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What After GRE Exam: Guide on What to do After GRE Exam

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Once you’re done with your GRE and obtained a satisfactory score, you will start feeling relaxed thinking, “Well, now my job’s done”. It won’t be long enough when you’ll realise that appearing for the GRE exam was just the beginning. The major chunk of the work still remains and frustration slowly creeps in because you keep forgetting one thing or the other. So, to know the list of things to be done after GRE, we have covered all the pointers in this article.

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What to do After GRE?

After completing the GRE, there are many thoughts in students' minds like after GRE what to do, so to make it easy, check out some steps to do post the examination:

Step 1: After receiving your GRE score, assess whether you should retake the exam or not or which score is to be sent to the schools for admission procedure.

 Step 2: Start Preparing for TOEFL and IELTS exams, as these entrance exams are the English Language Proficiency exam to evaluate your language skills. These exams' scores help international students get admission to top universities abroad.

Step 3: Select some of the best universities in which you want to apply for master's programs and also visit the official websites of the selected universities to check the program fees, scholarships offered to international students and other essential information to get admission efficiently.

Step 4: Fill out the application forms of the universities and pay the application fee as required by the university.

Step 5: Once you've filled out the application form, collect all the necessary documents needed to secure admission to universities. Do check everything on the official website of the universities.

Step 6: After arranging your application documents, validate to attach a bank statement and affidavit to receive a financial loan or help with education and insurance.

Step 7: After finalising and getting approved with the checklist, apply for the MS or MBA program at your desired university.

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6 Things to do After GRE Exam

There are various things to remember and do after the GRE exam to get admission to graduate programs. The following things are:

1. Decide Course and University

You should choose a course purely based on your interest. Usually, students opt for a course based on their undergrad stream, although you can apply to any other different course. The only important part is that you should be able to justify why you want a course different from your undergrad stream, perhaps in your SOP. Work should begin on deciding on a course and a university around September third week; the earlier, the better.

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2. Letter of Recommendation

As soon as the final year begins (7th semester), start talking to the respective professors who will give you a recommendation. Honestly, it isn’t that simple to get a reco. (as adorably it is said) unless you have an excellent rapport with the teacher. You should learn how to butter them and make sure they write well about you. It is a long process as you have to make a lot of rough drafts and eventually ready the final document.

Work should begin on this the very first day, and the final draft should be ready by October last week to avoid last-minute hassles.

Note: There is no need to make a hardcopy for the LOR as all the universities accept it online unless the specific university asks for one.

3. Transcripts

Academic transcripts are  document that comprises all your marks in detail (Semester-wise, subject-wise breakups, term work & viva marks) in a single sheet and is issued by your college. You have to visit your college office frequently to get the sample transcript, enter the complete details of all the subjects starting from semester one till the last semester, approve it, get it stamped and then seal it.

Work can begin as soon as semester 6 results (for fresh applicants) are declared around September. The number of copies required is around 15.


4. Statement of Purpose

The heart of your application process. This is the only document which is supposedly compulsory. Start making your SOP around October's first week, as you have to make a lot of rough drafts for a week or ten days. Get a few opinions from your seniors (to see whether you have written all the data properly) and an English expert (for the language and the grammar).

Suggestion: Although you may have secured a good GRE score, try to keep the language simple and make sure you focus more on the content rather than flaunting your knowledge of GRE words.

5. Updated Resume

It is a document highlighting your achievements. It usually consists of your academic achievements, GRE and TOEFL scores, Co-curricular and extracurricular activities, explanation of your academic projects and personal details.

6. Bank Statement

Arranging this document isn't very difficult. Talk to your bank manager and get attested copies of the bank statement and proof of your financial solvency. So, once your finances are in place, and you've had multiple meetings with your bank manager and decided the amount with or without a loan, final papers should be ready by November first week, but it is advisable that you start approaching the bank early in October.

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Taking the GRE test and following graduate studies in Canada, US, Germany, and United Kingdom will be a life-changing study experience for your future career. So, above are the things and steps that a student should follow "What after GRE" and be positive always. For more information on the GRE, sign up on Yocket and clear all your queries in one go.

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