Universities Waiving Off GRE and GMAT for the 2022 Term

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Updated on Aug 25, 2021


Among all other things that happened since last year, uncertainty and confusion have been a constant in the lives of students. Aspirants looking forward to studying overseas have been amiss. However, going by the line every cloud has a silver lining, we come bearing news. 

Even though GRE and GMAT are now conducted online, some Universities have decided to still stay considerate about the current situation. Many Universities are now accepting the scores of your online GMAT and GRE exam. But, a few Universities are striving to take some weight off the students’ shoulders by waiving off GRE and GMAT for the coming academic year, i.e. Spring ‘22 and Fall ‘22.

We have curated a list of universities waiving GRE and GMAT for the term of Spring ’22 and Fall ’22. We will keep updating the list to keep you informed about universities waiving off GMAT and GRE for Spring ’22 and Fall ’22.

Check out the list to check if your target university has decided to drop off the test scores from their requirement. You can also comment below to let us know of any other university with GRE/GMAT waiver which we may have missed out on.

Universities Waiving off GRE/GMAT for Fall 2022: 

  1. University of Huddersfield

  2. University of Arizona Master of Public Health

  3. University of Louisville Graduate Business Programs (Conditional Yes)

  4. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Conditional Yes)

  5. Florida State University (Conditional Yes)

  6. California State University Long Beach (Waiver based on the course)

  7. Graduate Program at Penn State College of Engineering (Waiver based on the course

Universities Waiving off GRE/GMAT for Spring 2022: 

  1. University of Arizona Master of Public Health

  2. Rice University

  3. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Conditional Yes)

  4. Florida State University (Conditional Yes)

  5. New York Institute of Technology (Conditional Yes)

  6. California State University Long Beach (Waiver based on the course)

Note: The mention of a ‘conditional yes’, means that the University has specific conditions or courses that they are waiving it off for. However, you can gain better clarity on that by contacting the University.

The uncertainty due to the Coronavirus outbreak has put a halt to tests at the test centers nationwide for health and safety concerns. To further make up for it, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) have announced to continue taking GRE and GMAT tests from home. 

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