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Established in 1798, the University of Louisville (UofL) is situated in Louisville, Kentucky and is affiliated to the state university system. The Kentucky General Assembly authorized UofL as a Preeminent Metropolitan Research University. The US-based public university admits students from over fifty US states and around 116 countries from across the world. It comprises of 12 universities and colleges that offer over 200-degree programs. There are undergraduate, graduate, professional and online courses available to choose from. The University of Louisville is accredited to SACSCOC and is ranked 136 for public colleges and 175 for best research universities by Forbes Magazine




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UofL is situated in Kentucky's grandest metropolitan area which is also the seventeenth largest city in America. Situated on the banks of the Ohio River in the central part of Kentucky, the city is home to numerous entertainment options like the city's highly esteemed symphony, actor's theater, ballet, the Speed Art Museum and one of the country's finest urban park systems designed by the father of the American landscape architecture, Frederick Law Olmsted. Louisville being centrally located is at almost the same short distance from various major cities of the US. The city Louisville is conveniently reachable via the Interstate highways I-64, I-65 and I-71. The Transit Authority of River City provides a wide-ranging system of bus routes across the city, the surrounding counties and across several places in Southern Indiana.


UofL is divided into three campuses. The Shelby campus occupies 243 acres of the campus and is situated in the east of the Jefferson County. Considered to be the university's main campus, The Belknap campus spans over 287 acres of the campus, houses UofL's seven of the twelve schools and colleges, and is located three miles away from downtown Louisville. The University of Louisville hospital and the health programs are a part of the Health Sciences Center that is located in the medical complex of Louisville.

Residing Options

UofL offers a variety of living arrangements to meet the needs of the student body, including traditional residence halls, suites, apartments, Living-Learning Communities, and Themed Communities. Each facility includes its own list of amenities, as well as varying costs. The cost of living in Louisville is quite lower in comparison to the national average providing affordable dwelling options ranging from the suburban farms and communities to the swanky apartments and Victorian homes. A few more residing options for the upper-class include apartments with associated properties and apartment styled residences available on campus. A couple of more housing options are available on the medical campus and any student attending Belknap campus is eligible to occupy this space. The apartments have long term and short term residing options especially for students on rotations or the faculty members working for a short period of time.


The faculty to student ratio is 1:15 and it has over 36.2% of its lectures with fewer than 20 students. UofL boasts of well-established faculty members who are well reputed in intellectual, teaching and research activities nationally and internationally. They serve as excellent teachers for the students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and professional courses. Apart from being outstanding mentors, they also serve the world through their groundbreaking achievements.

Faculty affairs comprise of the academic deans who provide administrator and faculty development programs. The employee transition duties include advising and coordinating the faculty member's promotion, tenure process, medical leaves, hiring, reviews etc.

Jobs and placements

UofL students have made their names across various industries like business, politics, arts and entertainment, and engineering. Apart from that, the students have fared well in the field of athletics too. A lot of them being prominent NFL, AFL, CFL and UFL players. The College Student Personnel offers two compulsory internships, each comprising of 150 on field hours. Along with the internship, a seminar experience is conducted to address the issues faced by students and provides the interns with a chance to contemplate over their field experience. Some of the internships are offered in the form of student services, student activities, academic advising, student development, admissions and disabled student services. The students have the freedom to do their internships in other neighborhood institutions like Ivy Tech, Spalding University, Bellarmine University and Indiana University Southeast.

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