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Describe an Ambition You Have Not Achieved Yet - IELTS Cue Card

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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally known and widely accepted standardised test created to measure the English language skills of non-native speakers. It assesses a candidate's ability to interact successfully in English across four key areas: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The IELTS test is essential for people wanting to learn, work or move to English-speaking countries.

One of the critical components of the IELTS test is the speech part, which includes a job known as the IELTS Cue Card. This job examines a candidate's ability to speak clearly and smoothly on a given topic within a particular time frame. The "Describe an ambition you have not achieved yet" cue card topic is widespread. It requires candidates to showcase their language skills while discussing a personal goal or aspiration they have yet to accomplish.

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What is a Cue Card for the IELTS?

An IELTS Cue Card is a job in the speaking part of the IELTS test, where students are given a topic and a set of questions linked to that subject. They are given one minute to prepare and are then expected to speak about the topic for one to two minutes.

Duration of IELTS Speaking Cue Card:



Preparation Time

1 minute

Speaking Time

1-2 minutes

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Why are IELTS Cue Cards Important?

IELTS Cue Cards are essential to the speaking section because they measure a candidate's ability to organise their ideas, explain themselves clearly and show a range of words and sentence structures within a limited period. This task mimics real-life settings where people must speak freely on a topic. Performing well on the IELTS Cue Card can significantly impact a candidate's total speaking score, which is crucial for meeting the language standards of colleges, jobs or immigration officials. It allows candidates to showcase their ease, consistency and ability to effectively communicate their thoughts and views on a particular subject.

Describe an Ambition You Have Not Achieved Yet: Sample Answer 1


I have set different goals and aims throughout my life, driven by a desire for personal growth and satisfaction. One goal that has remained elusive yet deeply embedded in my dreams is to create a successful business venture. From a young age, making something from scratch and leaving a lasting effect has captivated my mind.

What is the goal you still need to achieve?

The goal I have yet to achieve is to start and support a successful business venture sustainably. I imagine building a clothesline that embraces modern design looks and favours social and environmentally aware practices throughout the supply chain.

Why do you want to achieve this ambition?

My love for this goal stems from a deep worry about the environmental effects of the fashion business and a desire to add to a healthier future. By mixing new design principles with eco-friendly materials and responsible production methods, we can make beautiful clothes without compromising on social values or causing harm to our world.

Obstacles and problems you have faced in reaching this ambition

One main hurdle I have met in achieving this goal is adequate funds and tools. Starting a business, especially one focused on sustainable practices, often takes sizable original investment and running costs. Additionally, significant hurdles have been managing the difficulties of supply chain management, finding ethical products and creating a solid brand identity in a competitive market.

Steps you have taken or plan to take to achieve this ambition

Despite the difficulties, I have been constantly working towards achieving this goal. I have been schooling myself on sustainable fashion practices, attending industry classes, and networking with like-minded people and groups. I have also carefully studied possible eco-friendly materials, explored ethical production choices and built a thorough business plan.


While the path to accomplishing this aim has been difficult, my unshakable determination and notion of the importance of sustainable style fuel my pressure to overcome the hurdles. With robust, considerate plans and a solid dedication to my values, I can successfully launch an enterprise project that no longer adds to the enterprise's style but undoubtedly influences the surroundings and society.

Describe an Ambition You Have Not Achieved Yet: Sample Answer 2


Throughout my instructional and professional journey, I have set numerous goals and pursuits for myself, with every performance as a shifting pressure pushing me ahead. However, one goal that has stayed tantalisingly out of attainment is to become a published author. Since I was a teenager, I have been interested in the power of storytelling and the profound impact that well-crafted testimonies can have on readers' minds and hearts.

What is the goal you still need to achieve?

My unmet aim is to write and post a thought-provoking and emotionally powerful ebook that entertains, conjures, and pushes readers to discover new views and thoughts.

Why do you want to achieve this ambition?

The desire to attain this goal comes from my deep love for literature and the perception that books can triumph over borders, promote understanding and illuminate the complexities of the human experience. I intend to create a piece that captivates readers with its story, activates mirrored images, sparks crucial conversations and leaves a long-lasting effect on people who interact with it.

Obstacles and problems you have faced in reaching this ambition

One of the principal hurdles I have met in following this purpose is locating the time and intellectual area to commit entirely to the innovative writing process. Balancing the needs of my work and personal duties has often left me with limited probabilities of interacting with myself in the world of writing introductions. Additionally, the aggressive nature of the publishing enterprise and the necessity to stand out among countless prospective writers have created sizable hurdles.

Steps you have taken or plan to take to achieve this ambition

Despite those hurdles, I am continuously working toward achieving my intention. I have taken writing lessons and publications to improve my capabilities, joined online writing businesses to acquire comments and help, and carefully cleared out committed writing time in my timetable. Furthermore, I have been analysing the publishing business, exploring diverse paths for writing and networking with industry professionals to gain insights and advice.


While the street to becoming a published writer has been packed with challenges, my love for writing and preference to create significant literary work remains steadfast. I have planned to fight, improve my writing skills and take delivery of the hurdles as opportunities increase. With dedication, perseverance and an unshakable perception of the strength of phrases, I can sooner or later have a published ebook of my very own, a testimony to the conclusion of this long-held aim.

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Describe an Ambition You Have Not Achieved Yet: Sample Answer 3


Throughout my life, I have been pushed by various goals, each fuelled by a desire for personal growth, intellectual discovery and a commitment to affect the world around me positively. One goal that has remained elusive, yet deeply embedded in my dreams, is to create a charity organisation committed to supporting educational chances for poor communities.

What is the goal you still need to achieve?

My unmet goal is to build a charity organisation that provides quality education, resources, and mentoring programs to children and youth from poor homes, enabling them to achieve their dreams and unlock their full potential.

Why do you want to achieve this ambition?

My zeal for this goal comes from a firm belief that education is a fundamental human right and a vital tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and encouraging socio-economic development. Having watched the changing effect of education, I am pushed by a desire to create a platform that teaches knowledge, instils confidence, develops abilities and provides poor individuals with the skills and support they need to survive.

Obstacles and problems you have faced in reaching this ambition

One main hurdle in following this goal is getting reliable funds and tools. Establishing and keeping a charity organisation requires significant financial backing and a devoted team of experts and volunteers. Additionally, managing the legal and governmental processes in setting up and running a nonprofit can take time and effort.

Another hurdle I have faced is finding and building relationships with local groups and educational institutions. Building trust and strong relationships with stakeholders is crucial for ensuring that the organisation's programs are tailored to its communities' unique needs and cultural settings.

Steps you have taken or plan to take to achieve this ambition

Despite these difficulties, I have been actively working towards achieving this goal. I have been studying and networking with current charity groups to learn from their experiences and best practices. I have also been exploring various funding possibilities, such as grants, business donations and online sites, to secure the necessary resources.

Furthermore, I have been actively helping and teaching projects within my local community, which has allowed me to gain valuable insights into poor groups' educational difficulties. This hands-on experience has helped me better understand the needs and goals of these groups, guiding the creation of focused programs and strategies.


While building a successful charity organisation committed to supporting educational possibilities is undoubtedly tricky, my unshakable commitment to this goal remains steady. I am driven by the concept that education has the power to exchange lives and construct a fairer society. With dedication, strategic planning and a collaborative method, I can beat the hurdles and eventually bring this purpose to fruition, leaving an everlasting effect on the lives of endless people and groups.

Describe an Ambition You Have Not Achieved Yet: Sample Answer 4


Throughout my life, I have been fuelled by diverse goals, each driven by a desire for personal growth, intellectual curiosity and a commitment to making a worthwhile contribution to society. One goal that has stayed tantalisingly out of reach yet deeply rooted in my ideals is to become a famous researcher in green energy technologies.

What is the goal you still need to achieve?

My unmet goal is to perform new research that creates innovative and sustainable energy solutions, adding to the global effort to reduce climate change's effects and make the way for a more sustainable future.

Why do you want to achieve this ambition?

My desire for this goal stems from a deep worry about our planet's environmental challenges and a firm belief in the changing potential of green energy technologies. As the world grapples with the effects of excessive fossil fuel usage and the pressing need to move towards better and more sustainable energy sources, I am driven by a desire to be at the head of this critical effort.

Obstacles and problems you have faced in reaching this ambition

One of the main hurdles I have met in following this goal is the highly competitive nature of the academic and study environment. Securing funds, tools and chances for cutting-edge research can be difficult and often stressful, especially in the early stages of one's work.

Additionally, green energy technologies are constantly changing, with breakthroughs and improvements occurring rapidly. Maintaining the latest changes and ensuring my studies stay current and effective can be a significant struggle.

Steps you have taken or plan to take to achieve this ambition

Despite these hurdles, I have been actively working towards achieving this goal. I have been committing myself to constant learning and professional growth, as well as visiting conferences, workshops, and specialised training programs to expand my knowledge and stay informed of the latest trends and advancements in the field.

Furthermore, I have actively sought collaboration opportunities with famous research institutions, business partners and fellow scientists, understanding the worth of interdisciplinary methods and knowledge-sharing in driving innovation.


While becoming a famous researcher in sustainable technologies is undoubtedly complicated, my unwavering dedication to this intention remains constant. I am pushed by the notion of sustaining time and ensuring a livable global for future generations. With determination, commitment, and innovative strength, I can beat the hurdles and contribute to this crucial cause, ultimately impacting the worldwide effort to combat climate trade and promote a more sustainable destiny.

Sample/Follow-up Questions and Their Answers

Here are some possible follow-up questions linked to the "Describe an ambition you have not achieved yet" cue card topic, along with sample answers:

  1. How long have you had this ambition?

This goal has been a part of my dreams for quite some time, returning to my high school days when I first developed a keen interest in this field. Over the years, my desire and determination to achieve this dream have only gotten stronger.

  1. What has been the biggest challenge in achieving this goal so far?

My biggest obstacle in following this goal has been a need for more resources and cash constraints. However, I have been actively working on methods to overcome this obstacle by exploring various funding possibilities to secure the necessary resources.

  1. How will achieving this goal impact your life or others around you?

Achieving this goal will have a profound impact on both my personal and work life. On an individual level, it will bring a sense of satisfaction and recognition for my hard work and commitment. On a broader scale, achieving this goal will allow me to inspire others and make a difference in the community.

  1. What drives you to continue following this goal despite the challenges?

My drive to continue chasing this desire stems from my constant love for sustainable technologies and a strong belief in achieving this goal's importance and possible impact. Additionally, the support and praise from my family, friends, teachers, and others have kept me inspired and focused on beating any hurdles that appear.

  1. How will you enjoy or thank yourself once you achieve this ambition?

Once I achieve this goal, I plan to celebrate and thank myself by taking a well-deserved vacation. However, more importantly, I will remember the feeling of achievement and the path that took me to this milestone.

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Tips to Answer IELTS Cue Card on "Describe an Ambition You Have Not Achieved Yet"

Here are some tips to answer the IELTS Cue Card: 

  • Clearly state your goal: Begin your answer by clearly stating the aim you have yet to achieve. This will provide clarity and set the framework for the rest of your answer.
  • Explain the significance: Elaborate on why this particular goal is important to you and what drives your desire to achieve it. Highlight the personal, career or community effect it could have.
  • Discuss hurdles and challenges: Identify the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving this goal. This could include cash limits, time limitations, lack of resources or other relevant issues.
  • Outline your plan of action: Describe the steps you have taken or plan to take to beat the hurdles and work towards achieving your goal. This could include gaining specific skills, seeking advice or coaching, networking, or pursuing additional education or training.
  • Use detailed language: Employ a range of descriptive words and sentences to clearly express your thoughts, feelings and experiences linked to this goal. This will help show your knowledge and language skills.
  • Provide examples and stories: Incorporate relevant examples or personal anecdotes to explain your points and make your answer more engaging and approachable.
  • Maintain a logical flow: Organise your answer clearly and rationally, with an opening, body paragraphs and an end. This will ensure that your answer is easy to follow and understand.
  • Practice and time yourself: Rehearse your answer beforehand, paying attention to the time limit given for the cue card job. This will help you become more comfortable and confident when answering during the test.
  • Stay focused and concise: While providing sufficient information is essential, avoid going off-topic or talking. Focus on the exact goal and the key points you want to express.


With the valuable insights and strategies given in this thorough guide, you now possess the tools to confidently face the "Describe an ambition you have not achieved yet" IELTS cue card topic. Remember, your answer should showcase your language skills and reveal your ability to express goals, beat hurdles and outline a well-thought-out action plan. At Yocket, we are dedicated to enabling learners like you to unlock their full potential and achieve their academic and career goals. Our team of experts has carefully selected these tools, drawing from years of experience in language study and IELTS preparation. Embrace this chance to impact the IELTS examiner strongly and pave the way for your future success. With commitment, patience and the right direction, you can easily express your unachieved goals, captivating the reviewer with your language skills and desire to succeed. Take the first step towards achieving your goals by following the tips and strategies described in this blog. Your road to IELTS success starts now. Unlock limitless financial possibilities with Yocket- your trusted partner for personalised wealth management solutions and unwavering guidance toward achieving your ambitious goals.

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FAQ's on Describe an ambition you have not achieved yet – IELTS Cue Card

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