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Accounting Courses in Canada: A Complete Guide on Accounting Courses in Canada for International Students

Kashyap Matani

Many students who want to study abroad choose accounting courses as their major. Not surprisingly, accounting is quite a predominant course taught in Canada. Available at some of the top universities in Canada, accounting as a discipline is quite popular among international students. 

One of the best advantages of studying accounting in Canada is that it has high employability with a starting salary of approximately CAD 43,546 per annum (INR 26,79,640). Moreover, studying at some of the best accounting colleges in Canada will land you jobs at top recruiters like Google, Deloitte, Apple, and lots more!

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Why Study Accounting Courses in Canada?

Accounting courses in Canada are one of the highly chosen programs among international students. Let's find out why:

  • Excellent job opportunities: Accounting universities in Canada provide both domestic and international students with excellent job opportunities upon graduation. The average salary observed for account graduates in Canada stands at CAD 52,876 per annum (INR 32,53,774).
  • Quality Education: Providing the best infrastructure, the best universities in Canada for accounting stand out across nations. Canada is popular for providing international students with outstanding educational as well as industrial experiences.
  • Abundance of courses and specialisations: Numerous accounting universities in Canada offer students various types of specialisations like taxation, administration, etc., at study levels like PG, UG, and doctoral. These universities also offer some of the most popular diploma and certificate programs in accounting.

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Overview of Accounting Courses in Canada

Let us tabulate some key aspects of the accounting program in Canada:


2-5 years

Level of Study



Full-time / Part-time


Online / Offline

Average Tuition Fee for International Students

CAD 20,000 to 40,000 per year (INR 12,30,719 to 24,61,438)

Top Universities

●  University of Toronto

●  McGill University

●  University of British Columbia

●  York University

●  McMaster University

Specialisations and Degrees in Accounting Courses in Canada for International Students

Accounting courses in Canada for international students are in high demand precisely due to the numerous degree programs available, including UG, PG, and doctoral, as well as certificate and diploma courses. Accounting programs in Canada are also offered in various specialisations, like:

  • Taxation
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Professional Accounting
  • Banking
  • Business administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Analytics

Some of the most popular degree programs offered at accounting universities in Canada are:

  • Masters in Accounting
  • BBA Accounting
  • BCom Accounting
  • LLM Taxation
  • Certificate in Accounting
  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Graduate Diploma in Accounting

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Eligibility and Admission Requirements to Study Accounting in Canada

Let us now check out the requirements and eligibility criteria to study the best accounting courses in Canada:

  • Academic Requirements
  • English proficiency test scores
  • GMAT or GRE Scores
  • Additional requirements 

Let us briefly talk about some of the requirements for accounting courses requirements in Canada.

1. Academic Requirements

The most basic requirement to apply to all accounting courses in Canada for international students is to have academic transcripts for every level of study. If you're applying to a PG program in accounting, you should have a bachelor's degree in any related field. Some prerequisite subjects for a majority of accounting programs in Canada are:

  • Mathematics
  • Advanced functions
  • Calculus
  • English

2. English Proficiency Test Scores

It is essential for you, as international students, to have proof of English proficiency in terms of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or other tests. The minimum IELTS requirement to study accounting courses in Canada is a score of 6.5 or above, depending on the university/ program you choose.

3. GRE or GMAT Scores

Some accounting universities in Canada may also ask for your GMAT/GRE scores if you apply to accounting courses at the PG level.

4. Additional Requirements

Additional requirements, such as an interview, along with work experience, a statement of purpose (SOP), and a Resume/ CV, can also be asked by your university, depending on the program you choose.

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Application Process to Study Accounting Courses in Canada

The standard application process for applying to some of the famous accounting universities in Canada is discussed briefly below:

  • Choose your course and a university to start your accounting degree in Canada.
  • Submit the application form along with the application fee.
  • Submit all the required documents, including transcripts, bachelor's degree (if required), and additional requirements like SOP, resume, LORs, and proof of work experience, as asked by the particular university.
  • You may also be asked for an interview process.
  • Apply for a scholarship or financial aid, if available, at the university.
  • Wait for the admission decision.

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Cost of Studying Accounting in Canada

The tuition fees for accounting in Canada depend entirely on the degree and study level you choose. Diploma and certificate courses in accounting range from CAD 5,000 to 20,000 per annum (INR 3,07,680 to 12,30,719), whereas UG degree programs lie in the range of CAD 20,000 to 60,000 per annum (INR 12,30,719 to 36,92,157). The PG-level programs, on the other hand, lie somewhere between CAD 30,000 to 40,000 per annum (INR 18,46,078 to 24,61,438).

The cost of living in Canada for students is usually around CAD 900 to 1500 per month (INR 55,382 to 92,303) in addition to program fees. This estimate is based on a single person's basic needs, which include lodging, groceries, clothing, public transit, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Top 8 Universities to Study Accounting in Canada

If you choose to pursue accounting in Canada, you are bound to have an innovative, rewarding, and out-of-the-box experience. Below, we have curated a list of the top 8 universities in Canada for accounting studies:


QS World University Ranking 2024

Popular Programs Offered

Average Tuition Fee for International Students

University of Toronto


B. Com. Accounting

Masters in Accounting and Finance

BBA Management and Accounting

Master of Forensic Accounting


CAD 35,000/ year

INR 21,53,758/year

University of British Columbia


Ph.D. Accounting

B. Com. Accounting

Diploma in Accounting

CAD 20,000 - 30,000/ year

INR 12,30,719 - 18,46,078/year

McGill University


Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting


CAD 40,000 - 59,690 (Total)

INR 24,61,438 - 36,73,080 (Total)

York University


Master of Accounting (M. Acc.)

Post Graduate Certificate in Accounting

Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Professional Accounting

CAD 18,000/ year

INR 11,07,647/year

McMaster University


Ph.D. Accounting

Graduate Diploma in Financial Accountancy

CAD 10,000 - 15,000/ year

INR 6,15,360 - 9,23,039/year

Queen’s University


B. Com. Accounting

Certificate in Accounting

CAD 51,275/ year

INR 31,55,255/year

University of Alberta


Master of Accounting (M. Acc.)

Ph.D. in Accounting

CAD 25,200/ year

INR 15,50,705/year

Universite De Montreal


Certificate in Professional Accounting

Certificate in Accounting Management of Services

CAD 29,400/ year

INR 18,09,156/year

Scholarships to Study Best Accounting Courses in Canada

Numerous scholarships are available to pursue the best colleges for accounting in Canada, including many university-specific, privately funded and government-funded scholarships for international students.

Given below are some scholarships to aid your accounting studies in Canada:




C.Douglas Mellor Prize, McGill University

●  Graduate certificate in financial accounting student

●  Outstanding academics

CAD 2,200

INR 1,35,370

Kenneth F Byrd Prize, McGill University

●  Graduate certificate in financial accounting student

●  Outstanding academics

CAD 250

INR 15,380

Principal’s Scholarship, Queen’s University

International Applicants showing high academic performance

CAD 4,000

INR 2,46,140

Principal’s International Scholarship India, Queen’s University

●  Indian applicants

●  3.5 GPA

CAD 20,000

INR 12,30,710

Bourse H Marcel Caron Scholarship, HEC Montreal

Student in BBA Accounting demonstrating financial need

CAD 2,000

INR 1,23,070

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Career Opportunities after Pursuing Accounting in Canada

Upon pursuing an accounting course in Canada, you can definitely get into corporate giants like Deloitte, Accenture, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. The average base salary for accounting graduates in Canada has been observed as CAD 52,876 per annum (INR 32,53,774).

Here are some career options for you after a post-graduation in accounting in Canada:

  • Higher education in various specialisations like taxation, auditing, banking, etc
  • Pursue Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA)
  • Get employed at various corporate giants
  • Start a business/ venture of your own
  • Become an educator in the field of accounting
  • Become an auditor, accountant, financial analyst, tax specialist, or consultant

For a better understanding of what careers post various accounting courses in Canada look like, we have tabulated some top accounting recruiters in Canada for the job profile of accountant, with their average salaries:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary

Ernst & Young

CAD 54,054 (INR 33,26,264)


CAD 45,505 (INR 28,00,193)

Grant Thornton LLP

CAD 41,369 (INR 25,45,680)


CAD 47,500 (INR 29,22,957)

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From the Desk of Yocket

Accounting is a popular course pursued by international students in Canada. The benefits in terms of the cost-to-earnings ratio are quite impressive. The accounting degree is one that is rigorous but well-rounded, opening up a sea of opportunities for you.

Every student deserves to get the best possible help from experienced professionals. To learn more about pursuing accounting in Canada and make your own strategy to secure a seat at the best university, book a consultation call today! Get in touch with our experts today to get help with profile evaluation, shortlisting universities, admission processes, and many more!

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