One of the most common forms of the PTE test is the PTE Academic test which is taken by a majority of test givers. There are around 290 PTE test centres spread across 50 countries worldwide.

Now coming to the most important question: Is PTE accepted in Canada for student visa? It definitely is! PTE is valid for Canada study visa and is widely accepted by major universities in Canada. More than 90% Canadian universities are known for accepting the PTE Test scores.

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Next we come to the second most important question that you're looking for in this blog, how much PTE score required for Canada? Let’s find out:

PTE Score Requirements and Criteria for Student Visa in Canada

As discussed above, PTE Academic scores are widely accepted across universities for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The score requirements vary widely with  the nature of the program and the universities.

The most preferable PTE score for a Canadian student visa at a majority of Canadian universities is usually considered to be 58-73. While the PTE score is counted as an English language proficiency test score to get hold of the Canadian student visa, the minimum PTE score for Canada student visa usually lies in the hands of the Canadian university you are applying to.

Some of the top universities that make PTE valid for Canada by accepting PTE Academic as proof of English language proficiency along with their average score requirements are given below:


Minimum PTE Academic Score

University of Alberta

61 - 68

Simon Fraser University

61 - 65

University of Calgary


University of British Columbia

65- 72

Mcmaster University


Dalhousie University

61 - 65

Concordia University

57 - 61

McGill University


University of Waterloo

60 - 68

York University

60 - 65

Make sure  you check the exact requirements for the program you are interested in from the university’s official website.

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Now that we know the PTE score requirements for Canada student visa, let us find out if PTE is accepted for PR in Canada:

Is PTE Accepted for PR in Canada?

Canada has different work visa and immigration programs that can help you easily get hold of a work visa or make you eligible for PR in Canada. One important thing that has to be kept in mind while applying for PR in Canada is that a PTE score is not accepted for PR in Canada, no matter how high your score is. Is PTE accepted in Canada for study visa? Yes, but not for a permanent residentship.

Getting a PR in Canada is entirely dependent on two major English proficiency exams: the IELTS General Training, and the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program, CELPIP.

Skilled immigrants like you can easily get Canadian PR through the express entry system. The system has three major pathways:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Given below is a brief table on the minimum English language requirements (IELTS)  for Canadian immigration:


Minimum CLP Level





Federal skilled worker program






Federal skilled trades program






Canadian experience class






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Renowned widely across continents, the PTE test is very commonly taken by international students willing to study in Canada and thereby apply for a Canadian student visa. One other perk associated with taking the PTE for Canada study visa is that the test results come in within 48 hours of you completing the test. Not only  this, the top universities in Canada accept the PTE Academic scores  for admission.

Frequently Asked Questions about PTE score for PR and student visa in Canada

Ques. Is PTE required for Canada student visa?

Ans. PTE or any other English proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc are essentially required to get hold of a student visa in Canada.

Ques. What is the accepted PTE score for Canada study visa?

Ans. The minimum PTE for Canada study visa at a majority of Canadian universities is usually considered to be 58-73, but is highly dependent on the type of program or study level or university you are going for.

Ques. What is the PTE fee?

Ans. The PTE exam fee lies approximately at 13,700 INR

Ques. When can I expect my PTE results?

Ans. The PTE results take around 48-72 hours to complete.

Ques. Why is English proficiency important to get hold of a student visa in Canada?

Ans. It is extremely important for you to demonstrate English proficiency in order to:

  • Get a student visa, as English proficiency is a requirement
  • Getting excellent employment opportunities in Canada
  • Beginning your journey as a Permanent Resident in Canada
  • Family class immigration

Ques. How long are my PTE scores valid for?

Ans. The PTE exam scores are valid for 2 years upon the examination date.

Ques. How much PTE score required for Canada PR?

Ans. PTE scores are not accepted for PR in Canada.

Ques. When is the PTE required for Canada, conducted?

Ans. The PTE test required for Canada student visa is conducted throughout the year.

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