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Masters in Project Management in Australia: Know All About Project Management Courses in Australia

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Project Management is an enthralling field of business that tasks individuals with the responsibility of managing projects for a firm and completing deliverables timely. They are usually expected to construct a team, hold delegations, make decisions and complete projects to meet (or exceed) the clients’ expectations.

If you’re someone aiming for this attractive field of business, we have got your back! Keep reading to know all about Masters in Project Management in Australia, along with some of the top universities known for offering project management courses in Australia for international students!

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With a masters in project management, you will have the theoretical and practical knowledge of everything a project manager should know. Dealing with subjects like international business, management strategy, entrepreneurship and time management and budgeting, you will learn everything as a project manager. Let us dive into everything you need to know before planning your masters in Project Management in Australia.

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Why Study Project Management in Australia?

First, we need to go through the various reasons that make Australia an ideal study abroad choice to study Project Management as a PG course: 

  1. Excellent networking opportunities: When you study in a country like Australia, you get exposure to different people from all round the world. You make connections and networks that last a lifetime and can help you grow in your professional life and beyond.
  2. Impeccable faculty and universities: Australia is abundant with elite universities with top notch staff and infrastructure, providing you with all you need to know and learn with a practical approach.
  3. Excellent opportunities: After you complete your post graduate in Project Management in Australia, and if you make a mind to settle in Australia after your education, you have a plethora of opportunities as far as your placement is concerned. Australia experiences significantly high demand for project managers, so expect some speedy ROI soon after!

If these aren’t enough for you to decide, go on and see which country is the best to study Project Management for the right answers! Eventually, it is your choice anyway!

:Public Universities in Australia

Best Universities for Project Management Courses in Australia

The first step in the race to get your masters in Project Management in Australia is to find the best university for you. Here, we present the top universities in Australia that you can get your Project Management post graduation from with and without a GRE test.

Let us have a look at the best universities in Australia for Project Management courses: 

  • Curtin University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Technology Sydney

Let us know about each of these universities in detail: 

1. Curtin University

Curtin University in Australia is also a world leader in education and has over 5 branches worldwide. Its business programs are world-famous and highly sought after, and the university has an acceptance rate of 50%, which means not everybody can get in.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Project Management

Fees in AUD (Annual)

24,600 (Domestic info. Available. International varies)

Fees in INR (Annual)





2 years

:Popular Universities in Sydney

2. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is not only the oldest university in Victoria but also the second oldest university in Australia. It is a real world leader in education and the acceptance rate here is 70%.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Construction Management: PM specialization

Fees in AUD (Annual)


Fees in INR (Annual)





3 years

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3. University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney is famous for its approach towards research, science, technology, and business. The acceptance rate at this university is 30%, making it a highly sought-after university.

QS World Ranking


Course offered

Master of Project Management

Fees in AUD (Total)


Fees in INR (Total)



City Campus, Sydney


1.5 years

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Difference between MS and MBA in Project Management in Australia

Before you go on to apply to your favourite university, you need to know the difference between an MS and MBA in Project Management in Australia to choose wisely and not regret your decision later on. Learn about the pros and cons of each type of degree and make your decision.


MBA in Project Management

MS in Project Management

Course Structure

Broader subject deals with most aspects of business.

MS is a more specialized course and deals with only the respective specialization


Is generally more expensive.

Less expensive than an MBA


Generally, 2 years long

More than2 years long

Pay Range

MBA students have more scope, and therefore earn more

Comparatively, students graduated from an MS have narrower scope and earn less

Ideal For

Professionals with a work experience at least three to four years are ideal candidates for an MBA program

Individuals recently graduated from a bachelors or an undergraduate course are ideal for an MS program.

Course Curriculum of Master of Project Management in Australia Melbourne

Now, let us acquaint ourselves with the course structure of a typical master of Project Management in Australia, in Melbourne and everywhere else.


The duration is usually 1.5 to 2 years long full time. If you go for a part time course, your education will last 3-4 years.

Core subjects:

  1. Methodologies
  2. Project planning and control
  3. Project leadership
  4. Stratify
  5. Crisis management
  6. Teamwork
  7. Project Management

:How to Study in Australia After 12th?

Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required for MSc Project Management Australia

There are certain eligibility criteria that you need to meet to be an acceptable candidate in Project Management Australia courses. Here are they, briefly explained:

  • English language proficiency test: To study in Australia as an international student, you need to appear for an IELTS or TOEFL test. These test your English language proficiency and grade you accordingly. The average score requirement for IELTS is 6.5 bands, and the TOEFL equivalent is also acceptable.
  • Past education: You should also have completed your 10+2 and undergrad from a reputed board of education and a known university in any discipline. The minimum score requirement varies.
  • GRE/GMAT: As mentioned earlier, you may or may not have to give the GRE or GMAT test. But in most universities, this is a compulsory eligibility criterion. The minimum score requirement is 660 on the GMAT and its GRE equivalent. Learn how to calculate a score equivalent to be more prepared!

:Application Requirements for Australia 

Admission Procedure for Project Management in Australia Universities

Now, let us jump to the admission procedure to apply to various courses in project management at Australia universities.

  1. Shortlist your choice
  2. Go to their official websites
  3. Fill out the form of your course
  4. Support with required documents
  5. Wait for the result day
  6. Once you get the acceptance letter, start preparing for the student visa applications!

Make sure you make your student profile unbeatable to receive acceptance letters everywhere you apply!


Cost of Studying Project Management in Australia

The most difficult aspect of studying abroad is the funds you’ll have to arrange to study in the best university for project management in Australia. The cost can be largely divided into two aspects: tuition cost and cost of living.

Tuition cost

This depends on the university you apply to and the course you choose. The approximate range of the tuition cost of project management in Australia is about 50,000 AUD to 80,000 AUD per year.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia depends on the individual and their standard of living. The average cost of living is 2000 AUD per month. The cost is a sum of your accommodation, taxes, gas, groceries, etc. Hover over to have a complete overview of the living costs in Australia as an international student.

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Scholarships for MS in Project Management in Australia

While the costs of studying project management in Australia might sound humongous, there are many scholarships available for international students to help them in the tuition costs. Here are a few of them summarised!


Value (in AUD)

Eligibility Criteria

ANU College of Business & Economics Postgraduate Merit Scholarship


In the field of Business & Management at the Australian National University (ANU)

Chilean Bicentennial Fund Scholarships


Project management at Swinburne University of Technology

Fulbright Program


University of Technology Sydney

Deakin International Scholarship


Deakin University, Project Management

Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship

15,000 AUD

University of South Australia, Project management

Carbine Club Sports Scholarship


2 semesters long

University of Charles Darwin

:Know About Scholarships in Australia 

Job Prospects after MS in Project Management in Australia

Coming to the most important aspect: what are the job prospects after MS in project management in Australia? Well, you can expect a truckload of opportunities in Australia after you graduate as a project manager in Australia.

Job Profile

Annual Pay (in AUD)

Annual Pay (in INR)

Senior project manager



Junior project manager



Program coordinator



Project Analyst






:Job Prospects in Australia

As you go on to become a project manager in Australia, your professional life soars and you bag new achievements. If you want to book a free profile evaluation and get a 100% chance of acceptance at the best universities in Australia, go ahead and do it now! The clock is ticking, and you have a flight to board.

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Do I have to be from a science background to pursue masters in project management in Australia?

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