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LLB in UK: Ultimate Guide to LLB in UK for Indian Students

Sumeet Jain

D you want to develop a range of skills and explore the different aspects of human life? Or looking to sharpen your mind and strengthen your understanding and experience across the full range of social sciences and humanities? If your answer is yes, pursuing an LLB in UK is a perfect fit for you. The UK being home to some of the best universities, offering a range of programs has some internationally recognised law subjects as well that puts you in the heat of legal innovation.

Additionally, you get the skills and qualifications to succeed in the legal profession. An LLB degree in UK gives you the intellectual knowledge and transferable skills to thrive, reform and innovate in the legal profession. Want to know more? Read this blog to get more information about the top universities in UK offering LLB programs, eligibility criteria, requirements, costs, career prospects and much more.

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Why to Study an LLB Course in the UK?

There are different benefits of studying LLB in UK for Indian students. You will get a chance to be with professional legal bodies and practitioners, with the opportunity to work with experience along with theoretical studies. Some of the other reasons why to study LLB in UK universities are:

  • Top Universities: There are many best universities for law and legal studies in UK, out of which most of them are highly ranked. According to QS Rankings, 36 UK universities are among the world's top 250 best law and legal studies subject rankings. And it is worthwhile to say that 3 has been placed in the Top 10 rankings
  • Transferrable Skills: Alongside developing key theoretical knowledge in law course, you may also get the skills required in professional and personal life from analysis, research to collaboration and project management. These are the important skills chosen to build a successful career in law or related fields.
  • Higher Salaries: Because of the high-level knowledge and expertise in law jobs, you can expect to earn an exciting salary package as a law graduate. According to The Lawyer Portal, a trainee solicitor's average salary is between 35,000 to 35,365 GPB in London. Outside the capital, you can also find roles having salaries of more than 30,806 GPB.

Why Choose UK for Masters?

Course Curriculum of LLB Degree in UK

Bachelor of Law or LLB course in UK gains you a recognised initial training that will advance your career in the legal profession. The course explores a wide range of legal concepts, values, principles, and rules that will provide you with expert knowledge of the core principles of law in the country. It also gives you the opportunity to put your theoretical understanding into practice with work-based modules that will develop your professional skills. The course curriculum of this program contains subjects like:

  • English Legal System
  • Legal Method
  • Contract Law
  • Public Law
  • Criminal Law
  • English and International Commercial Law
  • Human Rights
  • Public International Law

Best Courses to Study in UK

List of Top Universities To Study LLB in UK

There are many best law colleges in UK for LLB degree with the best educational infrastructure and faculties. Most of these universities are recognised by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK. Here we have curated a list of top LLB UK universities that you may check for admission:

  • University of Birmingham
  • University College London
  • King's College London
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • The University of Manchester

Let's discuss each university one by one below:

University College London

UCL law faculty offers a wide range of subjects and employs a variety of teaching methods. Its degree programme provides both general liberal education and a basis for careers not only in the legal profession but also in diversified fields. The course includes studying compulsory subjects in Public Law, Contract Law, Property, Tort, Property II, EU and Human Rights Law, and Jurisprudence & Legal Theory during the completion.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Law and Legal Studies 



3 years 

Average Annual Fees 

21,124 GBP

Program Offered 

  • Law LLB
  • Law with German Law LLB
  • Law with French Law LLB
  • Law with Hispanic Law LLB
  • Bachelor of Laws (UCL) and Bachelor of Laws (HKU) LLB

The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh offers a range of law courses to study. The LLB programme will provide you with a range of useful skills in logic and rhetoric, transferable to other academic and professional fields. It aims to promote advanced knowledge and understanding of the theory, concepts and rules of law in their socio-economic, institutional, and historical frameworks. The course includes subjects like commercial law, international law, property law, criminology etc.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Law and Legal Studies 



2-4 years

Average Annual Fees 

20,332 GBP 

Program Offered 

  • Law (Graduate Entry) (LLB)
  • Law and Accountancy (LLB)
  • Law and Business (LLB)
  • Law and History (LLB)
  • Law and International Relations (LLB)
  • Law and Politics (LLB)

The University of Manchester

LLB program at the University of Manchester offers a distinctive approach to legal education from a globally recognised institution that brings together research-informed study and practice-led approaches to law. The course enables you to build the skills, knowledge and experience to be highly employable and provides you with the confidence to forge into your own professional development beyond the undergraduate study, whether you have ambitions to practise law or any other different field.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Law and Legal Studies 



3 years

Average Annual Fees 

22,884 GBP 

Program Offered 

  • LLB Law
  • Law with Criminology, LLB 
  • Law with International Study, LLB 
  • Law with Politics, LLB 

King's College London

King's College London’s LLB degree is a highly recognised course across the world for its teaching excellence, access to academic staff and an unparalleled location in the heart of legal studies. The university also offers the opportunity for the choice of applying for a dual degree or studying abroad options after the first year of LLB course. Its pathway includes Abroad law, Transnational Legal Studies LLB, English Law and American Law, Hong Kong Law, etc.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Law and Legal Studies 



3 years 

Average Annual Fees 

24,240 GBP

Program Offered 

  • Law LLB
  • English Law and Spanish Law LLB
  • English Law and French Law LLB
  • English Law and German Law LLB
  • Politics, Philosophy & Law LLB
  • English Law and Hong Kong Law LLB 

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham ranks among the Top 25 for Law in The Times Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023. The university offers a unique undergraduate Law programme which is designed to provide both a strong academic experience as well as vocational development. The course also provides flexibility to specialise more and more as you progress to really focus on what interests you, with opportunities to study anything from Counter-Terrorism Law to Environmental Law.

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS Rankings For Law and Legal Studies 



3-4 years

Average Annual Fees 

19,170 GBP

Program Offered 

  • Law with German Law LLB
  • Law with French Law LLB
  • Law LLB
  • Law with Criminology LLB
  • LLB International Law and Globalisation
  • Law with Business Studies LLB

Bachelor of Science in UK

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for LLB in UK

The eligibility criteria and requirements for LLB in UK for international students varies based on the university. You must have to fulfill those criteria first before the application. However, there are some basic criteria accepted at most universities which are discussed below.

  • Higher Secondary Certificate
  • English Language Proficiency
  • UK Student Visa

Let's discuss each requirement below:

  • Higher Secondary Certificate

To apply for the Bachelor of Law in UK, you must have completed your higher secondary or a high school diploma from a recognised institution. Must have achieved a minimum grade of B or C in previous academics.

  • English Language Proficiency

If you are an international student from a non native English speaking country you need to meet the language requirements for admission. These tests are mandatory and you need to submit the official scores in your application. The minimum scores required are:

Student Visa

A UK student visa is mandatory for admission to an LLB degree in UK for international students. A copy of your passport required to apply for the visa. Make sure to apply for it at least three months prior to the date of your travel.

UK Student Visa Process for Indian Students

Documents Required at LLB Universities in UK

Once you are eligible to get enrolled to your best llb UK universities, you are required to submit some crucial documents. Based on university, document requirements may change. Submitting extra documents will help you to stand out.  Some of the basic documents are :

Suggested: Exams to study in UK

Admission Process For LLB in UK

After completing mentioned requirements of LLB in UK for Indian students. The very next step is to apply for admission to the university. Here are some of the steps you can refer to for the application:

  1. First find all the universities and colleges offering the course and make a list of best law colleges in UK for LLB courses.
  2. Browse their official website and check whether you meet the entry criteria or not.
  3. Fill up the application form of your desired university or college along with the fee payment.
  4. Submit all the documents asked in the submission and wait for the decision.
  5. You will get an interview link by the officials, and appear in the interview.
  6. If you get selected by the university, acknowledge the acceptance letter by paying the depositary fees.
  7. The deposit fee is mandatory to confirm your seat of acceptance.

Study in UK after 12th Commerce

Cost of Studying LLB in UK

The cost of attending the UK law universities is certainly an important factor for international students. One must need to have a rough estimate of the costs associated with LLB in UK for Indian students. The majority of the cost mostly goes for your tuition fees and the living costs:

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees of LLB courses in the UK mainly depend on the type of university. The average tuition fees will range from 11,618 GBP to 32,566 GBP per year. However, the fees may slightly vary with the type of bachelor degree i.e. BA LLB or Honors program.

Cost of Living

Your living costs are also an important factor of the cost of studying for an LLB degree in UK. On average, this should range between 792 GBP to 1,496 GBP per month. A major part of the living expenses is spent on your rent, lifestyle, food, materials, transportation, stationary etc.

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Scholarship to Study LLB in UK

Without the cost of studying in the UK, studying for your LLB degree anywhere in the country represents an excellent value for money. However, most universities and external source supports international students by providing financial aid and scholarships to them. Here are some of the scholarships you can refer to while studying LLB course in UK universities are:

Scholarship Name 



LLB and LLB for Graduates scholarships, University of Birmingham 

International students with a good academic scores are eligible 

3,000 Euro per year 

LLB Senior Status International Scholarship 

First year new international students enrolling into full-time graduate entry LLB degree 

4,000 Euro 

Think Big About Global Justice undergraduate scholarship, University of Bristol 

Overseas students applying for a full-time LLB course 

3,000 Euro per year 

UCL Laws LLB Opportunity Scholarship

Undergraduate students with an underrepresented background on the LLB programme. 

15,000 Euro 

Scholarships in UK for International Students

Career Opportunities After Completing LLB in UK

UK law schools embed employability across their courses and have excellent links with the legal professions, business and the public sector. Graduates of LLB degree from UK have an impressive record of securing employment across the world. 

Post completing LLB degree, you can also appear in the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) to practice your legal profession. You may also opt to study for masters degrees i.e. LLM in UK after your bachelors. Some of the job profiles of the graduates are given below:

Job Profile 

Average Salary Per Year


46,737 GBP


46,209 GBP

Associate Attorney

42,872 GBP


26,287 GBP

Corporate Lawyer

40,880 GBP


34,500 GBP

High Paying Jobs in UK

With this we can say that purusing LLB course in UK universities will help you to develop skills desired by top employers and gain you some valuable work experience. They also provide workshops, events and a one to one support to their students to excel further. So, if you are willing to move to UK for your LLB degree and need some assistance in choosing the best university, do connect with our Yocket Professionals now.


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