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GRE Analytical Writing Books: 5 Best Books for GRE Analytical Writing

Rohan Deshmukh

The GRE Analytical Writing section is an integral part of the GRE syllabus that consists of two separately timed writing tasks. Consisting of two types of essays- Issue Essay and Argument Essay, this section is marked on a grade scale of 0-6. In order to achieve a 4+ grade in the GRE AWA exam, you must invest ample time in preparation and practice. The best way to do so is by solving previous years' essays accessible through various sources like online websites, GRE apps, and, ofcourse books!

A great to score high in the AWA section of the GRE is by referring to the best books for GRE analytical writing. They are easily available on sites like Amazon or your nearest stores. But the main question that arises here is: which GRE analytical writing books should you go for? With so many books in the market, it is vital to pick the best ones for your utmost benefit. In this blog, we will discuss the best books for GRE AWA preparation and related aspects. 

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We bring you a comprehensive and complete list of GRE analytical writing books to refer to. You could go for either GRE writing books or essay ones, but having quality study material really amps up the preparation. Before we cut to the chase, let us look at the overview of the examination and what key aspects could fetch you good grades.

The GRE Analytical Writing: An Overview

The GRE AWA section tests students’ logical and analytical capabilities by means of a written assessment, usually an essay. The topics vary greatly in genre and niche, but practising GRE-level topics for essay writing can be fundamentally useful in getting good grades.

Students often neglect or ignore this section, thinking it's just essay writing. But in reality, the section requires much practice. Here are some bases which decide your grades:

  • Grammatical usage, diction, vocabulary, spellings
  • Transition in content is in flow
  • Control over language
  • Sentence variety
  • Sticking to the topic
  • Analysing and understanding the topic
  • Logical interpretation
  • Lack of sudden transition

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You must focus on these points and practice one essay from either section at least thrice a week for four weeks before the test. You should also look out to avoid grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, modifiers, diction, etc. in your essay.

Next, you should have strong control over your language and you shouldn’t jump suddenly from one argument to another. All this will become fluent with practice over time.

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Why Use GRE Analytical Writing Books?

GRE Analytical writing books can be adequately helpful in getting you good marks. Getting a GRE Essay book from a good source will help you get familiar with essay samples and potential topics, as well as topics from past GRE exams. When you read or write on these, you get a real-time idea of the actual GRE AWA paper and thus, prepare practically.

As far as a GRE writing book goes, it will have a list of good topics from each potential subject that you can practise. Why buy these and not take topics online? Because anybody can publish any type of topic online, buy books from credible sources and authors that have good reputations have real expertise and helpful content.

Let us now look at the best books for GRE Analytical writing section, along with their description, authors, pricing, etc.

Five Best Books for GRE Analytical Writing

You should take note of a few important things before deciding which books to buy for your GRE AWA templates. The book should be from a reputable author and publication house. The book should have good reviews and should be of adequate length. Also, don’t invest in too many books for just this section. Practising one book thoroughly is better than sifting through tens of books.

Here is a list of the five best books for GRE Analytical Writing that you can refer to:

Name of the Book


Price (in INR)


Reasons to Buy

1. GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics - Book 1 (Test Prep Series)

Vibrant Publications



Sample essays, strategies, 25 topics for each section, scoring guide

2. On GRE Analytical Writing II: Issue Topics that Matter: Issue Pool Solved

Monica Chang



Comprehensive guide to topics on analyzes an issue analytical writing section

3. GRE Prep Book: Official GRE Super Power Pack 



Amazon.in or ETS website

Complete guide of all sections and practice tests

4. Manhattan Review GRE Analytical Writing Guide: Answers to Real AWA Topics

Joern Meissner



Sample questions and answers

Highlighting flaws and strengths of sample answers

Good vocab building

5. 30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary

Simon & Schuster



Used book available on BookChor

Builds your vocabulary over a longer period

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While there is a plethora of books available online, we often don’t know which ones to go for. These mentioned have fetched good amazon rankings and students have experienced expert aid in their preparation using these books. Additionally, all of them are from reputed authors or publications, strengthening their credibility.

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The GRE AWA section demands equal focus along with other sections. Thorough practice and advance preparation can even get you a 6 in this section! So, buck up and start your preparation today. If you look forward to seeking an expert help, sign up and book a free consultation call with Yocket for the right guidance towards your academic goals.

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