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Top 8 GMAT Free Mock Test Resources To Look Out For in 2022

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A good score on the GMAT can present many options for the candidate to further their education in the field of business, as well as open up a wide variety of doors for the individual's future profession. This makes the GMAT one of the most important milestones on the path of every MBA candidate.

If you have already begun your search for GMAT preparation materials, you are probably already aware that the top GMAT free mock test resources can be quite pricey. This is especially true if you are seeking high-quality practice questions and tests. There are, however, gmat free mock test resources available to you that may either be used independently or added to your GMAT study strategy which is listed in this blog.

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Why Use Prep Resources To Study For GMAT?

The free GMAT resources will always provide the most useful practice questions, and they will provide precise evaluation of your current score level. If you put in the effort to study for the GMAT, you will be able to gain familiarity with the content of the exam, become more adept at various methods and skills, and finally achieve a higher score.

The best GMAT preparation courses can easily demonstrate good results for students and offer a combination of lessons, practise tests, and study guides to walk prospective test-takers through a clear course that provides in-depth coverage of all test topics. The prep materials for the GMAT can be quite pricey, but there are also GMAT free mock test resources that you can use, so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank while studying for the exam.

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Quick Review of Free Prep Resources For GMAT

There is a wealth of GMAT free mock test online resources available that can assist you in getting started, benefit you up until the day of the test, and continue to do so even after the test has been completed. Here’s our list of top 8 free a resources.

  1. mba.com
  2. Beat the GMAT
  3. Prepscholst GMAT
  4. Manhattan Prep
  5. Veritas Prep
  6. GMAT Club
  7. Khan Academy
  8. Magoosh

Details of each one of them is listed below:


The most crucial tool on MBA.com is the Official GMATPrep Software, which is free with a registered account. The program comes with two complete computerised adaptive practise exams, two sets of practise questions that can be customised, and a thorough GMAT quant review. One of these practice exams can be used as a diagnostic GMAT to determine where you are beginning from and how far you still have to go before taking the real test.

Beat the GMAT

Beat the GMAT features a forum where you can swap tips and information with other students, study strategies that 700+ GMAT scorers used to succeed, and a 60-day GMAT study plan in newsletter style. Sign up to receive a free daily quant and verbal practice question via email.  You can also download free Beat the GMAT mobile apps, which include 300 GMAT flashcards.  Download Beat the GMAT's GMAT error log to track your progress as you complete practice quizzes and examinations.

PrepScholar GMAT Blog

The PrepScholar blog is a free resource for GMAT-related material, including study timeframes, GMAT logistics information, GMAT section breakdowns, and test-day strategy. GMAT articles cover everything, from prep to business school. PrepScholar articles can help you create a customised GMAT study plan and identify the finest study tools. They explain the exam's timing and expenses.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep offers free GMAT materials, a free full-length adaptive GMAT free practice test and strength-weakness analysis. This free online GMAT practice test can be useful during a study session. Manhattan Prep also provides free GMAT prep tools such as five free samples of GMAT Interact (GMAT free mock test online resource that is an on-demand GMAT prep course), math and grammar tutorials, a mobile app with GMAT practice problems and drills, a blog and forum, and study advice.

Veritas Prep Question Bank and Free Practice Test

Veritas Prep offers a full-length adaptive GMAT that will be analysed and set side by side with other test takers, video explanations of GMAT Official Guide 2018 questions, and a question bank. The Veritas Prep Question Bank has hundreds of GMAT practise questions organised by type and difficulty. They're not adaptable, but you'll get reports comparing your performance to other Veritas Prep users. You can save quizzes to examine missed question explanations.


Users globally frequent the GMAT Club Forum. In the forum, you can debate exam content, logistics, MBA admissions stats, practise materials, and GMAT updates. GMAT Club offers free GMAT tools and articles, including sample study plans and calendars, a downloadable GMAT timer, and GMAT-specific quant and verbal flashcards.

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides video lessons that serve as tutorials on a range of topics. The interactive tasks that accompany each of these lectures will help you put the knowledge and abilities you have learned or reviewed into practice. You should use the math and grammar GMAT free practice tests to aid you in the quant and verbal parts.


The GMAT section of Magoosh is loaded with free GMAT study material regarding the test, including tips and tactics on how to earn a good score on the GMAT. The site also provides guidance on how to prepare for the test. You will be able to locate Magoosh's Comprehensive Guide to the GMAT, which features an overview of each section, practice problems, study programmes, and exam game plans.

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Picking free GMAT study material can be an effective strategy for lowering the total cost of your GMAT preparation and admission to business school. Make sure you are still selecting the very finest GMAT materials that you can locate. To clarify any doubts about free GMAT resources or about studying abroad, connect with our Yocket counsellors today!

Frequently Asked Questions About GMAT Free Mock Test

Ques. Is the GMAT test free?

Ans. No, the GMAT is not free. The GMAT costs $250, which includes sending your score reports to up to five schools of your choice.

Ques. How many GMAT mocks should I take?

Ans. It is recommended that you take at least two mock examinations at the end of your preparation, after the first one you take at the beginning of your study period. If you have the time, you can take more of the best free GMAT mock tests. A minimum of three days should elapse between best free GMAT practice tests.

Ques. Is the GMAT exam tough?

Ans. Only 6% of more than 200,000 people who take the GMAT each year get a score of 720 or above. We can infer from this information that the GMAT test requires considerable work to achieve a score of 700 or higher

Ques. Is Kaplan GMAT mock accurate?

Ans. Taking a practice GMAT test from a third-party prep company, such as Manhattan, Kaplan, or The Princeton Review, will almost always result in a score that is lower than your actual GMAT score.