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Animation Courses In Canada: Top Universities, Application Process, Cost, Jobs & More

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Honing and developing creative skills require teaching, guidance and mentoring from individuals who are masters of their craft. Animation is one such field. Learning and practising the concepts by utilizing the tools require following the latest developments. It requires all the facilities to experiment, collaborate and innovate. The universities in Canada offer the environment, tools, facilities and tutors who will mould your animation skills.

Canada is home to some of the best universities in the world. 30 universities in Canada are listed in the QS World University Rankings 2023. When you study the animation course of choice in any of these universities, you can be sure to meet your education goals. This blog will be your guide to studying animation courses in Canada.

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Why Study animation courses in Canada?

Animation courses in Canada hold immense value across the globe. Let's find out what sets animation apart in Canada: 

Respected across the world: Animation schools in Canada are known for offering degree and diploma programs which are highly respected and reputed across the globe. Animators from Canada are considered highly efficient and outstanding in their work.

Outstanding job opportunities: Along with being highly reputed, animation programs in Canada are also known to offer excellent employability rates upon graduation, precisely greater than 90%.

Excellent education: Providing the best infrastructure, the best animation colleges in Canada have stood out worldwide. Canada is famous for offering international students an outstanding education and industrial experiences. The course curriculum is accredited by known bodies making it highly relevant for the current job market.

Education system in Canada

Home of animation pioneers: From Norman McLaren to Chris Landreth, Canada is famous for housing some animation pioneers, Oscar nominees and winners.

Top 10 reasons to study in Canada

5 Top Universities To Study Animation In Canada

Canada is home to 24 universities that offer animation and multimedia courses. We've chosen the top 5 universities to study animation and multimedia courses in Canada. The best animation schools in Canada are given below.

  • Sheridan College
  • Vancouver Film School
  • Vancouver Institute of Media Arts
  • Seneca College
  • Ontario College of Art & Design

1. Sheridan College

Sheridan College is one of the best animation colleges in Canada. It provides an experiential learning experience that will facilitate you to implement the lessons taught in the classroom practically. Upon completion of the animation degree Canada, the college also provides job placements through its micro credential job accelerator programs. Animation courses in Canada fees are listed in the table below.



Course Duration

4 years

Course Offered

Honour Bachelor of Animation

Average Tuition Fee

30,182.55 CAD / 18,40,000 INR for the first year

2. Vancouver Film School 

Vancouver Film School has consistently ranked high amongst the animation colleges in Canada for international students. Its campuses have excellent production facilities for creating games, tv, film, digital applications, design and animation content. World-renowned instructors and mentors will guide you to become a master of the craft you choose to study at VFS. This makes it an ideal choice for animation schools in Vancouver.



Course Duration

1 year

Course Offered

Classical Animation

Average Tuition Fee

31,000 CAD / 18,81,500 INR for an entire course 

3. Vancouver Institute of Media Arts

The animation Diploma Program at Vancouver Institute of Media Arts is ranked #2 worldwide by Animation Career Review Rankings. The program is ROOKIES-Certified and is listed as the top-ranked school. The Ministry approves 2D/3D Character Animation program of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. It is one of the best animation schools in Vancouver and has the most significant number of international students.  



Course Duration

12 months

Course Offered

2D/3D Character Animation

Average Tuition Fee

33,750 CAD / 20,45,600 INR for full course 

4. Seneca College

Seneca college is one of the best animation colleges in Canada. Along with classroom learning and practical learning experience, the college has co-ops & work terms in place. This will enable you to work during your course if you meet the prescribed qualifications. It will give you the hands-on experience required to work in the real world. VFX course in Canada fees detail is mentioned in the table below.



Course Duration

3 years

Course Offered

Bachelor in Animation

Average Tuition Fee

21,101 CAD / 12,80,000 INR for the first year 

5. Ontario College of Art & Design

Ontario College of Art & Design is a part of the Ontario Colleges group in Canada. It is one of the best VFX colleges in Canada. As an international student, you will benefit from hands-on work experience and employee partnerships and can transfer between universities. It is known to be one of Canada's most economical animation schools.



Course Duration

2 years

Course Offered

Diploma in Animation

Average Tuition Fee

16,570 CAD / 10,03,800 INR for the first year 

Best animation colleges in Canada

Eligibility Criteria To Study Animation Degree Canada

The universities in Canada offer a plethora of courses in animation. The admission council of every university evaluates student applications by gauging a certain set of parameters. Though there is a slight variation in the criteria set by every university, we’ve detailed the common criterion below. 

  • Minimum Educational Qualifications
  • English proficiency test scores
  • Portfolio

Talking about the eligibility for animation in Canada briefly, let's start with:

1. Minimum Educational Qualifications

One of the most basic requirements to pursue an animation degree in Canada is to have academic transcripts and a bachelor's degree (if applying to PG programs). Applicants must have a minimum 65% in higher secondary school for Bachelors or PG diploma courses. Specific prerequisite subjects are required, like English and Visual arts, to apply for Animation courses in Canada.

Bachelors in Canada

2. English proficiency test scores

It is essential for you, as international students, to have English proficiency proof in terms of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or other tests. The minimum IELTS requirement to study animation courses in Canada for international students is an overall score of 6.5 or above, depending on the university/ program you choose.

3. Portfolio

The majority of courses, including bachelors and masters in animation in Canada at the top universities, will ask you for a portfolio showcasing your work.

Masters in Canada

Documents Required To Study Animation Degree Canada

As an international student, you must submit supporting documents when you apply to study animation degree Canada. These documents are to validate the details filled in the student application form. The complete set of documents required varies from one course to another and is set by the university. There are a set of documents that are common to all universities. We have listed them below for your reference. 

  • Educational transcripts
  • Scorecard of English Language Test
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)
  • CV/Resume 
  • Financial proof
  • A copy of a valid passport and Canadian student visa 

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Admission Process For Animation Courses In Canada

The admission process for applying to some of the best animation universities in Canada has been discussed briefly below:

  1. Choose your course and a university to start your degree or diploma in animation in Canada.
  2. Submit the application form along with the application fee.
  3. Submit all the required documents including transcripts, along with additional requirements like SOP, Resume, portfolios, LORs, and proof of work experience, as asked by the particular university.
  4. You may also be asked for an interview process.
  5. Apply for a scholarship or financial aid, if available at the university.

Cost To Study Animation Courses In Canada

The cost to study animation courses in Canada is divided into two costs. 

  • Tuition fee for the course 
  • Cost of living for the course duration 

Tuition fee for the course 

Animation universities in Canada are known to offer umpteenth programs ranging from degree programs to diploma, and certificate programs. The vfx course in canada fees details are listed below. 

The masters in animation in Canada costs approximately 20,000 CAD - 50,000 CAD per annum. Talking about diploma, PG diploma and certificates in animation, they all lie between 10,000 CAD to 24,000 CAD per annum.

Cost of studying in Canada

Cost of living for the course duration 

Students should budget for the cost of living in Canada of about 900 CAD - 1500 CAD per month in addition to program fees. This estimate is based on a single person's basic needs, which include lodging, groceries, clothing, public transit, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Scholarships For Animation And Multimedia Courses In Canada

Though quite affordable, your study in animation in Canada can be aided by various scholarships, including many university-specific, privately funded and government-funded scholarships.

Given below are some scholarships to help you fund your animation courses in Canada:



Michael McKenzie Scholarship

1,000 CAD

Sheridan Degree Entrance Scholarships

1,500-3,000 CAD

International Degree Entrance Award


Entrance Awards, Bow Valley College


Don Arioli Award


Jobs After Animation Courses In Canada

Animation is a booming industry. With the world going digital, the number of companies and jobs in animation are constantly increasing. Some popular recruiters in the field of animation include:

  • Bardel Entertainment Inc
  • DHX Media
  • Ubisoft Entertainment Inc

Moreover, the scope of animation in Canada is immense. Let us make you explore some career options upon pursuing animation in Canada:

  • Higher education in various specializations like Visual FX, Character Design, etc.
  • Become an animator, animation director, 3D animator
  • Start a business/ venture of your own
  • Become an educator in the field of animator

For a better understanding of what careers after pursuing animation courses in Canada after graduation looks like, we have tabulated the top animation job profiles with their average salaries:

Job Role

Average Annual Salary

Graphic Designer

50,884 CAD / 30,83,195 INR

3D Animator

62,331 CAD / 37,76,800 INR  

Motion Graphic Designer

56,915 CAD / 34,49,000 INR 

Animation Director

112,157 CAD / 67,96,000 INR  

Concept Artist

65,016 CAD / 39,40,000 INR 

Job opportunities in Canada

Wrapping up 

The universities in Canada offer a host of diploma, Bachelors and Masters courses in animation. The course curriculum is based on the specialization and type of course you choose. It is crucial to make the right choice to receive the maximum benefit and fulfil your educational goals. If you need assistance or guidance in choosing the right VFX course in Canada or VFX colleges in Canada, you can reach out to our Yocket counsellors anytime. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Animation Courses In Canada

Ques: What are the best animation colleges in Canada?

Ans: Apart from the 5 colleges listed above, Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver, and Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design are some of the best animation universities in Canada. 

Ques: What is the maximum amount of scholarship available for animation courses in Canada?

Ans: Every Canadian university has its list of scholarships that it accepts for animation courses. As an international student, you must check if you are eligible to apply for the scholarship and then apply for it during your application for the course at the university. The maximum amount of scholarship is a benefit of 3,000 CAD from the tuition fee per annum by Sheridan Degree Entrance Scholarships. 

Ques: What are the famous Masters courses in VFX & animation in Canadian universities?

Ans: The universities in Canada offer more than 50 Masters courses in animation. The highly-opted courses are Masters in Animation & Design, Graduate Certificate in 3D Animation and Character Design, and Graduate Certificate in 3D Computer Animation. 

Ques: Is Canada suitable for studying animation?

Ans: Canada is an excellent country to pursue a degree in animation. Its universities offer some of the top animation courses in Canada for international students. It is home to world-famous universities such as Vancouver Film School, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, etc. 

Ques: What is the scope of jobs in Canada after studying the VFX course in Canada?

Ans: Canada has always encouraged creativity and animation. Some of the oldest Animation Festivals in the world have been hosted in Canada for several years. Ottawa International Animation Festival has been active in Canada since 1975. There are hundreds of design firms, creative agencies and game design studios in Canada where you can establish your career in animation.  

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