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Best Book for GRE Verbal 2023: 5 Best GRE Verbal Books for Preparation

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Best Book for GRE Verbal 2023: 5 Best GRE Verbal Books for Preparation  Image

Are you planning to crack a Graduate Record Test (GRE) to pursue education abroad? Does your GRE verbal section need improvement? If yes, you must be worried about honing your ability to conclude a verbal test, distinguish relevant points, or understand different words and sentences. Worry not! The best book for GRE verbal will be of immense help here. It will act as an apparatus to analyse and grasp the written information in the test. 

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Let’s dive into the pool of knowledge and accelerate your GRE preparation! 

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Overview of GRE Verbal Exam

GRE measures a candidate’s Verbal Reasoning, Quantitive Reasoning, and Critical Writing skills. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) conducts this standardised aptitude test. It acts as a criterion for helping undergraduate universities to provide admission to international candidates. 

The GRE score scale for the Verbal and Quantitative section is from 130 to 170, and for Analytical Writing is from 0 to 6. The top undergraduate universities require a score above 160. 

But is it easy to achieve? The most strenuous facet of the GRE is its vocabulary. More than half of the verbal reasoning section examines a candidate’s obscure and sophisticated vocabulary knowledge. Therefore, one needs to ensure solid preparation to champion the verbal section. 

Let’s look at the best GRE verbal practice books to improve your score. 

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Top 5 GRE Books For Preparation

The verbal section of GRE covers questions from various topics like idioms, vocabulary, parallelism, critical reasoning, reading comprehension, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and more. To ace all these topics, you need to select the best book for GRE verbal preparation. Choose among the following. 

1. ETS Official GRE Guide, 3rd Edition

This book covers a detailed explanation of quantitive and verbal reasoning concepts. It includes 150+ GRE verbal practice questions with exemplary tips and tricks to get a good score. Let’s check out a few features of this GRE verbal book. 

  • This best GRE verbal prep book includes test papers, challenging questions, and a CD so that the students can prepare by setting a similar test environment. 
  • Candidates can access and download the test papers from the CD by downloading the Powerprep Software. 
  • The third edition of this book includes 4 practice tests. 

You can purchase the paperback for this book from online platforms like Amazon or Flipkart for INR 614 to 701. 

2. Manhattan Prep GRE Verbal Strategies, 5th Edition

This is one of the best book for GRE verbal preparation that covers multiple strategies and tactics to tackle the verbal section of GRE. Following are the key features. 

  • It includes an in-depth analysis of all the verbal questions asked in the GRE test. 
  • It is written and updated by the 99th percentile GRE instructors. 
  • It features a diverse set of questions with effective explanations. 

You can purchase its paperback from online platforms for INR 2,204 to 2,104. 

3. Barron’s Verbal GRE Workbook, 4th Edition

This GRE verbal book is from one of the oldest GRE prep companies. This workbook contains 380 verbal example questions and a dictionary that features the most common GRE test words. This best book for GRE verbal preparation has the following USPs. 

  • It includes 350 questions on verbal reasoning with topics like sentence equivalence, single-blanked text completion, double-blanked test completion, and triple-blanked test completion. 
  • This best book for GRE verbal preparation includes 2 verbal reasoning practice tests. 
  • It features a diagnostic test to help the candidate determine their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Lastly, it also consists of a GRE dictionary. 

You can purchase its paperback from online platforms from INR 145 to 275. 

4. Verbal Workout for new GRE by Princeton Review, 6th Edition

Among the best GRE verbal books, Princeton review provides this competitive workbook with strategies for achieving high GRE scores. Let’s check its list of features. 

  • It includes 250+ practice questions with detailed answer explanations. 
  • It covers all question types, such as text completion, reading comprehension, and sentence equivalence. 
  • Lastly, it depicts essay writing tips for the analytical writing section. 

You can purchase its paperback from online platforms for INR 999.

5. Kalpan’s GRE Verbal Workbook, 9th Edition

This workbook ranks among the best GRE verbal preparation books. It will help you master the verbal section with the following features. 

  • It includes 200+ test-like practice questions.
  • It consists of 175+ vocabulary, grammar, mechanics, and style exercises. 
  • It offers powerful tools to boost your vocabulary and strategies for every verbal question type. 
  • Lastly, a new strategy sheet with Kaplan strategies has been added in the latest edition. 

You can purchase its paperback from online platforms for INR 1,197 to 1,414. 

Other than these best books for GRE verbal preparation, you can also study Norman Lewis’ Word Power Made Essay, Gruber’s Complete GRE Guide. They will also help improve your verbal reasoning. 

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But is GRE verbal section alone sufficient to get admission to an undergraduate university abroad? No, you must understand that preparing all three sections of the GRE is crucial for impeccable scores. Plus, studying from a paperback might be different from the actual online GRE experience. 

How about getting well-structured questions from all three GRE sections in a single space? Yocket has prepared GRE practice tests (including all three sections) with an adaptive algorithm, quick solutions, and instant score reporting. You can choose these GRE practice tests from Yocket and begin your preparation journey! For more guidance and assistance, get in touch with our Yocket Professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions About GRE Verbal Preparation Books

Ques. How can I select the right book for GRE? 

Ans. Before purchasing a GRE book, solve a practice test to know your shortcomings, decide the section you want to focus on, go through the content of study guides, and compare their topics/content structure. These steps will help you pick the most appropriate GRE practice book. 

Ques. How is the GRE verbal section scored? 

Ans. The GRE verbal section is scored on a scale of 130-170 in 1-point increments. A good GRE verbal score is usually 157 or above (in the 75th percentile.) 

Ques. Can I improve my GRE verbal score in two days? 

Ans. Maybe not with an exceptional figure, but why not! Where there is a will, there is a way. One can improve their GRE scores by practising the GRE tests similar to the exam pattern, using the tips/tricks, and learning the technique of skim reading for passages.

Ques. Is it easy to get a 300 score on GRE? 

Ans. The average score of the verbal and qualitative section in GRE falls between 150-152 and 3-5 in writing. Therefore, it is highly possible to get an average score of 300. In fact, you can do much better with a little more effort and hard work. 

Ques. Which is more complex between GRE and GMAT?

Ans. Experts mention that the GMAT maths section is quite difficult compared to the GRE. So if it’s hard for you to solve complex math problems, opt for GRE.

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