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Is GMAT Required for MBA in Australia? Know GMAT Scores for Australian Universities

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Is GMAT Required for MBA in Australia? Know GMAT Scores for Australian Universities Image

One of the most common questions MBA aspirants enquire about business universities in Australia is, ‘Is GMAT necessary for MBA in Australia’? GMAT is a popular entrance exam undertaken by most international students who wish to pursue business studies abroad. A good GMAT score can enhance your chances of getting accepted at your dream university.

The answer to the question is a yes, and a no because this exam requirement differs from one university to another. However, as an international student looking to get accepted at the top MBA universities in Australia, a good GMAT score will create a good impression. Thus to learn more about GMAT in Australia, refer to this blog.

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Why Is GMAT In Australia Important?

Graduate Management Admission Test, most commonly known as GMAT, is an entrance test globally accepted for international students wishing to get admission to management courses abroad. When preparing to get admission to a business management program at a top Australian university, you have to prepare for the GMAT test.

Appearing for the GMAT will help business students get an edge over other examinations, as the test focuses on your quantitative and critical skills. Moreover, the test is also available online, allowing you to attempt the test from the comfort of your home and keep trying to score better marks in the exam.

Hence, many business management students now prefer to take the GMAT for Australian universities and then apply for admission to the program based on the GMAT score.

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List Of Top GMAT For Australian Universities

Most Australian universities enquire for a GMAT score, thus answering the most debatable question, ‘Is GMAT required for MBA in Australia?’.

The score requirements will differ from one university to another. Thus it is important to understand how much GMAT score is required at your dream university before preparing for this exam. For better understanding, we have listed complete details related to the GMAT score for Australian universities below:

Top Universities

QS World University Rankings 2023

QS Global MBA Rankings 2023

Required GMAT Score

The University of Melbourne




University of New South Wales




Monash University




The University of Queensland




Macquarie University




RMIT University




University Of South Australia





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Scoring a good GMAT score can give you higher leverage amongst the competition. So, if you’re wondering how to get started, the tips mentioned below can help you:

  1. Create a GMAT study plan to help track your study progress
  2. Understand how you wish to study for this exam, GMAT self-study plan, seek the help of GMAT coaching centres or GMAT online coaching.
  3. Make use of the GMAT study resources available to understand the exam structure will be
  4. Work on your time management skills
  5. Continue to practice mock tests to understand GMAT exam pattern

Wrapping Up….

Preparing for GMAT Australia MBA isn’t a difficult process. There are multiple resources available for students to sufficiently prepare well for this exam. But before you can apply to write for the GMAT exam, choosing a good MBA university in Australia matters. A degree in MBA helps define your career, which is why a good academic qualification is required. Thus help you decide the best from the list, our Yocket counsellors are here to help. However, if you wish to explore independently, sign up at Yocket to access study abroad-related queries for your academic choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT In Australia

Ques. Is there GMAT for Australian universities?

Ans. Yes, the minimum GMAT test score required to get admission to Australian universities for an MBA program is around 550. However, a score of 600 or above is believed to be a competitive one.

Ques. Is GMAT compulsory for MBA in Australia?

Ans. Yes, having a good GMAT score is a necessity in most MBA universities in Australia. Based on these scores, GMAT colleges in Australia will determine your application process.

Ques. Does the University of Melbourne require GMAT?

Ans. The GMAT test scores are mandatory for all students applying for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and for all Doctoral programs. Apart from it, the test scores are also required for getting entry to some specialist masters program to ensure a quality cohort in the university.

Ques. Can I get admission to Australia without GMAT?

Ans. Yes. You can definitely take admission to an Australian University without a GMAT score, as there are various universities that don't accept GMAT scores. You can also try to make your overall student profile very well, such as a strong SOP, LORs, Resumes, a work experience etc.

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Ques. How many times can you appear for a GMAT Australia?

Ans. You can write GMAT in Australia as much as five times a year.

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