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Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home - IELTS Cue Card

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The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is an essential benchmark for English competence, particularly for people wanting to study or work in countries where English is the primary language of communication. The Speaking portion assesses your verbal communication abilities using realistic scenarios among the numerous IELTS components. The Cue Card, an activity in which candidates talk for two minutes on a specific topic, is a prominent feature of this part. 

This article addresses one topic: "Describe Something You Liked and Bought for Your Home." This Cue Card evaluates your ability to communicate in English and your ability to organise and articulate ideas concerning personal experiences. We've included sample answers to help you structure a captivating response, recommendations, and follow-up questions to help you prepare better. Yocket may be essential for people searching for tools and assistance to help them thrive in IELTS preparation. Yocket specialises in assisting applicants with their further education overseas, including complete IELTS preparation.

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What is an IELTS Cue Card?

The IELTS Cue Card is an IELTS Speaking exam activity requiring students to discuss a topic in-depth. The examiner passes over a card providing a topic and a list of cues or bullet points the test-taker must address throughout their presentation. After being given the topic, candidates get one minute to prepare. They then have one to two minutes to talk. The cue card is intended to evaluate a candidate's ability to organise their thoughts, speak effectively, and display language competency in a planned yet spontaneous manner. The topics might be anything from descriptive assignments to personal experiences, giving applicants a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate their fluency in English. 

Here's a breakdown of the time for the IELTS Speaking Cue Card:



Preparation Time

1 minute

Speaking Time

1-2 minutes

What is the IELTS Full Form & Its Significance?

Why are IELTS Cue Cards Important?

IELTS Cue Cards are an essential component of the IELTS Speaking exam, playing an important role in determining a candidate's English speaking skills. These cue cards are significant because they mainly assess the capacity to organise thoughts, explain ideas coherently, and participate in lengthy debates without preparation. The cue card phase requires test-takers to talk spontaneously and clearly for up to two minutes on a specific topic, demonstrating their vocabulary, grammatical correctness, and fluency.

This activity also helps examiners evaluate a candidate's ability to think critically and communicate personal opinions systematically. For students and professionals aspiring to study or work in English-speaking contexts, passing this test demonstrates their ability to communicate successfully in real-life circumstances such as classroom discussions or business meetings. As a result, mastering the IELTS Cue Card assignment can help you achieve a high overall band score in the Speaking portion, which will open the door to worldwide academic and professional prospects.

Sample Answer 1: Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home


In the ever-changing world of interior design, finding a piece that looks good and has a sentimental meaning may be like uncovering a buried gem. My most recent purchase, an antique wooden coffee table, combines form and function, infusing my living area with a timeless appeal that reflects my unique style and love for craftsmanship.

What have you purchased?

My latest addition to my home décor is a finely made old wooden coffee table. With its fine quality and worn patina bringing back memories of the past, this magnificent piece, crafted from salvaged oak wood, radiates refinement.

Why did you select this particular item?

Investing in this coffee table was motivated by its visual attractiveness and the emotional connection it aroused in me. As a massive fan of retro aesthetics, I was instantly captivated by the table's timeless attractiveness and subtle beauty. Its distinct combination of rustic charm and polished craftsmanship called to my spirit, promising to give my living space character and warmth.

Where did you put it in your home?

This coffee table, strategically placed in the centre of my living room, acts as the space's main point, commanding attention with its dominating presence and unmistakable appeal. Surrounded by luxurious couches and bathed in the warm glow of ambient lighting, it offers a welcoming space for friends and family to meet, promoting moments of connection and fellowship.

What influence has this purchase had on your life or the atmosphere of your home?

The addition of this antique coffee table to my house has had a significant influence on both the décor and my general sense of well-being. Its presence has not only improved the aesthetic attractiveness of my living area but has also given it a feeling of warmth and personality. Each time I look at its aged surface and trace the beautiful patterns engraved into its wood, I am reminded of the rich history and legendary past that it represents, instilling in me a deep appreciation for the creativity of previous generations.


In summary, acquiring this old coffee table demonstrates the transformational potential of design and artistry. Its presence in my house is a continual source of inspiration and delight, enhancing my everyday life with its timeless elegance and eternal beauty. As I traverse the ever-changing field of interior design, I am reminded of the significant influence a piece of furniture can have on our physical environment and mental well-being.

Sample Answer 2: Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home


Every item of décor has the power to represent a person's style and creative vision when it comes to creating a homely, comfortable atmosphere. Recently, I came upon an intriguing piece—an abstract painting—that appeared to lure me with its vivid colours and detailed patterns. It promised to improve the beauty of my living area and provide inspiration and creativity.

What have you purchased?

My passion is with abstract artwork that exudes life and vitality. A local artist created it, and it is a stunning combination of solid strokes and brilliant hues, providing a look into the creator's mind and asking visitors to interpret its meaning. With its dynamic composition and brilliant colours, this sculpture is a centre point in my house, eliciting conversations and provoking thoughts about the junction of art and individual expression. Its presence enhances the room's aesthetics and instils it with inventiveness and depth.

Why did you select this particular item?

My judgement was motivated by the painting's capacity to elicit emotion and ignite creativity. Its brilliant colours and dynamic composition spoke to me, representing my passion for creation and self-expression. Furthermore, supporting local artists is consistent with my principles of encouraging art and culture in the community. The painting's distinct combination of aggressiveness and nuance piqued my interest, promising to enhance my living area with its beauty and purpose.

Where did you put it in your home?

This artwork now hangs proudly on the walls of my living area, commanding attention and sparking conversation. It adds a flash of colour and individuality to the space's neutral walls, resulting in a balanced combination of modern elegance and creative flare. It is deliberately placed to attract the eye, acting as a focal point that invites guests into the space, enticing them to immerse themselves in its beauty and wonder.

What influence has this purchase had on your life or the atmosphere of your home?

This abstract artwork has added a fresh feeling of energy and passion to my house and existence. Its dynamic presence and expressive beauty have altered the environment, instilling excitement, inspiration, and creative energy that lift the spirit and feed the soul. Every time I look at its vivid colours and complex intricacies, I am reminded of the ability of art to transcend boundaries and elicit emotions, filling my days with wonder, beauty, and limitless possibilities.


Finally, acquiring this abstract artwork has been a pleasant adventure, enriching my house and life in innumerable ways. Its presence not only improves the aesthetics of my living area but also demonstrates art's ability to inspire, uplift, and create emotions. As I continue to enjoy its magnificence, I am reminded of how influential art can be in our lives, infusing each day with wonder, beauty, and limitless possibilities.

IELTS Exam Eligibility - IELTS Eligibility Criteria

Sample Answer 3: Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home


In my quest to create a house representing my personality and beliefs, I discovered a fascinating addition: a handcrafted wooden bookcase. Its rustic charm and practicality immediately drew my attention, promising to organise my increasing book collection and provide a sense of warmth and character to my living area that appeals to my aesthetic preferences.

What have you purchased?

I admire a wonderfully constructed wooden bookcase that a local artisan meticulously handcrafted. Its robust oak structure and beautiful craftsmanship convey timeless elegance, and its roomy shelves are ideal for exhibiting my prized books, photos, and decorative items. This valuable and artistic item adds dimension and individuality to my home.

Why did you select this particular item?

My choice to purchase this handmade bookcase was influenced by its aesthetic appeal and utility. Aside from its visual appeal, I was intrigued by the craftsmanship and attention to detail present in the design. Each curve and carving demonstrated the artisan's commitment to their skill, eliciting awe and appreciation for the creativity. Furthermore, the bookshelf's practicality perfectly matched my need for beautiful storage options that enhanced my living area.

Where did you put it in your home?

The handmade bookcase is currently prominently displayed in my living room, nestling against a bare wall and as a focal point of visual intrigue. Its rich wood tones and detailed designs pop against the neutral background, bringing warmth and character to the space. Its strategic placement near a cosy reading corner invites me to immerse myself in books, creating a welcoming environment for relaxation and contemplation.

What influence has this purchase had on your life or the atmosphere of your home? 

The installation of this handcrafted bookcase has had a significant impact on my home's decor and my well-being. Its presence not only improves the aesthetic attractiveness of the living area but also promotes a sense of organisation and tranquillity. As I arrange my books and decorative things on its shelves, I experience a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that each piece has a place in my carefully organised refuge. Furthermore, the bookshelf works as a conversation starter, enabling guests to admire its beauty and artistry while stimulating debates about the importance of handcrafted items in today's mass-produced society.


Purchasing this handcrafted wooden bookshelf has been a revolutionary experience, improving my house and life in various ways. Its combination of aesthetic appeal and practical utility exemplifies deliberate design, and its quality and attention to detail demonstrate the continuing importance of traditional arts. As I continue to appreciate its presence in my living space, I am reminded of the significance of surrounding oneself with items representing one's personality and ideals and encouraging a greater appreciation for the beauty and artistry that enriches our lives.

Sample Answer 4: Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home


In my desire to personalise my living space, I came upon a stunning addition—an antique Persian rug. Its elaborate designs and rich hues immediately piqued my interest, offering my home decor an aura of grandeur and antiquity.

What have you purchased?

I am obsessed with an antique Persian rug, a work of art and cultural heritage. Its rich floral designs and geometric patterns give it a timeless charm that speaks to decades of history and creativity. This magnificent artwork brings warmth and texture into my house and represents cultural awareness and artistic elegance.

Why did you select this particular item?

My choice to purchase this old Persian rug was driven by a deep admiration for its beauty and history. Each knot and weave conveys a tale about previous generations, eliciting nostalgia and admiration for the skills of artisans who have passed away. Furthermore, the rug's timeless beauty and adaptability make it an ideal complement to my diverse home decor, seamlessly blending incongruous pieces into a cohesive whole.

Where did you put it in your home?

My living room's floor now has a classic Persian rug, which serves as the space's main point. Its rich colours and detailed patterns grab the attention and anchor the space, producing a sense of comfort and closeness. Its placement beneath a coffee table, surrounded by cosy seats, invites guests to congregate and stay, creating an inviting environment for discussion and relaxation.

What influence has this purchase had on your life or the atmosphere of your home?

The ancient Persian rug has given my home a feeling of history, elegance, and character. Its presence not only enhances the aesthetic attractiveness of the living area but also provides depth and individuality to the surroundings. Walking across its soft surface, I am reminded of its rich cultural legacy, symbolising a strong bond with the traditions and stories woven into its fibres.


In conclusion, purchasing this old Persian rug has been a transforming experience, improving my house and life in innumerable ways. Its ageless beauty and historical importance are a continual source of inspiration and admiration, reminding me of the value of artistry and cultural legacy. As I continue to appreciate its presence in my living space, I am grateful for the ability to surround myself with artefacts that represent my style and celebrate our globe's beauty and diversity.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home Cue Card Follow-up Questions

Q1. How does buying items for your house affect your overall happiness?

Purchasing stuff for my house has a significant impact on my overall pleasure. It enables me to design a living area that reflects my personality, interests, and beliefs. Surrounding myself with enjoyable and visually appealing items provides comfort and happiness. 

Q2. What variables do you consider while purchasing products for your home?

When choosing products for my house, I consider several variables. First, I assess the item's usefulness and practicality, ensuring it fulfils a purpose and satisfies my daily demands. In addition, I prioritise product quality and longevity, choosing well-made things that will last the test of time. Furthermore, the item's visual appeal and how well it fits my home's general design and style. 

Q3. Do you believe that individuals should invest more in their houses or experiences? Why?

Investing in one's house and experiences is necessary for a meaningful existence. While investing in experiences helps us make memories, get new views, and improve our lives significantly, investing in our houses offers us security, comfort, and freedom to express ourselves. Finally, it's about finding a balance between the two and focusing on what provides us the greatest joy and fulfilment in the long term. 

Q4. How does purchasing items for your house affect the environment?

Purchasing items for our houses can have a beneficial and harmful impact on the environment. On the one hand, buying environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ethically sourced items can help decrease our carbon footprint and promote responsible consumption. Purchasing mass-produced things created from nonrenewable resources or contributing to pollution and waste can hurt the environment. 

Q5. How do cultural factors influence the products individuals choose for their homes?

Cultural factors significantly impact people's purchasing decisions for their homes. Different cultures have diverse aesthetics, customs, and values that affect the goods people choose for their living environments. For example, individuals may invest in big dining tables or comfortable seating arrangements in cultures that highly value family and hospitality to facilitate gatherings and social interactions. 

Q6. How can decluttering and organising your house improve your mental health?

Decluttering and organising one's house can have a significant influence on mental health. A clutter-free and organised workplace fosters serenity, clarity, and attention, which reduces tension and anxiety. Individuals may create a more harmonious and quiet living space that promotes relaxation and productivity by removing unnecessary possessions and devising effective storage solutions. 

Q7. How do home décor trends impact consumers' shopping decisions?

Home décor trends may affect people's buying decisions by altering their ideas of what is fashionable, desired, and socially acceptable. People frequently look to current trends for inspiration and advice when upgrading their living spaces, hoping to include popular styles, colours, and patterns. Whether influenced by interior design periodicals, social media platforms, or home improvement programs, people may be tempted by current goods like statement furniture, minimalist décor, or sustainable materials. 

Q8. How can sentimental value influence the decision to preserve or remove goods in the home?

Sentimental value can significantly impact the decision to maintain or eliminate objects in the house. Objects with personal memories, sentimental attachments, or emotional value may be treasured and retained regardless of practical utility or aesthetic appeal. Whether it's a family relic passed down through the years, a souvenir from a memorable trip, or a handcrafted present from a loved one, emotional things may elicit nostalgia, warmth, and connection. 

Q9. How many do-it-yourself (DIY) initiatives help to personalise one's living space?

DIY projects give individuals unique opportunities to personalise their living surroundings while expressing their creativity, resourcefulness, and personalities. DIY projects, such as renovating furniture, making unique artwork, or crafting handcrafted décor items, allow people to personalise their homes based on their interests, preferences, and lifestyle. 

Q10. How can minimalism in home décor affect the overall ambience of a living space?

Adopting minimalism in home décor may tremendously influence the entire mood of a living area by instilling a sense of peace, clarity, and tranquillity. Minimalist design concepts emphasise simplicity, utility, and eliminating unnecessary features, resulting in clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and a focus on the essentials. Minimalist interiors offer a quiet environment by removing visual noise and distractions, encouraging relaxation, mindfulness, and contemplation. 

IELTS Speaking Test: Format, Types of Questions

Tips to Answer IELTS Cue Card 

Here are some pointers to help you answer an IELTS cue card effectively:

  • Understand the Prompt: Grasp the cue card topic entirely and wholly. Pay close attention to the precise question or job you are asked to complete.
  • Organise your response. Structure your response with an introduction, essential points, and a conclusion. This will help you communicate your thoughts clearly and coherently.
  • Provide information: Support your primary claims with precise details, examples, and personal experiences. This adds depth to your remark and increases its engagement.
  • Use descriptive language. Use descriptive words to create a vivid image for the examiner. Describe sensory details, feelings, and experiences to make your response more engaging.
  • Stay Relevant: Address the prompt immediately and avoid veering off the subject. Keep your response brief and pertinent to the cue card topic.
  • Speak clearly and fluently. Practise speaking effectively and eloquently. Pay attention to your pronunciation, tone, and timing to ensure your response is understandable.
  • Manage your time: Keep track of your time and strive to cover all aspects of the cue card issue within the time limit. Avoid focusing too much time on any one topic.
  • Be Confident: Speak freely and confidently as you approach the cue card. Remember that the examiner is not evaluating your thoughts but your ability to communicate effectively in English.
  • Practice Often: Practise responding to cue card subjects frequently to hone your public speaking abilities and boost your self-assurance. Focus on various themes to increase your vocabulary and breadth of expression.
  • Seek Feedback: If feasible, practise with a teacher, tutor, or language partner who can provide feedback on your speaking abilities and areas for development.

Following these methods and practising consistently can help you successfully approach IELTS cue card themes and do well on the speaking test. Yocket will help you unlock your full potential and take your IELTS preparation to the next level!


Finally, selecting and purchasing goods for our houses is more than just filling spaces; it is about building a refuge that represents our uniqueness and promotes our well-being. Whether treasured artwork, a cosy rug, or a helpful bookcase, each item adds significance and individuality to our homes. Surrounding ourselves with products that reflect our interests and experiences fosters a sense of belonging and comfort in our homes. 

Consider using services like Yocket to help you improve your IELTS preparation and reach your maximum English proficiency potential. Yocket's extensive study materials, expert assistance, and interactive learning platform enable you to improve your language abilities and achieve your academic and professional objectives. So, whether you're perfecting the art of mastering IELTS cue cards-"Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home" or improving your language skills for new opportunities, Yocket is here to help you every step.

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FAQ's on Describe Something You Liked And Bought For Your Home - IELTS Cue Card

How can I efficiently develop cue card themes for the speaking test?

Are there any special ways to help me recall essential aspects while speaking on a cue card topic?

What should I do if I encounter a cue card topic I'm unfamiliar with?

How can I combine sophisticated language and phrases into my comments without sounding awkward?

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