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Study MBBS in London: Best Universities, Fees, Admission, Scope of MBBS in London

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The study of medicine is one of the most competitive fields in London, which also attracts students to seek MBBS in London. MBBS course in London is highly in demand because of the advancement in the field that helps universities to train students. The overall duration of MBBS course in London is 5-6 years.

There are some top universities that accept MBBS in London for international students offering practical and theoretical courses. Moreover, students get a short stint of work experience while pursuing MBBS in London. The majority of British medicine programs include a 6 to 12 week elective phase that gives students the chance to pursue coursework at institutions other than their home medical university. This article presents you with the complete insight about MBBS admission in London, fees, scholarship, top universities, and others.

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Why Study MBBS in London?

Studying an MBBS course in London is the right choice for students because it is one of the top nations in terms of medical education and advancement. There are some reasons why MBBS in London for international students is perfect.

  1. In London, doctors and other medical professionals make an average pay that is quite higher than that of other health occupations.
  2. In the past few years, there is an increase in the need for doctors and other medical professionals along with their pay scale, providing students with a variety of career options to consider.
  3. Indian students studying medicine in London are well-served because they can practise medicine in India without having to pass any prerequisite exams.
  4. According to the report by the General Medical Council, there is a rise of International Medical Graduates (IMG) in the UK's medical workforce. These patterns demonstrate the MBBS program's enduring appeal to Indian students studying in the UK.

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Course Curriculum and Structure of MBBS Course in London

The MBBS course in London aims to produce highly skilled and scientifically literate doctors having good exposure to the industry. The course structure is the foundation in the fundamental medical and social science prepared to practise patient-centred medicine in a rapidly changing modern environment.

Some of the subjects covered are:

  1. Fundamentals of Clinical Science 1
  2. Fundamentals of Clinical Science 2
  3. Integrated BSc
  4. Integrated Clinical Care
  5. The Life Cycle and Specialist Practice
  6. Preparation for Practice

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Best Medical Colleges in London

There are some best medical colleges in London offering MBBS course for students with practical learning experience. Under the MBBS course, students have options to choose the stream and practice accordingly.

  1. University Of Oxford
  2. University Of Cambridge
  3. University College London
  4. Imperial College London
  5. The University Of Edinburgh

Let check each university in brief:

1.  Oxford University

Oxford University is one of the most prestigious institutions offering MBBS course. The MBBS degree by the university offers a comprehensive intellectual education with a focus on the basic science research that underpins medicine. The university has maintained an unique pre-clinical stage lasting three years, during which time students work to get a BA with honours in medical sciences, followed by a clinical stage lasting three years.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Program Offered

(BA) in Medicine- 3 years

(BM BCh) in Medicine- 6 years

Program Fees (Annual)

Approx  GBP 39, 740 (INR 36,46,104)

2.  University Of Cambridge

This public Institution University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. The MBBS course is both professionally and academically rigorous. You will receive a demanding, research-based medical education at the university, which is a hub for scientific inquiry. Throughout the course, there are opportunities for students to conduct research and complete projects related to medicine.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Program Offered

Bachelor of Medicine ( 6 years)

Program Fees (Annual)

Approx  GBP 74,016.09 (INR 67,90,891)

3.  University College London

The University College London was established in the year 1826. The MBBS course by the university emphasis on the student's growth as a scientifically knowledgeable, socially conscious professional who can meet the needs of individuals and communities in terms of health. The Medical School, focuses on the needs of today's medical students and the requirements of tomorrow's doctors in the evolving healthcare environment.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Program Offered

MBBS (BSc) Medicine integrated program- 6 years

Program Fees (Annual)

Approx GBP 38,000 (INR 34,86,460)

4.  The University Of Edinburgh

One of the best universities in the world, the University of Edinburgh has constantly been listed among the top 50 universities in the world. The medical program at Edinburgh has a cutting-edge curriculum that will equip you for current medical practise. The goal of the course structure is to help students to graduate as a capable, moral, and thoughtful doctor who puts the welfare of patients first.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Program Offered

Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery- 6 years

Program Fees (Annual)


GBP 32,000 (INR 29,35,967)

5.  Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the top public research institutions having campuses in north and west London as well as affiliations with numerous hospitals, clinics, and NHS Trusts. The MBBS curriculum places a strong emphasis on the development of professional values and behaviours as well as professional skills and knowledge. The course will contain modules on preventative medicine and lifestyle medicine as well as case-based learning. There will also be possibilities for clinical research and improvement initiatives.



QS Ranking 2023


QS Subject Ranking 2022


Program Offered

MBBS/BSc Integrated course- 6 years

Program Fees (Annual)

Approx GBP 277183 (INR 25,43,1255)

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements to Study MBBS in London

If you wish to pursue MBBS in London, you must follow the given eligibility criteria to ensure easy admission in top colleges. The eligibility criteria for six years MBBS course in London are:

  1. Educational Qualifications
  2. English Language Proficiency Test Scores
  3. Entrance Exam Scores
  4. Work Experience
  5. UK Student Visa
  6. Additional Requirements

Let us check in Details

1.  Educational Qualifications

To study an MBBS course in London, one must have completed 10+2 with a 50-60% score from the science field with subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and others. Also, the GPA should be around 3.0.

2.  English Language Proficiency Test Scores

For international students applying for an MBBS course in London, they must submit their English Language Proficiency test score. However, the score may vary depending on the university.

3.  Entrance Exam Scores

There are some top universities offering MBBS course in London demand for GMAT/GRE or London Entrance exam score. Although for MBBS course, university won't prefer this course. However, carrying the score is a better option

  • GMAT- 600
  • GRE- 300-320
  • BMAT- 4.5-5
  • GAMSAT- 60-66

4.  Work Experience

Irrespective of the level of course you are pursuing, work experience isn't completely mandatory.

5.  UK Student Visa

To apply for a UK study visa, international students need to have the acceptance letter from the applied university. The average processing time for a UK study visa is three weeks, though during busy periods it may take longer.

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Documents Required for MBBS in London for International Students

To apply for MBBS in London, international students need to submit some additional documents to get admission efficiently. The following documents are:

  • Attested Marksheet of 10+2 along with their copies
  • Any diploma certificate from medical field
  • LOR
  • SOP
  • Work experience certificate
  • Your updated Resume
  • Proof of funds

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Application Process to Pursue MBBS in London

To study MBBS in London at the top college, students need to follow a certain admission process.  Below are the steps to follow for admission process:

  1. Check the official university website to see if you match the eligibility requirements for your desired program.
  2. Take a look at the important documents and permits that you need to submit along with your application.
  3. Complete the online application form and pay the application cost.
  4. After submitting your application, you can log in to the admission portal.
  5. Meanwhile, you can gather all of the documents needed to apply for a UK study permit.
  6. If you meet the required needs, the university invites you for the entrance exam.
  7. The cut-off for the entrance exam is determined by the college administration. If an applicant performs well on the entrance exam and meets the cut-off, the next step is processed.
  8. Once the university accepts documents and scores, you can get an acceptance letter from the applied university
  9. After receiving an acceptance letter you can apply for the UK study visa.

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Role of NEET for MBBS Exam and How to Pursue MBBS Without NEET in London

As a part of London medical entrance exam, many of the medical universities demand scores of UKCAT, BMAT, and GAMSAT, which are the replacement of NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam). It is best to practise for the mentioned London medical entrance exams which are highly preferred for the admission.

To Apply for MBBS in London without NEET, below are few steps-

  • Identify the best medical colleges in London that accept application with NEET score
  • Check the entry requirements for the chosen MBBS college or university. Identify if any tests are required in replacement of NEET or do you have to attend any other exam.
  • Once verified, you can proceed to apply for the university with required documents.
  • Once confirmed, apply for a UK student visa.

Pursuing an abroad MBBS without NEET makes the application process easier. Students don't have to waste their time on NEET, but practise for other valid entrance tests.

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Cost of Study MBBS Course in London

The total cost for overseas students is marginally greater than that of other medical degrees due to the length of the program and additional utilities needed while completing an MBBS in London. Below mentioned is the MBBS in London cost.

1. Program Fees

The annual MBBS in London fees vary and are determined by the institution's nature. To study MBBS in London, the overall annual fee is approx GBP 25007.66 (INR 22,94,366) annually

2. Cost of Living

The cost of living in London depends on the lifestyle and where you live. London has a slightly higher cost of living than comparable cities.


Cost Per Month


GBP 600 (INR 57,652.18)


GBP 200 (INR 19,217.39)


GBP 32  (INR 3074.78)


GBP 246 (INR 19,700)

Study Materials

GBP 21 (INR 20,17.83) yearly

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Job Scope After MBBS in London

The average wage of doctors and other medical professionals in London is around GBP 26,0270 (INR 23,87,9505) annually. There is a huge job scope for students wishing to pursue MBBS study in London. With good package and position, students can cover their MBBS London cost of study and living.

Job Roles

Average Annual Pay Package

General Medical Practitioner

GBP 260270 (INR 23,87,9505)

Invasive Cardiologist

GBP 564813 (INR 51,82,1012)

Obstetrician/ Gynecologist

GBP 38664 (INR 35,47,382)


GBP 428164 (INR 39,28,3607)

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MBBS in London for international students is quite a promising city to make a career in medicine. If you need any assistance regarding MBBS admission in London or about the cost, you can seek help from our Yocket Professional.


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