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The 10 Best Cheapest Colleges in Canada for International Students

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It is no surprise that Canada has been an attractive study destination for international students. However, what promotes its popularity?

Many international students choose to study in Canada over their home nations due to the country's affordable tuition, easy and comfortable living conditions, and appealing universities. In Canada, many affordable universities provide top-notch education.

If you are hoping to study in Canada, we've outlined the top 7 most affordable universities in Canada, location-wise. This way, you can identify them and curate your university applications properly. This blog and several effective Yocket Premium Services will help you navigate your way to the finest universities in Canada. Begin perusing!

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10 Best Affordable Colleges In Canada

In Canada, there are 213 colleges. Graduate programs, diplomas, postgraduate courses, and diplomas are all offered by the colleges. To prepare students for the workforce, the programs are skill-based. You can select the subjects you want to study in the course to specialize in the stream of your choice as an international student.

Here are the top seven most affordable Canadian colleges for overseas students in 2024:

  1. Bow Valley College
  2. Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology
  3. Georgian College
  4. St. Lawrence College
  5. Niagara College
  6. Algonquin College
  7. Centennial College
  8. University of Manitoba
  9. Humber College
  10. Conestoga College

Discussed below is each university briefly.

  • Bow Valley College

Since 1965, Bow Valley College has been an important hub for higher education in Alberta and is among the most economical universities in the country for international students. In addition to career services and specialized courses that assist newcomers to Canada, the college offers certificate, diploma, and academic upgrading courses in many different fields.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma Certificate in Cyber Security

Diploma in Digital Design

Diploma in Legal Assistant

Business Administration Certificates, etc

Average Tuition Fee

CAD 1,772 - 1,08,530 (INR 14,030 - 8,59,000) per term

  • Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology

In Ontario, Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology is among the inexpensive universities. Many overseas students are admitted to the college each year to finish apprenticeship, certificate, and diploma programs. 200+ academic programs are available at the college, ranging from two-year diplomas and three-year advanced diplomas to one-year postgraduate studies and four-year honors bachelor's degrees.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in Engineering and Technology

Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications

Diploma in Culinary, etc

Average Tuition Fee

CAD 2,668 - 1,63,409 (INR 13,180 - 8,07,360) per term

  • Georgian College

One of the most economical Canadian institutions for international learners is Georgian College. 130+ programs with an emphasis on industry are available at the college in various subjects, including liberal arts, computer studies, management, and community safety. More than 13,000 students attend the college, 3,600 of them are international students from 85 different countries.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Honors Bachelor of Business Administration

Graduate Certificate Program in Big Data Analytics

Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Content Creation and Strategy, etc

Average Tuition Fee

CAD 16,990 - 10,40,600 (INR 29,200 - 17,88,430) per year

  • St. Lawrence College

St. Lawrence College in Ontario was started as an Institute of Applied Arts and Technology in 1967. The college provides over 900 online courses, 40+ diploma programs, over 20 advanced diploma programs, and 30+ certificate programs. Additionally, the college's programs are accessible at the SLC-affiliated institutions both offline and online.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

B.Sc. in Nursing

Bachelor in Computer Programming and Analysis

Masters in International Business Management, etc

Average Tuition Fee

CAD 16,130 - 9,87,900 (INR 21,720 - 13,30,500) per annum

  • Niagara College

Niagara College offers exceptional, high-quality education to international students. The college's main areas of concentration include applied health, community safety, food and wine sciences, and teaching English as a second language. International students can also enroll in the certificate, undergraduate, graduate, and diploma programs offered by it. At present, the college employs more than 9,000 full-time students, of whom 4,000 are international.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Advanced Diploma in Accounting

Graduate Certificate in Palliative Care

Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management, etc

Average Tuition Fee

CAD 17,875 - 10,94,700 (INR 33,710 - 20,65,000) per annum

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  • Algonquin College

Algonquin College is among the most reasonably priced universities in Canada, providing top-notch instruction and cutting-edge research opportunities to students from across the world. With nearly 4,000 foreign students, the college has 19,957 total residents. The academic institution offers a wide variety of courses organized into many faculties.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Bachelor of Engineering in Automation and Robotics

Bachelor of Digital Marketing Communication

Bachelor of Public Safety, etc

Average Tuition Fee

CAD 9,852 - 6,03,400 (INR 17,050–10,44,210) per annum

  • Centennial College

In Canada, Centennial College is ranked among Canada's top 125 community colleges, #3 for the greatest proportion of employed alumni performing applied research, and #8 overall for applied research activity. It is among the top universities in Canada with affordable tuition for diploma programs.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in International Business

Advanced Diploma in Business Administration

Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology, etc

Average Tuition Fee

CAD 17,401 - 11,18,900 (INR 18,440 - 10,55,700) for 2 semesters

Location-wise Cheap Colleges In Canada

As an overseas student, if you want to enjoy your college experience, do you know what is most important? The Canadian city in which you choose to reside. Based on geography, we have selected the top universities in Canada for international students with affordable tuition in Vancouver, British Columbia, Alberta, and Ottawa.


Cheap Colleges in Canada


George Brown College

Seneca College

Humber College

Centennial College

British Columbia

College of New Caledonia

Langara College

North Island College

Camosun College

Okanagan College


Willis College

Ottawa Ladies’ College

Herzing College

Telfer School of Management


Langara College

Columbia College

Eton College

Vancouver Community College

New York Institute of Technology


Medicine Hat College

Northern Lakes College

Portage College

Lethbridge College

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